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Chapter One: You promised forever, but was that a lie...

The cold nights air seemed to whisper against her ears, brushing across her already reddening cheeks as the Hyuuga Heiress stood there in complete silence. Though, the tint wasn't from a blushing state, instead, the hue was a result due to that choking atmosphere; having the devastating wind seep into her bones with each passing moment. Instantly extracting the last of the warmth her body had to offer as the timid female stood amongst the night in an utter passive trance. Allowing her mind wonder off while the Kunoichi attempted to steady her shaking hands.

It wasn't long before those beautiful lavender orbs of hers flicked around to the forest scenery that seemed to engulf her body within its clutches; lost from the outside world. Her long, silky black tresses glided down her back and shoulders in perfection while those bangs of hers served to hide most of her face; especially her eyes that were so full of confusion. If it weren't for her so called security blanket dangling in her visage, then that frightened look would have shown up brightly in those mirrored orbs. Almost the way glistening stars are reflected when casting their golden beams down on an awaiting lake. Gently tilting her head to the right, the female ninja let out a soft sigh, much the way a cooed whimper would sound before pocketing her trembling hands into the welcoming confines of her purple hooded jacket. Swallowing hard before the fifth teen year old permitted her light colored eyes to close in a passive manor.

Already, the moon seemed to be in its highest form, sending down broken rays of silver to pierce through the treetops, brightening the fog-covered ground below in this late hour. Causing fragments of grey and gold light to dance across Hinata's hair while the shades radiated onto her form. Her locks shown with all their glory under the dull moonlight, making those blue highlights appear bright against the jet black of her natural hair color. Her pale features remaining stunned, having her emotions plastered across her face the exact way her eyes held meaning. Resulting in making the raven haired female appear so vulnerable and lost. Her true innocence being brought out into the open.

Just when she thought her body couldn't take the temperature any longer, a noise was then heard, causing the girl to inwardly gasp before shifting her body around on its heels; coming face to face with an oh so familiar gaze. Taking a quick step back, the girl diverted her eyes to the side, already feeling as though her voice was trapped inside her throat. Even if she wanted to scream, nothing would surface. Nothing except the tiny, frail meep that had pressed past her lips in a failed attempt to regain the ability to speak.

Even as she continued to stare at a random location off to the right, the Kunoichi could still feel that glare boring against her face. Those hungry, aquamarine eyes that were so full of malice and hatred felt as though they were burning into her soul; as if he could read her thoughts just by looking at her. Lifting a hand to push back a stray tress of hair, the girl was cut short; gasping yet again to the sudden grip that had seized her forearm. Taking her completely off guard and causing the girls cheeks to flush within a furious manor.

As if holding the Hyuuga captive, Gaara tightened his grip around her wrist, jerking her tiny body to him before he even made the notion to speak. Narrowing his eyes already and without hesitation, the Sand ninja continued to glare at the Leaf Kunoichi; letting his grasp of her limb go before allowing a mischievous grin to permit along his lips. Just the way he would treat her if the male had been teasing the fellow ninja.


His syllables were deep and demanding, the normal tone Sabaku No Gaara always seemed to use when allowing his voice to audio around others. Turning from the Heiress, the red head crossed his muscular arms, returning back to his original stance before he had moved to take hold of Hinata. Letting his eyes slowly close, the older male stood there in silence before addressing her again. This time, allowing his voice to come out in a softer expression, almost as if saddened by the choice in words he was about to use. Though, that was impossible, wasn't it? Gaara could hold no feelings… could he?

"…I no longer wish to see you… you're interfering with my ability to gain the power at which I seek. Do you understand?"

By now, the smirk on his face had dispersed, vanished after speaking to her in such a way. Just by the way he stood shown a different side of Gaara; a side at which Hinata was accustomed to by now when others had never been given the opportunity to witness. It had been almost an entire year when the two started secretly seeing one another, always meeting in this exact area before going off somewhere in order to spend time alone. It was an unrequited love I guess you might say, a forbidden romance held by two Shinobi from different villages; never having the honor of being together due to certain aspects. He was destined to become Kazekage, and she, well, lets just say Hinata was given her fate by birth.

Being born a Hyuuga, she was to marry a man of noble blood; one whom her father would deem worthy to carry on the Hyuuga bloodline. The two were never blessed to hold emotion towards one another. Never to be together, despite the deep bond shared between the ninja.

At this point, Hinata's eyes were full of heartbreak, but mostly confusion still. She couldn't understand what had just happened. Why was Gaara acting that way when just a few days ago he had promised to be with the female; forever and always. Those were his exact words. Forever and always. 'Hinata, my love for you will always hold true, forever and always'.

It made no sense, no sense what so ever, but here he was, speaking towards her as if he had never felt something for the Hyuuga maiden. Choking back the tears, the female blinked towards him, her hands instantly lifting to grasp at her chest; as if the Kunoichi was trying to keep her heart form shattering. The very fragmented heart that was now screaming to him, reaching out for the man whom meant the entire world to fragile the girl. He was her everything, and now, it was as though her world was slowly starting to spiral out of control. Falling and collapsing around her body when the timid ninja had no say so in the matter. Was it truly destined for things to turn out this way?

As those tears of heartache streamed down her pale cheeks, Hinata's tiny body started to tremble and shake; praying for all of this to end. For her cries to halt in all action. But what the hardest part to face was, the fact that the only person who could stop all of her crying was the one who started it in the first place. That was the bitter truth at which was given to her in what seemed like a never ending chasm of sorrow.

Turning her body from the elder male, she darted off, taking to the trees as those tears started to fall uncontrollably at this point. The last thing she had wished for was to have Gaara witness her crying; subject to the way Hinata feared that he would only find it weak and inadequate. The way he had seen others around him for just about his entire life. Letting her long legs carry her further and further away from the Sunakagure Shinobi, her body started to feel as though it was about to collapse right then and there. Giving Hinata this stomach tightening experience that was beyond explaining with such known words. There is just no way of describing how she was feeling right now, and thus, the only thing she wanted to do was get back to the Hyuuga compound and hide away in the safety of her room. At least there, no one could see her cry.


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