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Chapter 2:Searching

Pain over filling her body, Haruhi laid still on her bed, naked and sweating. Her father, still on top of her, continued to pound in and out of her. She was nearing unconsciousness, but fought with all her might to stay awake. If the miracle of Tamaki coming to her rescue came, she wanted to see it.

"Tamaki, please save me. I don't know how much longer I can last." Haruhi thought as silent tears rolled down her cheeks.

With Tamaki:

Sitting at a desk in the farthest corner of a room sat a boy with beautiful blonde hair and piercing violet blue eyes, Tamaki Suoh focused on a picture in his hand. The picture was one of the Host Club he was the president of. Even though the picture consisted of multiple host club members there is one person in particular that he couldn't stop staring at. Haruhi Fujioka, the female member of the club, pretending to be a very feminine looking boy. She has opened the eyes of the commoners world to 6 very different, yet very rich boys. To Tamaki, Haruhi's world opened more than his eyes, but his heart as well.

"My dear daughter, I wonder what you are doing right now." Tamaki mumbled to himself, still staring at the photo in his hands. He sighed and closed his eyes, only to suddenly get a very painful pinch in his heart. The sort of feeling that tells one something is wrong. His eyes snapped back open so see his eyes beaming right back at the one special person in the photo, Haruhi.

"Something isn't right. I never get such a horrible feeling unless something bad has happened." Tamaki shot up from his seat and rushed to the walk in closet in his room to grab a heavy rain jacket. "I need to pay a visit to someone. I may be late for dinner so tell my father to start without me." Tamaki shouted out at one of the maids as he rushed out of the door. She only bowed to his rushing form and gracefully walked to the office Tamaki's father works in.

Back with Haruhi:

Haruhi, still laying in her bed with brown eyes, red and puffy from crying, curled up in the farthest corner of her bed as her father finished dressing himself and left the room. The comment he always mumbled under his breath after leaving his daughter suffering in the bed haunted her mind as she knew what he was going to say. He neared the door, placed his hand on it and opened it half way only to stop and turn around to look at the frightened Haruhi.

"That was good my little whore. Maybe we can do this again soon" He smirked and left, slamming the door behind him. Haruhi snapped her eyes shut tightly and the sound of doors slamming filled her ears. She pulled her knees as close to her chest as she can and hung her head low, letting her silent tears to fall. not even knowing that her knight in shinning armor was just arriving to her house to rescue his princess, or what he hopes to be his princess. She fell asleep, not unconscious completely. Just resting her eyes, still fighting to stay wake. She knew Tamaki would come, she prayed he would somehow get her prayers. And he did.

A knock on the door was heard and Haruhi lifted her head up to look at her bedroom door. She knew that the knock was coming from the front door, but she was hoping it was Tamaki and that he has come to save her. Minutes passed and no one came to her door. She didn't hear anything from the living room. Giving up all hope that Tamaki has come for her, she slowly closed her eyes only to hear her door quickly open. Her eyes snapped open and grew wide as she saw something she couldn't believe.

"Haruhi, I'm so sorry I didn't come faster. I'm so sorry, Haruhi." Tamaki quietly said and he slowly approached her. He took notice of her naked form and frowned a bit. His gut feeling was never wrong and his gut told him what happened. Even though he wanted to refuse to accept it, he knew she had been raped. He turned to her closet and pulled out a pair of P.J.'s and tossed them a her.

"Ta…" She tried to speak, but stopped right as Tamaki started to slowly shake his head, a sad expression on his face.

"Get dressed. You're coming to my house." Haruhi looked at him, absolutely confused about why he insisted on taking her to his house. "I'm not going to let you stay here. It's far too dangerous especially for a princess." He smiled at her, recurring her that everything will be okay. She took the clothing that Tamaki threw at her and put them on as he packed all of her clothes and school stuff. It only filled one suit case and one duffle bag including her school bag with all of her school stuff.

As they left her room she can see why it had taken him so long to get to her room. Her father was laying on the floor, knocked out and blood lightly streaming from his head. She couldn't help but frown, even with the slight happiness she felt from seeing his feel that pain she felt, he was still her father. With that thought, she shook her head.

"No, he's not my father." She looked at Tamaki who was staring at her, trying to think of what she could be thinking. She then looked right back at her father and said out loud, "He is a criminal who did an unforgiving crime. He deserved what he has gotten; he even possibly deserved more." Tamaki wanted to hug his friend, his princess, but knowing the fear she had for men he kept his distance. Only to pull out an umbrella and opened it over both their heads.

"Lets go home. You will have your own room" She nodded and walked with him back to his house. Hoping to start a new and better life.

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