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She struggled to open her eyes, her head pounding in pain. She could smell blood, though she couldn't tell if it was hers, or someone else's.

She blinked, trying to focus her vision as the darkness swirled around her. She winced as she felt a sharp pain atop her head, and the dry blood pulling at her scalp.

She couldn't remember being injured, just remembered a dark figure approaching her, mouth twisted into a sadistic smile.

The thoughts made her shiver out of fear, as a cold feeling of dread found itself in her bones.

"Good morning."

The deep voice startled her as she jumped, gasping softly. She realized now she was on a dirt floor, and her hands were tied painfully behind her back. She pulled at them, biting her lip as the rope cut painfully into her skin.

"Stop trying, Princess, you'll only hurt yourself more."

Tears welled up in her eyes as fear overtook her senses. She was frantic to get out, and began to tug even harder. She bit back a scream as new cuts were formed on her wrists.

She felt his hands on her shoulders, holding them still in his vice like grip.

"I said stop."

She kept her eyes down, wide with terror as she realized this was the dark figure with the twisted smile.

"Look at me, Princess."

If she looked up into his face, that would mean that this was all real. She could pretend she was in a devastating nightmare, as long as she didn't look up.

The choice was taken from her, though, as he roughly grabbed her chin and forced her eyes to meet his.

"Don't disobey me, Princess. Maybe if you're on good behavior, I'll let you go."

She cringed when he smiled at her, his white teeth glowing menacingly in the dark as he slapped her across the face.

The pain from her head and wrists began to throb dully, and her cheek stung painfully.

This was real, all right.

And she was in real, real trouble.