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Basically, this chapter is... you finding out why Addie's in New York and how she got there. Then Kevin. Yay Kevin!

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Stepping outside the Envision Life building in New York, I sighed both in relief and sadness. Relief: because I was finally done with the two-week-long-program that involved a crap load of graphic designing. Sadness: because it was over. I can't believe it was over. After the weeks and weeks of trying to get into the program solely on my graphic skills and not because my uncle owned the company, and after having to convince my mom that I would be okay by myself in New York, it was all over.

Envision Life was a company that my Uncle Mike started off nearly ten years ago on graphic designs but it's grown into more than just a graphics company. He began handling artists and photographers, showcasing them in special events either in LA or in New York. I picked up my first, very own camera when I was fifteen and started snapping pictures of tourists wandering around the beaches, and then pictures of the beaches themselves. With those pictures, I started editing with humongous computer my mom bought. I toyed around with the coloring with blending two pictures together and eventually, I found myself getting immersed in more graphic projects.

Instead of babysitting, people hired me to take pictures of their sweet sixteen birthday bashes. I guess that's when you could say I started to want a career in graphics. That's when my mom sprung it on me, "Oh Addie, you remember Uncle Mike? He used to throw you up in the air when he came over and you'd cry like crazy. Remember him? Well, he owns some picture company. Maybe you should give him a call."

So I gave him a call and was sooooo relieved that he remembered me and didn't think of me as some creeper who was trying to pass off as a relative. And it so happens that his company was accepting applications for a two-week-long program in New York and three of the fifty people who were accepted would get a starting position in either LA or New York. At twenty years old and with just one more year of college, I felt like it was high time I started paying for my own rent instead of having my mother handle everything. So I applied in hopes of getting in the program, got accepted, flew all the way to New York from LA, and attended every class for two weeks.

Looking down on the piece of paper in my hand, I smiled widely. YES! YES! YES! ADDIE YOU RULE! YOU OWN AT LIFE! I looked back at the building and then back to the piece of paper again. A piece of paper that had my uncle's John Hancock stamped on the bottom.

Miss Addison Rae,

Congratulations! In the past two weeks, we have been observing your work ethics and the various works of art you have displayed. I can honestly say that I'm impressed. With that said, we welcome you to the Envision Life family! You have a position available and waiting in either our LA or New York location. Please give Sarah McArthur a call at the number below and state which location you prefer. We wish you great luck in this position and hope you stay with our company for a very long time.

I squealed and stopped immediately when I realized I was still in public; moreover, in New York. People must think I'm a freak. Oh well, this was New York – they should be used to it. "AHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed in delight and then composed myself to wave for a taxi. Straight away, a taxi came for me and asked where I would like to go, "Trump Hotel, please."

Right when I got in the car, my phone rang and I answered it to find my very best friend Seth screaming at me, "Yo! Addie! What happened? Did you get the job? Did you score the winning basket? Did you get a hole in one? Perfect ten? Are you like a Kelly Clarkson now? DID YOU WIN?!"

"Yes! Oh my God Seth, I'm like on a high right now."

"Of course you are. Ahh Addie, I'm so proud of you. I feel tears coming." Seth replied and then immediately added, "Wow that sounded gay."


I reached the hotel to find it swarmed with teenage girls. I bet there were at least seventy of them dressed to impress and jumping around with cameras. I jumped out of the cab and paid the driver my money before turning around to hear the shrieking, "OH MY GOSH! WHEN DO YOU THINK THEY'RE COMING OUT?!"


They were all screaming so much, and it was all basically the same pitch that I couldn't comprehend more than a big collective, "AHHH!" Jeez, it was like they were waiting for the Beatles to show up or something.

I was going to go into the hotel immediately but was blocked by some security guards, "Sorry Miss, are you a guest at the Trump?" I nodded and they continued, "Could we see your room key?"

Rolling my eyes, I reached around my purse. Seriously? Just because I was around the same age as some of these girls didn't mean that I was some crazed fan who wanted to sneak into the hotel. I showed the security my room key and they let me in. As I walked to the main lobby, I muttered, "So lame."

There was one elevator that was heading up but it was just about to close and I could see someone inside, "Uh, wait! Could you hold the elevator, please?!" Way to look like an idiot, Addie. Way to look like a supreme idiot. A hand reached out to keep the elevator doors from closing and I stepped in. The guy inside the elevator was wearing a hat, roughly my height but just a little bit taller. He had a pair of Raybans on but all I could really think about that was: why the hell would you wear sunglasses inside an elevator? I was about to press on the 15th floor button but realized the guy had already pressed it.

I fixed my semi-long, wavy, chocolate brown hair in front of the mirror, which was basically the walls of the elevator; adjusted the purple beret atop my head; and smoothed out my dress. My friendliness getting the better of me, I looked at the guy beside me via mirror (Oh, gosh. This guy was kinda… hot) and asked, "So what brings you to New York, guy-with-the-glasses-inside-an-elevator?" Note to self: don't start poking fun at people inside an elevator. WHAT IF HE WAS A SERIAL KILLER?!

The guy laughed (simply adorable. Really, wowww I like this guy's laugh), "My brothers and I had a concert," he paused to take off his sunglasses but stared straight ahead the mirror, looking at me through the mirror rather than actually turning to look at me, "what about you, girl-with-the-beret-inside-an-elevator?"

"Hey!" I defended with a chuckle as I played with my beret, "it completes the outfit. And I'm here or well, I guess I'm done but I was here for a graphics program. Kinda like an internship of sorts."

"Oh, cool, cool."

"Yep." Ninth floor already, "So concert huh? What's your band called?"

"Uhm," He was a little hesitant in answering, "you might have heard of us, the Jonas Brothers. I'm Kevin."

"Holy crap." My eyes widened. Kevin Jonas. Kevin Jonas. The kid who sat behind me in the seventh grade. The nerdy nerd. The one who was gonna ask me to the dance. "Oh my God."

"Um," His eyebrows knitted in confusion as he turned to look at me completely, "I'm sorry?"

Sorry? He was apologizing? "Oh no, no, no. Oh my God. Kevin Jonas. K2!" I finally turned to look at him, "Wow, I haven't seen you in AGES."

He looked even more confused. I feel sorry for the guy, confusing him in an elevator.

"It's me, Addie. Addison Rae? Elementary? Middle school? Pokemon?" I willed for him to remember me.

"ADDIE?!" His eyes widened and he instantly pulled me into a loose hug before pulling away, "Whoah, it's been a while. You look great!"

I blushed. Even if I still saw the nerdy Kevin in my head, I've seen the more recent pictures of Kevin due to the Jonas Brothers' popularity. The Rolling Stone cover? I saw it at work, I couldn't believe this was the kid who got made fun of every day. "Thanks, you look pretty rocking yourself."

Fourteenth floor. Fifteenth floor. The elevator bell dinged and the doors opened as Kevin and I stepped out. Dude, this was so awesome. I couldn't believe that I was standing next to Kevin Jonas. I mean, yeah he was a dork but he was still sweet and I couldn't lie to myself, this guy was pure sex. Those curls, I want to run my hands through them…

"Man, Addie, I can't believe you're actually here. Last time I saw you was what? Six years ago?" Kevin grinned and stuffed his hands inside his pockets.

"Heh, yeah, around that time. Then my mom and I moved to Colorado but now I have my own apartment in LA. It's pretty chill."

"In LA?" Kevin asked for confirmation and I nodded, "Ah, we should definitely hang out soon."

I nodded in agreement, "Yeah, when do you get off tour?"

"About two weeks."

"Awesome, we could hang out then," I replied already making plans in my head; just walking around or shopping.

"Hey, what are you up to tonight?" Kevin asked.

"Not much, really. I figured I would just hang around and order room service and watch some random movie. My flight's not until the day after tomorrow anyway." I planned this trip specifically so that I could hang around and check out New York for one day; an adventure – photo opportunities.

"Oh, the gang and I were gonna go out to dinner and stuff, you should come with." The gang? Like the band?

Yes, yes, yes! I'd love to! "Um, well I don't want to intrude or anything."

"No way, you're not intruding. You should definitely come, it'll be a lot of fun. We could catch up on stuff, Addie." Kevin smiled at me in a way that I could most definitely not turn him down.

"Alright, fine. I'd rather not be holed up in a hotel room anyway," I grinned back.

"Sweet," he exclaimed and pointed down the hallway, "The rest of the band's hanging out in our room so we should probably meet up with them there."

"Kay," I nodded and followed him down the hallway, and into a room only to be greeted by a bunch of overlapping voices.

"Hey! JT! Pass me that pillow, my back's hurting like it just got ran over by a bulldozer."

"Yo, dude! Nick! What the hell? You suck at this game!" Some guy in red exclaimed as he doubled over in laughter.

I recognized Joe with an apple in hand, as he looked up from watching Nick play Guitar Hero, "Oooh, Kevin brought a girl."

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