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Chapter Seven: The truth behind your eyes...

"You misjudged a step and managed to slip, hitting your head on a rock from the branches of a tree..."

Her eyes whelmed with surprise to the voice, finding Gaara enter her room now as he strolled over to stand at the foot of her bed. That must have been who Kurenai had bowed her head to on her way out. The male was gazing at the female while she watched him intently, shocked that he was even here after everything that had happened. Crossing his arms, the male slightly shook his head before those gorgeous green eyes of his closed with disappointment. Is that why he had came here, to just remind her of how weak she was? Though, the way his body tensed gave a different set of words, looking like he was trying to think and run thoughts over in his mind. Like he was trying to find something to say.


Shaking his head once more, the male pulled from her; turning his back to the bed ridden female as he spoke out again. His broad shoulders being shown without his sand gord while serving to be the only thing for the Kunoichi to gaze upon as he made himself clear. Speaking lowly, more along the lines of a gruff way; like he couldn't make up his mind on what to say. Staring distantly out the window, his stance changed again, his muscles relaxing by the passing second.

"Foolish actions only serve to fuel ignorance. Though, you're awake and have proven you're stronger then what others see."

This was his apology, hidden within the meaning of his words. Gaara wasn't an emotional person, nor did he apologize. Hinata had known him for so long that she could always find his true meanings behind everything he was trying to say. The sand Shinobi was an intellect, and being so, needed the understanding of someone who could read him like a book. Understand him on a deeper level by their own experiences within this world of suffering. That person being Hinata whom seemed to fit him perfectly. A broken princess meeting the arms of a forgotten prince; light and dark crashing into each other much the way rays of a silver moon dance along the ripples of an awaiting ocean. Washing over one another in an everlasting show of beauty.

Without turning his body, the red head glanced to her from over his shoulder; his emotionless orbs peering over the bandages that were wrapping around her head wound before those same aquamarine eyes dropped down to gaze at the one girl whom had always been there for him. Cared for him when others only pushed him away. Now turning to completely face her, he strolled over to her bed, being stopped in all motion by a staggering Hyuuga who was stubbornly trying her best to stand and approach him in return. Holding her breath, she stumbled to stand, only resulting in her legs giving out as her body started to collapse to the floor; though her form never hit.

With the speed almost unnoticeable with the human eye, Gaara caught her body; gently pulling the Kunoichi into his strong arms as he embraced her tightly. Just holding her for what seemed like an eternity as she buried her face into his chest, feeling all of her pain be taken away by the male. When ever the Kazekage was near, she felt so calm with the world. Happy that she was released of all her burdens since the two shared their pain, shared their burdens so the stress wouldn't stoop their shoulders to the point of breaking. They were strong together, and Hinata was now starting to realize this.

She was also starting to realize that she wasn't alone after all. Never had she truly been alone. She had been blind to this, but her friends have always been there; secretly supporting her while never actually showing this out in the open. Why did it have to take something so serious as almost dying to finally prove this to her? Smiling into his chest, she held back the tears. She was tired of crying, and for once, she was going to stand strong and prove herself. To embrace the support that everyone was giving her. Feeling something slip under her chin, the girl allowed the hand to lift her head; inclining the cranium as Gaara gazed down at the female within his arms. His hand moving from her chin as his palm pressed against her cool cheek, this thumb brushing against her flawless skin as he looked into the beautiful eyes of his lover. Into the lavender hues of the one person who saves him from his self. Leaning down, he captured the girl's lips with his own, passionately kissing her as his hands dropped to tug at her waist. Pulling her chest into his as far as it would go, almost making the embrace hurt in a way.

He kissed her as if it were the first and last. And it was. The first that would last through the years, and the last that would end all of her fears. He wasn't leaving her again, not after the thought of actually loosing her played in his mind. He had claimed Hinata as his own, and forever would she be his guardian angel. Forever would he be her hero; protecting her from the lies of a betraying world. They were destined to be together in the end, accepting the truth as the two held one another in a way only lovers would know.

A forbidden love finally realized and embraced with open arms...


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