Note from Author: This has nothing to do with my story Timeless! This is simply a one-shot that I was writing, and I just used Emily and Peter's name. Again! This is not Timeless and has nothing to do with it!

Part: 1/4

Emily shot up from her bed looking around the large room. This was the third dream this week she had about leaving Narnia. Narnia was her home now, but she has always had the fear of going back to the real world. She looked outside of her window to see the sun just rising. Not wanting to think about leaving Narnia anymore she got out of bed and dressed.

Later that morning, Emily walked through the halls of Cair Paravel humming an unknown tune. She could hear talking a little ways down the hall and smiled to herself. She knew exactly whose voice that was; it was in fact Peter Pevensie's voice. Emily and Peter had been courting for two years now and everything seemed right between them. They fussed with each other, like a team fussing over a sport, but cared for each other like a mother loves her baby. But the main reason she was excited to hear his voice, is because Peter had just returned just last night from a six month trip to Ettinsmoor, a country North of Narnia.

Emily briskfully walked down the hall. She wanted so badly to see Peter and embrace him. She reached the end of the hallway and slowly opened the door, not wanting to interrupt an unexpected meeting. She looked inside to see Peter reclined on a chair talking with the youngest King of Narnia, Edmund. She entered the room trying to avoid interrupting the Kings conversation.

Peter looked to the door and smiled, he sat up from his chair and walked around the room to Emily

"Good morning beautiful," He said engulfing her into a hug. The both stood there for a while. Emily closed her eyes; she could smell the scent she missed so much from Peter.

"I've missed you," She whispered looking up into his eyes.

"Words could even describe how much I have missed you," Peter cupped her face into his hands. He traced his thumb against her bottom lip. She pulled her face up meeting Peter's lips. She missed the feeling of Peter's lips against hers and she didn't want this moment to end.

They stood there sharing kisses for a while until Peter broke away. He looked to where he sat before with Edmund.

"Did he leave?" Peter asked letting out a small chuckle.

"I guess so," Emily laughed kissing Peter one more time.

"Shall we go with the others then?" Peter asked.

Emily nodded her head and they walked down the hall hand in hand. They walked into the large dining room to see the King and Queens, but also a very unfamiliar face.

"Peter!" The girl exclaimed jumping from her seat and running to the High King. Emily released Peter's hand as the stranger embraced Peter.