AN: New story! Hoorah! Okay, so this is the Jonas Brothers and the Jonas Brothers were in Hannah Montana as themselves so I'm on okay ground. Basically, it's gonna center around Kevin but I'm thinking of putting Miley with Nick because wellllllll she does love the cute and sensitive one. (; Hey hey hey, there's a Jake in here too.

Anyway, this is just the intro. It's not gonna be all set in 1999/2000. I hope you like it! (:

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I remember getting really ticked off. I mean, this kid was just way too weird. Paul Kevin Jonas the Second. No, he's not the Junior, he's the second – and he'll make sure that you know that. He even calls himself K2. What is that? Downgrading from a K9? Hah! Too mean? Yeah, well, I was twelve when this happened and boys are soooooo immature at that age.

Kevin sat down on the desk behind me and pushed his glasses up his nose to prevent them from falling. He waved to everyone who came into the room and smiled at them, like he really cared about each and every single one of those kids. Really, half of them picked on him anyway and he was way too cheery for eight in the morning. But still, he continued to greet everyone and was even happier when his best buddy Jack came to sit by him, "Hey-o Jake!"

"Hey K2. D'you hear about the dance next week?" Jake asked.

Kevin shook his head slowly, "Nope. Didn't know about that. Why? Are you actually gonna ask someone this time?" I could tell that Kevin's eyes widened when he said that, like he couldn't believe Jack would actually do something.

"Yeah, her." At this point, I figured Jake pointed at some girl in the room but I didn't bother to check who. I honestly didn't care. "What about you? You gonna ask someone?"

I could see Kevin shrug from the corner of my eye, "Well, I was thinking of asking someone to go get some ice cream next week but maybe I should just ask her to the dance."

"Niiiiiice," Jake drawled out. "Which lady where you gonna make your super slick move on?"

I didn't hear Kevin's answer or see it but I was pretty sure he just pointed at someone. I just wasn't aware that he pointed at me.

Class ended and I scooped up my bright pink backpack and headed towards the bus. I sat with my friend Jess on the bus and pulled out my brand new Game Boy Color. That's right; I had a Game Boy Color the year it came out and I was obsessed with it and the Pokemon Yellow game it contained. When the bus started, Jess rolled her eyes at me muttering something about me always playing games or something so she stood up and went over to Jake who had called her over. Well, Jake normally sat with Kevin on the bus ride home so I figured Jess kicked Kevin out of his spot, but I didn't know he would end up sitting next to me.

"Hey," Kevin greeted with a smile but I continued to ignore him. I was in a Pokemon battle! C'mon! I was totally gonna beat this gym trainer up. "What're you playing?" He leaned over as I continued to ignore him, continuously pressing the 'A' and 'B' button in hopes of taking down the Level 64 Sandshrew with my measly Level 53 Charmander. "Oh. Use Machamp, he can beat this guy up."

I bit my lip and tried to switch Pokemons to battle, "How would you know? I don't see you with a Game Boy in your hand and besides I can't do that. Machamp's only Level 49." He acted as if my jab at him not having enough money for a Game Boy didn't happen.

He edged closer, basically shoving his face so close that I could hear his breathing get excited – over a Pokemon battle. Yeah, well I was excited too. "No, Addie. Do it!"

"Kevin! Shut up!" I stuck my tongue out in concentration and switched to Machamp. "Really, if Ash loses more money because of this I'll be broke," I whined.

"No, no, no, no," he assured me. "Wait! Addie! Make him pound Sandshrew not-" he groaned as I tacked the other Pokemon rather than pounded it. I watched as the green bar that indicated Sandshrew's health lessened by just a little bit and then I growled when it lashed back at my Pokemon and the health bar lowered significantly.

My eyes widened. No, this could not be happening. I was losing to Professor Oak! Ugh, I hated my life. "I haaaaate this."

"Wait, just, okay," Kevin leaned closer and pointed to the Onyx I had, "put him in battle."

"Onyx sucks."

"Put him in battle," Kevin continued to suggest. "Addison, come on. Put him in battle and you win."I thought of putting Onyx in battle just like Kevin said but decided against it. Instead, I put in Geodude. "Addie!"

"Shut up!" I growled, concentrating on tackling Sandshrew. I tackled once and it hardly affected Sandshrew and suddenly, Squirtle was battling against my Geodude. With one swift Water Gun attack, my Geodude crumbled and I lost the battle. I groaned and sank into my seat.

"See! You should've listened to me! Putting Geodude in there is like Pokemon suicide," Kevin dramatized as he shifted farther away from me so that we weren't so close, huddling over my little Game Boy.

"Shut up, okay!" I hissed and stuffed my Game Boy back into my backpack. I crossed my arms across my chest and glared at him, "You're so annoying sometimes."

Kevin glared back and defended himself, "Hey! At least I'm on TV. Eight commercials, buddy! Eight commercials at twelve years old!"

I rolled my eyes, sarcasm easily took over me at twelve years old, "Really Kevin? Wow! That's soooo amazing!" I stared at him blankly, "I don't care about your stupid 'E-Brain! He talks like crazy!' loser stuff.

He glared back and silently shifted his body away from me, facing the aisle of the bus as I faced the window.

When the bus came to a halt, he picked up his backpack off the floor and stood up. Of course, he had to be all goody-goody and allowed the girls to get off the bus first. Then as he was walking down the stairs, he turned back to me, "And I was gonna ask you to the dance too." He said softly and then smugly followed it with, "Well, whatever Addie. You're just gonna be sad when I'm all famous and have a whole bunch of girls wanting ME to take THEM to the dance instead of you."

He stepped off the bus and I stared after him as he caught up to his little brothers, Nick and Joe. I had a sudden urge to throw a rock at him or have some Pokemon like Machamp beat him up, "Whatever, K2," I made sure to draw an emphasis on his supposed nickname as I called out to him and saw him slow his step, "I would've said no to you and I doubt you'll ever be that famous anyway!"

I didn't hang around to see that Kevin was sadly looking down at the ground and kicking pebbles as he walked and how Joe and Nick silently patted him on the back as they trudged back to their home. Neither did I hang around Wyckoff, New Jersey long enough to witness the Jonas Brothers in their first and few garage concerts. I just know that now, a ton of girls would die for Paul Kevin Jonas the Second to ask them to a dance.

AN: So what'd you think? Basically, I wanted the irony of her turning him down and saying those few words to her in the end to get across. And, you'll find out more about Addison or "Addie" as Kevin likes to call her, next chapter when they're both twenty years old. (: Please review!! I'd love to hear what you think.