WW0604: HI EVERYONE!! I have lost it. I am making another fanfic. Like I even need a new one, I already have 8 unfinished fanfics, but this one is different. This is will be…a hentai! Yes, my very first hentai. I figured I would try it, see how all of you lovely readers like it, and see how it goes from there. I personally don't like those one shot things, so this will be a normal story with chapters and all that.


Okay, so once again let me know how you like it. This IS my first hentai, so I wanna know and please give me some pointers or hints on how to make it better...I would also appreciate it if I didn't get any flames or whatever they are called. I haven't got any in my other fanfics yet, but still.

Chapter 1: Cold and Hurting

The rain was pouring down nonstop like a balloon with holes that is filled with water every second that passed. Thunder boomed and banged everywhere and flashes of lightning lit up the house. Haruhi was under a table, making sure that she would not be touched or hurt.

It was times like this that she wish HE was here. Her prince in shinning armor. He will stop this terrible storm and have the sun shine through once again. Haruhi knew that the prince wouldn't come. He never did, so she never expected him to come; it was all just a fantasy she wished to take part of.

Things were fine when she was alone. Thunder or no thunder, there is ONE thing she fears above all. That is to be alone with her father. Most people come to believe that he's a great dad that would do anything to make his daughter feel good and be happy. Well, I guess you can say he wants her to feel good, but it doesn't make her so much happy.

As Haruhi continued to hide under the table she could hear the door unlock. This is when she has to shut everything out and go with what she is told to do. Like on cue, the door slammed open right when a flash of lightning was seen and a roaring thunder was heard. He was obviously drunk, stumbling into the house and nearly tripping over the coffee table that Haruhi was hading under. He went down to his knees and grabbed a hold of Haruhi's short, brown hair.

She gasped a bit at the pain and fright it brought her, but she didn't dare to resist. She crawled out from under the table, her father still having a tight hold on her hair. They looked at each other face to face and eye to eye. She knew what he wanted, it happens every time he gets drunk. He walks in like both of his legs are broken, finds Haruhi and grab her by the hair. He then would take her to her room and strip her and himself down.

They kept on staring into each others eyes. Haruhi trying to think of a way to escape as he plans out the perfect rape. Before she even knew it, she was being tugged by the man right towards her room. It's too late to act now. In a matter of seconds, he will be on top of her in a dominate position. Tears were starting to show in her eyes as he threw her onto the bed and locked the door shut, making sure there will be no interference or escape.

She was laying on the bed crying. She could hear the sound of clothing being removed off a body; his body. The sound stopped and he was bare. The bed shifted to his weight as he sat down on the edge of the bed and yanked Haruhi's clothes off. She tried her best to keep them on, but it was useless. She is now laying on her back, looking right up into her dads eyes. Her eyes read fear, but his eyes showed lust, quite a deadly sin that is.

He prepared himself at her entrance and with one, hard push; he was inside of her. Everything after that was a blank to Haruhi, and she was thankful to that. All there was to hear was his light moans and her screams, screams that will never be answered.

"Tamaki…please…help me." Haruhi thought to herself as her dad kept moving in and out of her. She passed out shortly after her pleading thoughts, no one came to answer them. Not a single person.

WW0604: I know it was short, but its just the first chapter. The next ones should be longer. Chapter 2 may be a bit short, it depends on how I type it out haha. Well, once again please let me know what you think. I look forward to it and I'll be sure to update soon.