Note from Author: This has nothing to do with my story Timeless! This is simply a one-shot that I was writing, and I just used Emily and Peter's name. Again! This is not Timeless and has nothing to do with it!

Part 4 of 4

Peter and Emily shared kisses for a few minuets soaking in the moment. They had both just told each other of the there love, and nothing made either of them happier.

"My King," Emily Parted from Peter, "The night is late, I must retire."

"Since it is so late at the night, I'm sure you would feel more comfortable staying in my chambers," Peter caressed her arms as he spoke.

"I suppose," Emily muttered. Peter smiled at her and walked to his bed. He was already in his night clothes, which consisted of a loose fitting blue tunic and dark brown sleeping trousers. He pulled back the heavy covers and slipped in. Peter looked to Emily.

"Aren't you coming my lady, its quiet cold in here?"

Emily couldn't help but blush; she walked to the edge of the other side of the bed and untied her night robe. Gently she folded it and laid it on a table near the bed. She slipped under the covers and scooted closer to Peter.

Peter cupped her face into his hands once again and started to kiss her, Peter shifted his body over Emily's to be more comfortable.

"I love you so much," Peter's voice was uneasy.

Emily kissed him adding more passion. Her body grew goose bumps when Peter started to stroke her waist.

Emily moved her hands from his shoulders to his chest, slowly unbuttoning his tunic.

"Emily… are you sure you want to do this?" Peter stopped kissing her neck and looked her strait in the eye.

"Yes," Emily whispered taking off his tunic. She could feel Peter shiver a bit from her touch, "I love you."

Peter pulled her night gown over her head. He passionately kissed her while he pulled her underwear down. Emily kicked them from around her ankles as she fiddled around with Peter's trousers. Finally though, she loosened them and pulled them down his legs.

Emily started to feel nervous, she had never been in bed with a man before, and didn't know what to expect. She sat up on the bed, as did Peter. He smiled at her and then began kissing her neck again. Emily moaned from the sensation of Peter's lips against her skin. She pulled away a bit and scooted back against the headboard spreading her legs apart.

She looked at Peter's body; one part in particular was hard for her to keeping her eyes off of. His erection was rock solid, and Emily could feel a sensation go through her body. She wanted him inside her, she wanted to feel the pleasure, and most of all she wanted to make love to her king.

Peter moved in closer to her, giving her a kiss on the lips. He placed his erection at Emily's opening and pushed it in gently. Emily grabbed onto the sheets, not expecting such a feeling. Peter moved deeper inside her until thrusting back out.

"Oh, Peter," Emily moaned to him. She grabbed onto his back to hold herself up more, but ended up digging her nails into him instead.

Peter started to move in and out of her more swiftly.

"Peter, you feel so…" Emily couldn't even finish her sentence without letting out another loud moan.

She could hear Peter breathing loudly as he moved inside of her. His body was moist now and his hair was starting to get damper.

Both lovers new that there climax was coming soon, but wanted to make the most of this incredible moment. Peter grabbed onto Emily's right leg and moved it to his waist, he started to pick up his pace faster inside of her.

Peter bent down and kissed Emily, both letting out deep moans.

Emily felt Peter's body stiffen as he let out one final moan. She could feel his seed spilling inside of her.

Peter collapsed next to her and took deep breaths. She laid in her spot still panting from the amazing love making her and Peter just did.

"Emily," Peter said through deep breaths.

Emily looked to him and smiled, she trailed her fingers down the side of his face.

"Will you be my wife?"

Emily looked at Peter for a second, soaking in his words.

"Of course," She responded kissing his gentle lips.