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Prologue: Frustrations of an idol in love.

Aino Minako was upset. She screamed into her pillows and threw one fiercely at the defenceless chair. Not much damage, but it definitely cooled her nerves.

Why was a super cool teen-idol upset?

Because she stubbed her toe.

But mostly because somehow stubbing her toe, reminded her that the only person whom she held a romantic interest for was a dense idiot who was absolutely horrible at recognizing when someone liked her.

Hino Rei: beautiful Hino Rei, smart when it comes to studies, sexy when it came to outfits... but STUPID when it came to romance.

Minako sighed, glad that Artemis was at Usagi's to not notice her little emotional outburst.

Well, you see, after the whole senshi business, everyone had moved on with their lives a little. Rei studied at a shrine in Kyoto, Makoto eventually opened a florist shop, Ami got into medical school and secretly helped the government, Usagi got married and pregnant, and Minako went around the world promoting her music.

They were now nineteen, and since their princess Usagi's marriage, everyone had moved back to Tokyo. Minako lived in her kickass penthouse, Rei now ran Hikawa shrine and started going to university, and Ami was already doing residence at Juuban Hospital.

Really, Rei was stupid. She didn't know what she was missing.

Everyone in their circle, except for said miko, was aware of Minako's feelings. Minako had confessed to them that she liked Rei when they were all drunk at the wedding reception (except Rei who had conveniently passed out); it had been almost a year since, and not much progress.

She knew that she hadn't done much to hint to Rei that she really liked her that way, but Rei should have understood the few signals she did give!

Like how some of her songs were her feelings that she couldn't speak, that was obvious! Considering after confessing to her friends, they all said they 'knew it!'

Usagi, Ami, and Makoto always assured Minako that Rei would return her feelings, but Minako was getting impatient; hormonal and impatient.

She had harboured what she used to think was a simple crush for her friend, but it had grown deeper over the years.

It really did not make sense; Rei was a complex subject.

If Minako ever hinted romance with someone else, or if she had a date, Rei would get jealous, and it was always obvious she was jealous.

And then if Minako hinted romance to Rei, Rei would blush or gurgle and avoid the topic.

It was time, Minako decided, that she do something about Rei.

It was time she seduced her miko.


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