WARNINGS: If it wasn't obvious from the title: A little violence, a little mild drug use, and a little bit of lime . . . ;)

M for Mature (Consider yourself warned XD )


Concerning Sex, Drugs & Violence towards stalkers

Sakura sat alone in a corner booth of the cosy bar they had found and tried desperately to will her nerves to settle.

Well, that was easier said than done.

After walking the street for a very short period of time they had come across a busy but also fairly quiet bar a good block away from the rambunctious town centre, where she knew that at that very moment a rowdy blond-haired shinobi would be entertaining the masses. She was infinitely happy that Jiraiya seemed to have known exactly where they were headed, and had tactfully avoided the area where her friends were most likely to be. She didn't think she could cope with explaining to anyone right now why she happened to be wandering the streets at night with possibly the horniest cradle-snatching pervert in the history of Konoha.

She sighed. People were so quick to judge. She looked up over the booths of people chattering and drinking merrily, and as she looked towards the bar and the few people who were milling around waiting to be served parted momentarily, standing there patiently was the man in question.

She felt a strange sensation pass through her as she looked at him. He was facing the bar, and all she could see was his back, but that was enough. His strong broad shoulders sent primitive signals to her brain, and as a medic she could feel elemental forces at work attracting her to this man like pheromones to an insect. She watched as he shifted his pose to lean against the bar counter, and as he moved she could see the outline of his muscles as they rippled across his taut back beneath the thin material of his shirt.

She had to admit to herself, she had always been fascinated by this man.

Whether it was his legendary status in Shinobi history, or the way that Naruto feigned contempt for him in one breath while excitedly reminiscing their numerous adventures together in the next, or the fact that he was the only man Sakura had ever seen Tsunade truly let her guard down around, she wasn't sure - but she had always been overcome by a reverent sense of awe in his presence.

He turned around briefly to face the room behind him then, and to Sakura's mortification caught her eyeing him from their booth. He responded however, only with an over-confident wink and a knee quiveringly handsome, tooth-flashing smile, before turning back to the bar as their drinks were poured in front of him, leaving Sakura to shrink into the seat flushing with embarrassment at being caught perving.

He turned from the bar a few moments later and made his way back towards her, deftly balancing a suspiciously large bottle of sake and two pre-poured glasses in his hands, one filled with a clear liquid she could only presume originated from said bottle, and the other a darker tea-like colour. He took his seat across from her passing the latter to her as he did so, and she thought she detected the tiniest hint of a mysterious smile on his lips.

The smile lingered at his mouth as he sat before her, watching her take the first dainty sip through the ebony straw that jutted out. The drink was sweet and a little fruity. Sakura had no idea what it was but it was exactly the type of drink she liked.

"So . . ." he began cheerfully, "Am I right to presume from the reception I got at the tower that things aren't going quite so well as substitute Hokage?"

Sakura flushed again with embarrassment at her previous behaviour. "I'm so terribly sorry, Jiraiya-Sama, I never meant to address you so harshly. I'm deeply apologetic for my behaviour and-"

"-Don't be silly," he interrupted her admonishingly. "I've been treated much worse in that very office many times before, believe you me, Sakura."

He smiled again warmly at her, and for some reason her insides tingled at the sound of her name on his lips.

"Besides, I probably deserved it for grabbing an unknown woman's behind." He lifted his drink to his lips to take a large swig as he muttered to himself, "You'd think I would have learned that by now."

Having consumed the entire glassful in one go, he lowered the glass back to the tabletop, and lifted the sake bottle to pour another. Sakura quickly found the straw again and began to gulp her own drink in an effort to keep up.

This time though, he held his full glass for a moment as he regarded her. "My sources tell me you spend far too much time at that hospital anyway, and far too little time having fun and enjoying yourself." He winked and smiled at her again as it dawned on her just who his 'sources' were.


Her eye twitched at the thought that he was spreading tales of her social ineptitude far and wide.

The Toad Sage however carried on without a pause. "What is it that green-clad horror Gai is always saying? To enjoy the beauty of youth?"

Distracted with thoughts of strangling her loud-mouthed friend, Sakura found herself responding without missing a beat. "I'm sure that you are enjoying the 'beauty of youth' enough for the both us Ero-sa-"

She suddenly clapped her hand over her mouth as she realised what she had said.

Jiraiya however stared at her for only a moment before throwing his head back with raucous laughter.

"Now that's more like it! There's nothing I enjoy better than a woman with a sharp tongue! Keep going like that and you'll be giving Tsunade a run for her money."

Sakura smiled shyly at him, feeling herself beginning to relax under the effects of both her strong drink and his carefree attitude.

"No, I'm afraid you're right my girl," he continued, "I certainly can't be accused of not taking the time to enjoy the . . . finer . . . things in life, that's for sure."

She smiled at his cavalier attitude towards his 'indulgences'.

"Unfortunately I wouldn't know much about such things." She hung her head a little sadly. "Lately I seem to have no time for any fun at all. It's been hard enough with the long shifts I've been working at the hospital . . . but I really had no idea substituting for Tsunade was going to be this hectic! I really don't know how she does it, Jiraiya-sama. I mean, I'm her apprentice for kami's sake and I know for a fact she spends most of her day skiving off, yet here I am working my butt off all day long and I've barely managed to make a dent." She sighed with frustration.

Jiraiya leaned back in his seat and studied her amusedly, as if trying to decide whether he could trust her with something. After a moment's hesitation he leaned back in and lowered his voice conspiratorially.

"All right, Sakura. Now, I'm telling you this because you seem to be having a hard time, and also," he looked at her pointedly, "Because I trust that you won't dob me in when the dragon gets back."

Sakura stifled a giggle at his nickname for her feisty shishou.

His voice lowered to almost a whisper. "In the left hand top drawer of the Hokage desk, there's a secret compartment at the very back corner-"

"-But, Jiraiya-sama," Sakura interrupted him. "I've cleaned that very drawer out hundreds of times. I would know if there was any kind of secret compartment."

"There's a genjutsu cast over it. Use the release command and a sliding panel will be revealed." He eyed her pointedly again as if emphasising that this was a secret between the two of them before continuing. "Inside you'll find Tsunade's secret stash."

Sakura leaned forward and listened much more avidly now. "Secret stash of what?"


Sakura frowned at him, clearly not understanding. "Pills?"

"Yes. Pills. Ordinary synthetic pills that have been infused with different chakra-manipulating jutsu. Relaxants, stimulants, sleeping pills, uppers, downers. Anything you could possibly want. A secret stash to get her through each day."

Sakura gaped at him now, mouth open with absolute shock. "Do you mean to tell me that the Godaime of Konoha is running this village, under the influence!"

"Shh!" Jiraiya quickly pressed a finger to his lips and looked around to make sure nobody was eavesdropping. "Sakura," his tone changed to as if he were explaining something very obvious. "You already knew as well as I did that she was 'under the influence'. I don't think I've seen her sober for more than a few hours since we were fifteen."

Sakura still sat with an incredulous look on her face. She hissed under her breath, "My teacher, my shishou, all this time, was a junkie?!"

Jiraiya's mouth curled up in amusement at her naivety. "Look, all I'm saying is, maybe you should check it out. Pop a stimulant, a green pill, tomorrow before you start work. With the way you work under normal circumstances I bet you'll have the whole day's work finished by lunchtime."

Sakura leaned back in her chair frowning. This was a lot to take in. She had to admit, she had wondered time and again how such a lazy woman could run a busy schedule like the Hokage's, and her own day as sub-Hokage had just reiterated her doubt. Now it was glaringly obvious how she did it. And as loathe as Sakura was to admit it, perhaps the job was simply impossible without it. Still, one as sensible as her was hesitant to use such a tool until it was absolutely necessary...

She looked up at Jiraiya with a small smile of appreciation. "Thank you for telling me, Jiraiya-sama. I'll . . . consider it."

"Please, Sakura," He smiled back at her as she drained the last of her drink, "If we're going to be drinking together I insist on you calling me Jiraiya."

"Ok . . . Jiraiya." She blushed slightly at addressing him so familiarly as he turned his head to scout out a waitress for a refill. A raise of his hand and a nod of his head and a gesture towards Sakura's empty glass was all that was needed before a young drinks-server rushed to the bar to accommodate him.

The night progressed quickly as they both began to settle into one another's company. With every drink that Sakura drained another appeared miraculously before her, and with each new glass a rosy glow began to spread over her, and her inhibitions slid steadily out the door. Likewise, the feeling of comfort she found in his presence soon had her speaking as naturally and freely as she would if she were with Naruto or Kakashi. Perhaps even more. It almost felt easier to speak to him because he was a relative stranger to her. He didn't know the intimacies of every detail of her childhood and adolescence like Naruto, nor her every flaw and failing and weakness like Kakashi.

His face was so open and easy to read. There was a mysterious and cheeky twinkle to his eye that Sakura found most endearing. It made her feel as though she could talk to him about anything and he wouldn't judge her like some of her other friends would.

Not to mention, he was strikingly handsome. Whenever he was talking she found herself studying the strong contours of his jaw, the short, silver stubble that graced his chin, and the muscles that moved high in his cheeks as he spoke. His nose was small and angular, and it complimented the rest of his features perfectly. His eyes were not narrow and cold and calculating, like Sasuke's had been, nor were they large and mischievous like Naruto's; they were small and intelligent, like a hawk's, yet also warm and friendly, enhanced by the fine lines which crinkled at the corners when he smiled.

And Sakura had no idea why, but the red marks which ran from his bottom lids all the way almost to his jaw line reminded her of tears, and bizarrely made him appear like a lost little boy, in desperate need of a cuddle.

Sakura could easily see why he was a hit with the ladies.

He drained the last of his second bottle of sake into his glass, leaving it barely half full. He sighed at the inconvenience and searched the bar yet again for their waitress.

"So I have to admit," he began, finally catching someone's eye and gesturing again before turning back to face her, "Naruto talks a hell of a lot about you, but he never seems to mention anything about your love-life." He spoke casually, but the look in his eye told her he was fishing for something. "Is there . . . someone special? Or are there many?"

She flushed slightly and looked away to study the wall. "Actually . . . there's nobody."

"Nobody?" Jiraiya blinked at her. "You mean, nobody special?"

"Nope. Just . . . nobody." Sakura's heart beat a little faster. She should have known the topic would eventually come to this. She hated having to explain her rapidly progressing spinsterhood to anyone.

He stared at her, quite literally shocked.

"Has there ever been anyone?"

"No. Well, I mean, of course there have been a few guys," She lowered her voice to almost a whisper, "I'm not a virgin if that's what you mean."

She blushed furiously at the admission but her volume returned to normal. "But if you're asking if I've ever been in a relationship, or if I've ever loved anyone like that, well then, no. I mean, I'm not sure whether I really loved Sasuke or not . . . but either way, he's gone now." She finished quietly and her eyes dropped to her lap.

Jiraiya pondered the girl before him for a moment. There could only be one reason why a girl as attractive and intelligent as she was hadn't been in love even once.

She had been burned before, and badly by the looks of it. He knew all about her infatuation with the Uchiha kid, and how he had torn her heart out time and again with his betrayal and rejection. Naruto had spent many a lengthy mission raving about all forms of the Sharingan user's betrayals in a rage to his helpless sensei. But Jiraiya felt sure that all her bitterness over that particular matter had been buried along with the Uchiha's lifeless body, and he sensed that this was not the issue that was holding her back.

No, it was something else. She seemed detached from the world of love somehow, and he felt as if the subject invoked a deep sense of disappointment in her. Perhaps she was unfulfilled by her previous encounters, and so allowed little time to be wasted on new ones?

Whatever it was, it was obvious that it made her uncomfortable, as she was fidgeting in her chair as if she desperately wanted to change the subject.

Jiraiya sighed inwardly. If only more young men would follow Kakashi's lead and read his Icha Icha series there would be far more Casanova's in this village and far less incompetent imbeciles.

When he didn't press Sakura further about the dreaded subject of love, she relaxed, and the two fell into a moment of comfortable silence as they continued with their respective drinks.

The bar was now abuzz around them. Drinks waitresses flitted from table to table bringing strange and exotic looking concoctions to strange and exotic looking patrons. The noise level in the bar had inevitably gone from a subdued hum to an excited babble, and the air felt thick with the heat of many bodies crowded into one place. Likewise the music had gained volume, and rather than catchy ballads and solid gold favourites, it now consisted mostly of the pounding rhythmic kind that made you want to get up and dance.

Just then the heavy door to the street was swung open, and the intrusive noises of a group of rowdy, heavily intoxicated males flooded the previously fairly civilized bar.

Sakura groaned inwardly as she recognised the scruffy brunette who led the group inside.

Not him.

Hinote Matsuo was currently the bane of Sakura's existence.

If there was one person she would have given anything to avoid this evening, it was him.

Her mind was suddenly drawn back to a night a few months ago, a night very similar to this in that she had been working an exhausting full day at the hospital . . . except that on that particular night Naruto, with the help of her best-girlfriend/arch-nemesis Ino, had managed to coax her out to the clubs with them.

After finding a seat with both loudmouth blondes and ordering drinks, she had finally begun to relax – only to find herself suddenly seated solo and watching her two best friends bumping and grinding on the dance floor with anyone who came within a one metre radius.

And so, inevitably, she had ordered another drink along with five of the strongest shots on the menu – and proceeded to down them in quick procession until she no longer felt completely out of place.

It didn't take long before the invitations started. Every fifteen minutes or so yet another young man would edge over to stand casually in her vicinity, fidgeting and eyeing her nervously until they finally plucked up the courage to ask her to dance. And every time she would politely, but firmly, decline.

It wasn't until the effects of the mind-boggling amount of alcohol she had consumed began to take its toll on her unusually high tolerance levels that she began to waver. And, fortunately for him, one young man had held off on approaching her long enough to reap the rewards.

He had started in pretty much the same fashion as all the rest, introducing himself and offering to buy her another drink before persistently trying to ply her into joining him in a dance. He seemed nice enough to her – obviously on form that evening – and he was also pretty cute; his shaggy, mousy brown hair and friendly hazel eyes had a natural appeal, and with the blood in her veins pulsing with the relaxing effects of the alcohol she surprised even herself by accepting his offer.

Things, of course, had gone pretty typically from then on. They danced. His hands began to wander. She offered little resistance. They drank some more. They danced some more. He kissed her. The fire in her belly began to burn . . . and then before she knew it she was tugging him out the door looking for the nearest inn that was comfortable and acceptable.

And that's when it started to go all wrong.

He was terrible. His fingers were too cold and too rough; his sloppy kisses threatened to swallow her; and if it wasn't bad enough that he tasted of bitter alcohol and old tobacco, once or twice she even found herself with a whole mouthful of his saliva. He couldn't find the rubber he insisted he had brought along, and when he finally did he fumbled like a virgin trying to put it on. Slim to nil time was spent on preparing her for the moment he finally thrust himself selfishly inside her, and to top it all off the discomfort she felt as he pounded into her unprepared body was overshadowed only by the pain of his calloused fingers twisting her tender nipples as roughly as if they were bolts in a sheet of iron. This at least was explained later when she discovered he was a mechanic of some description.

Thankfully the entire ordeal lasted only a few minutes before he collapsed on top of her and fell soundly asleep.

After dragging herself out from under him and walking home extremely disgruntled she had consoled herself with the fact that at least it was over and she could now put it all behind her.

That was, until he had shown up at her apartment the following evening with flowers in hand and an invitation to dinner.

Not one to purposefully reject and hurt people, she had thought seriously about moving to another country before finally accepting his offer, justifying it to herself by conceding that perhaps they had both just been far too drunk, and maybe it would be much better sober.

It was worse.

And so she had been spending the last few months heartily trying to avoid him, despite the cards and flowers, and poems, and phone calls, and 'coincidental' meeting, and general stalker-type behaviour that he had been displaying ever since.

To further rub salt in the wound she had also discovered he was not the 'nice' guy he made out to be, after word had reached her that their two-night tryst had been spread all over Konoha, leaving Sakura wondering if she had even been there as the story had altered so much from reality. That day Sakura had learned that having a friend with one ear riding first-class on the gossip train of Konoha could be surprisingly helpful.

Naturally, as previously stated, Hinote was the last person she wanted to see this evening.

She shrunk down further into her seat wishing with all her heart for him not to notice her.

It was a little hard to hide hair like hers though.

Within moments he had spotted her, and after a muttering smirk to his friends the group followed his slightly wobbly stride down the aisle to stand right in front of the booth she and Jiraiya were currently occupying.

Completely ignoring the Toad Sage opposite her, he smiled at her, and she could see now the glazed over look in his eyes.

"Heyyy, babe . . ." he slurred at her, clearly already under the influence of too much sake. "I havn seen you in sooolong . . ."

He leaned forward to kiss her mouth and her face screwed up in disgust as she smelled the sickly stink of too much booze all over him. She quickly turned her face and pulled back so that all he could do was graze his lips on her cheek.

Undeterred as always by her obvious rejection, he suddenly darted into the booth seat next to her, forcing her to scoot across to maintain her distance.

He laid his arm across the top of the seat, not quite daring to put it fully around her shoulders.

He leaned in towards her again. "So, yur finally out of thad stuffy hospidal . . ." he slurred.

"An rumour has it you havn been with anyone else sinz I rocked yur world . . ." He smirked lecherously at her and the goons behind him sniggered.

Sakura's blood began to boil. Next time she saw Naruto, he was a dead man.

Hinote carried on however, completely ignorant of the dangerous twitch in her eye.

"So wadder you doin later? Hows aboud anotha taste of whad we had lastime . . ." He reached out then to grasp her breast, his alcohol fuddled brain not registering the fact that he was currently treading very dangerous ground amid two of the most elite shinobi in the history of Konoha. His peons meanwhile encouraged him loudly with lewd noises and gestures.

Sakura was ready for him though. The second that his hand had left his side she was moving, and before the fool knew what had hit him, they both were up and out of the booth and standing in the aisle, she behind him, and he with his arm twisted dangerously close to breaking behind his back.

He screamed out in pain, and half the bar suddenly silenced and turned to watch the scene.

Sakura had finally had enough of this. She had allowed this bizarre thing with him to go on for far too long as it was. She had begun to realise that this was the type of man who she would have to be painfully blunt with if she ever hoped to be left alone, even if it meant going against her usually nice nature. And the combination of the alcohol and the company this evening had given her a wonderful sense of courage.

She leaned in to speak into his ear. Her tone was low and laced with poison.

"I don't know how many times I need to make up excuses before you finally get it through that thick skull of yours that I'm not interested in you." She twisted his arm towards her tighter to make her point, and felt a glorious sense of power when she heard him whimper pitifully.

"Now . . . I've tried to be nice, and to let you down gently, but since you refuse to leave me alone it seems I'm going to have to be brutally honest with you."

She lowered her voice to a deceptively seductive whisper.

But her words were dripping with venom.

"The sex we had, was quite possibly the worst sex I've ever had in my life. I am not, nor will ever be interested in a disgusting little scumbag like you."

His friends were stood back in a safe semi-circle now, staring open-mouthed at their friend in shock, but none were brave enough to defend him from this poison-tongued vixen. Jiraiya, likewise was staring at her as well. But his eyes showed intrigue, and his lips threatened to curl up in amusement.

She still held her firm grip on Hinote's arm. "Now, are you going to leave me be from now on? Or do I need to tear your arm off to make sure you don't come knocking at my door ever again?"

Hinote, tears of agony threatening to spill from his eyes, could do little more than nod emphatically.

Sakura, enjoying prolonging his pain to make up for the torture he had inflicted on her, twisted again for good measure. "What was that? I couldn't hear you."

"Yes!" he cried out, "I'm sorry! Please, just let me go!"

Satisfied, slowly Sakura released his arm from her vice-like grip. He twisted out and away from her into the protection of his friends as swiftly as a freed rabbit, holding his arm to his chest protectively.

"Now get out of my sight." She sighed.

The group turned and began to head hurriedly for the door, and Sakura felt a weight lift off of her shoulders that she had at least managed to allay one of her troubles this evening.

But as the group began to depart, and the bar still hung in a relative quiet as the other patrons watched the display before them, the sound of Hinote's mumbling voice reached Sakura's ears once more.

"I dun know why I waysded my time with a slut like her anyway . . ."

The bar went deadly silent.

Sakura froze.

Slowly she turned back towards the departing group. Her hand began to curl into a ball ready to punch a hole in the back of Hinote's head the size of a melon. But just as she drew her fist back ready to let loose on the unsuspecting Matsuo boy, it was Jiraiya who suddenly appeared in front of her and stilled her hand in its flight.

He looked at her before glancing back at the still retreating Hinote and his lackeys making their way to the bar's front door.

"May I?" He asked, without the need for further elaboration.

Still speechless with her anger, Sakura just nodded imperceptively.

In the flash of a nano-second, Jiraiya had moved from his position in front of Sakura and reappeared in front of the startled Hinote.

A cry of intense pain was the only indication of what happened next.

If you had blinked you would not have seen it, for no sooner had Jiraiya appeared before him than Hinote was now dangling a full foot from the ground, limbs flailing mindlessly in his agony and a horrific noise tearing out of his throat. A gasp and cringe broke out across the faces of the crowd then, the victim's friends included, and everyone seemed to be staring in wide-eyed horror at the source of the boy's agony.

It took Sakura a moment to realise what that was.

Jiraiya was holding the man up by his balls.

Sakura clasped her hand over her mouth in surprise as Jiraiya continued to hold the man in the air by his pride and glory as he scratched uselessly at the Toad Sage's arms, but her eyes revealed her mirth as Hinote finally got his long-awaited comeuppance.

Jiraiya however looked fit to kill.

"I presume," he began, "if you ever want to have children, that you would like to keep these pitiful things intact, so I will tell you this only once."

He spoke with the calm and patience of a man who had lived through war and the deadliness of one who had fought in it.

"If you ever have the privilege of obtaining the company of a woman even half as beautiful, intelligent and kind as Sakura again," he squeezed a little tighter and a very girly squeal escaped Hinote's lips, "you will treat her as a gentleman should, with the respect and adoration that she deserves."

Sweat was pouring down Hinote's face now and he had begun to turn a little blue.

Jiraiya's voice lowered dangerously.

"And if I ever find out otherwise, I will tear these tiny excuses of manhood from your body and shove them down your throat."

Sakura sipped her freshly poured drink as she waited for Jiraiya to return from the bathroom.

The bar had returned to its normal pace now after the quiet if crippled exit of Hinote and his gang, and the lights and sounds of revelry combined with her elated sense of victory had Sakura glowing with happiness.

Jiraiya's reaction had surprised her a little.

She had known that he was a man who loved the ladies - who didn't – but she had always presumed that it was merely for his own gratification. But the dressing down he had given poor Hinote had been so impassioned that she now truly believed that he held a deep respect for women, and that perhaps his interest in the fairer sex was really genuine worship.

The amount of experience that he must have had with women, and love, and sex was a little daunting for Sakura. Here she was, twenty two years of age and she had little to no understanding of the supposed 'wonders' of sex that her friends had so avidly told her about. And with the awful experiences she had been subjected to so far she wasn't sure she even wanted to get back out there and try again. She had fallen off her horse big time, and now she wasn't sure she she would be able to get back up.

It was all just too complicated. Had she had the confidence of Ino she might have been bold enough to ask Jiraiya what the secret to it all was. The man had so much more knowledge about such things than her, she actually almost felt a little jealous of his skill and natural abilities in the area.

Then again, maybe she was going about this the wrong way.

Why should she have to ask Jiraiya for help . . . when he could simply show her what great sex was all about?

Sakura's nerves rattled with excitement as it dawned on her that the answer to her problem lay glaringly obvious before her.

Jiraiya was quite probably the most experienced man in all of Konoha. If anyone could show her what she was missing out on it was him. He had written an entire series of bestselling books on the subject for goodness sake, and Sakura had to admit, the few times she had managed to get away with sneaking a peak over Kakashi's shoulder as he was reading one of his beloved little orange bibles she had found herself rather flustered at the explicit detail she had seen there.

Yes, there was a universal truth that Sakura knew all too well in her line of work. When you find yourself at loss, it was time to consult a specialist.

She looked up as the man in question returned just then, and smiling at her took his seat back across the booth.

Taking a big swig of her drink, Sakura steeled her courage, and prepared to seduce Konoha's number one pervert.

Jiraiya sat up straighter in his chair and his eyes widened slightly as he felt a soft toe brush against his calf.

His pulse quickened at the unexpected contact, and he looked up at the beautiful young woman before him, trying to discern whether or not she had noticed it also.

It was very difficult to tell, however, as Sakura was currently absorbed with draining the last of her drink from her glass, her head down and pale pink bangs obscuring most of her face as she diligently drew the tea coloured liquid up through the straw perched between her soft full lips.

He found himself fixated on those lips, pouted perfectly around the black straw contrasting strongly with their velvet cerise shade, glistening intoxicatingly with the remnants of the alcohol she now licked from them. He felt his body shudder involuntarily as he saw the tiniest flash of a pink tongue flitting out between those lips, and he licked his own on pure reflex.

She showed no sign that she had been aware of their contact beneath the table, and he began to feel that he had either imagined it, or it had been an accident and not something to dwell on. He decided to feign ignorance. Feeling slightly uncomfortable with the silence now, he tried to pick up where they left off.

"Well, that was a bit of excitement." He ground out, his voice holding a hint of contempt. "I can't stand punks like that. Treating a beautiful woman like nothing more than an object . . . they should be ashamed of themselves! But, I must admit they help me with my research for Icha-"

He cut off abruptly as he felt a warm foot graze against his inner thigh.

"-Icha villains though," he finished, his voice now decidedly raspier than before.

He cleared his throat, then risked a look up at the perpetrator sitting primly opposite him.

His silver-white eyebrows knitted together slightly in confusion as he saw that she had turned away from him and was now looking across the other side of the room, and he noted the faint blush of her cheeks. He could see she was purposely trying to avoid eye contact with him, and he now knew for sure that she had felt that.

The only question was, was it accidental, or intentional?

His mind raced as he considered the possibility of the latter.

Could it be possible? Could it really be possible that this beautiful young swan before him was making a pass at him?

Of course he was no stranger to the ladies, and had certainly been with women even younger than Sakura before. But those women had usually been simple village girls, girls to whom a powerful shinobi like him with a few Ryo to spend on them was like a god. Those women were easy prey to him, like wolves to the slaughter, it was so simple.

But Sakura was different. She was herself a formidable kunoichi with powers that now almost rivalled her shishou's, one of the three legendary Sannin. When he thought about it, that essentially meant that her powers were almost on par with his own, and she was certainly a damn sight more frightening than he, another trait she had picked up off her mistress.

These factors combined with her extraordinary and unmatched beauty made her a much more exquisite prize. She was a jewel meant only for the elite. She was like the finest caviar, while all the other numerous women he had been with in comparison were like fish paste.

And now, his heart leapt and his thoughts were a jumble as he tried desperately to determine if this ethereal beauty was just a naïve young flower who had accidentally put a foot astray, or a sultry seductress trying to lure a susceptible old ninja who wouldn't stand a chance?

His rational mind prayed that it was the former.

But his heart screamed out for the latter.

And if there was one thing that everyone knew, it was that Jiraiya was 95 percent heart.

Sakura bit the inside of her lip as her heart raced wildly in her chest.

For a fleeting second, she had wondered if she could go ahead with it. But the warmth of the alcohol flowing through her body had washed away her inhibitions, and for once in her life she felt truly free.

She decided to take a chance.

At first she wasn't sure if he had felt it when she had casually rubbed her big toe against his strong calf muscle under the table. But when she tried it a second time, this time moving her foot up to stroke his powerful thigh, and he had stopped in the middle of his sentence, she knew she had been caught.

Her breath stuck in her throat as the seconds ticked by.

He thought she was looking away from him, but truthfully she had been gauging his reaction using her peripheral vision. She saw him swallow as he mentally digested what was occurring between them.

For a panic-stricken moment, she had the irrational thought that he was going to reject her. He would think that she was a fool. He would say that she must have gotten the wrong idea, that he could never consider her in that way. He would try to let her down gently of course, but it still wouldn't make it hurt any less.

Then she saw him relax again, and the relief washed over her as she realised he was going to pretend he hadn't felt it. Still using her peripherals, she saw him shake his head in a self-assuring manner, then he cleared his throat again, and raised his face to her to speak.

"Shall we have another drink? I could definitely go another round, and besides, I feel the night is still young."

She raised a slender eyebrow almost imperceptively, as she pondered if there was hidden meaning in his words. She looked back at him finally, then nodded politely with a tight-lipped smile, too consumed with her shaky nerves to speak right now.

He raised his eyebrows to a waitress as she passed near their table and gestured with his hand for her to bring another round.

Emboldened by his nonchalance, and the alcohol now tingling through her veins, Sakura made up her mind to go one step further. She had already made her intentions known and there was no going back now.

She turned away from him again and pretended to be scouring the room, her chin raised up on the back of her hand.

Slowly she raised her foot a third time. With the skill of an elite, she masterfully manoeuvred her small foot between his parted thighs, and hovered it just between their juncture.

With one final breath of courage, she pressed forward, and experimentally rolled the ball of her foot over the warm smooth bulge of his manhood.

She wasn't aware that she had instinctively clenched her eyes closed until she heard him gasp loudly, and she had to forcefully pry them open again.

She slowly turned to look at him shyly, her heart feeling like it would explode in her chest.

He was staring at her, his eyes huge with the absolute shock that was written across his entire face.

Her heart sank.

Her stomach turned and she felt like she was going to be sick, as she determined that he was indeed going to reject her. She was a stupid woman. Why did she even think that she could have a chance with the great Toad Sage? He must have hundreds of beautiful women literally throwing themselves at him daily. What on earth made her think that he would be interested in a nobody like her?

Feeling like a ton of bricks had just collapsed in her chest, she embarrassedly began to pull her foot away from its warm new home, drawing it back towards her slowly, and preparing herself to make a mad dash for the door and run all the way home were she could morbidly cry herself to sleep.

However, the sharp slap of a hand grasping her ankle swiftly stopped her retreat.

This time it was her turn to gape wide-eyed across the table, as she felt him draw her foot back to where it had been, then she also, gasped, as he confidently pulled her foot flush against him again.

No words were spoken. None were needed. The now hungry look in his eyes told her everything she needed to know, and she quickly deduced that she had been very wrong in her analysis of the situation.

And if the now much more prominent than before bulge was any indication, he definitely wanted her.

Very badly.

Her heart pounded emphatically in her ears now, and her head swam with giddiness as she slowly resumed the gentle roll of her toes against him. His eyes slid closed and his mouth dropped open slightly, and as her strokes became more emboldened the fingers of his hand which held her foot in place began to caress the inside of her ankle. She felt almost dizzy, as if she were in a dream, and as much as she could put half of the feeling down to the alcohol currently warming her blood, the rest was certainly just plain excitement and disbelief.

What the hell was she doing? She was Sakura Haruno, well reputed as one of the primmest, most prudent, and sensible kunoichi in Konoha, commonly referred to by other male shinobi (when they thought she was out of hearing range, of course) as what was known as a 'cocktease', and here she was behaving like a common harlot and currently seducing a superior. Not to mention massaging his manhood with her bare foot in a public bar. Not just any superior either, but one who just happened to be one of the legendary and feared elite Sannin, and also her shishou's closest friend and former team-mate to boot.

As much as she tried to keep a smooth face to disguise the uncertainty and anxiety she was beginning to feel, her eyes darted from side to side like a frightened rabbit, as she worriedly tried to ascertain that nobody was witness to their sub-table intimacy.

She paused all her actions however as a small uncomfortable groan reached her ears.

Oops. Perhaps she had been pressing a little too hard as she had fretted over possible witnesses.

"Sakura . . ." Jiraiya's deep voice chided her gently from the other side of the booth.

Apologetically she drew her gaze back to face him.

His face was instantly comforting, soft and reassuring. It was incredible the way he could make her feel at ease with a simple glance.

"It's ok . . ." he began, in such a gentle and caring tone that it was hard to believe that this man had a lifetime of blood on his hands.

"Nobody's watching."

He reached out with his free hand and took both of her own within it, encapsulating them with his one giant paw. He began to slowly rub his thumb across her fingers.

"It's only you and me."

He smiled at her then, the most beautiful and genuinely compassionate smile she had ever seen, and she could not help but smile back as she felt her anxiety dissolve under his influence.

Slowly . . . timidly, she lowered her eyes, and with a faint blush to her cheeks, began her ministrations again.

His eyes slid closed once more, and as she masterfully stroked her small foot against his delightfully firm body she noticed his breathing quickening, and his face began to cringe then smooth sporadically with the pleasure of her touch.

Sakura could hardly believe what was happening. Here she was with one of the great Sannin under her spell, writhing under her own ministrations, and touching her gently with mutual desire. If only Ino could see her now.

And apparently, he wanted more.

He suddenly pressed his hand down on her foot halting her actions once again. But this time there was lust burning in his eyes.

"Should we go somewhere?" He asked, before tentatively adding, "Only if you want to. We could go somewhere more private?"

She chewed her lip thoughtfully as she realised the implications of such a move. She quickly made a decision.

"All right." She nodded once. "Only . . . we can't go to my place, because the walls in my apartment block are paper thin . . ." she blushed at what she was implying. "What about . . ." She left her words hanging for him to fill in.

"I wish I could take you to my place, but I'm having my floors carpeted, and I doubt we could even find a space amongst the mess." He cringed apologetically.

They both sat in silence mulling over their options.

Suddenly Jiraiya stood up. "Come on," he began, holding out his hand for her to take.

"I've got an idea."

Sakura climbed back through the window she had exited only hours earlier, her hand in Jiraiya's as he helped her through.

She looked around at the large mostly empty Hokage's office.

Jiraiya walked over to the desk and took a seat in the comfortable chair there. He threw his feet up to rest on the desk edge and leaned back placing his hands behind his head.

"So . . . what do you think?"

She dropped her shoes she had been carrying to the floor beside her with a thud and slowly a smile crept across her lips as she looked around the room thoughtfully. The thought of having sex with a man old enough to be her father inside the Hokage's very office should have scared the life out of her. And it did. But she was also the most excited she had been in a very long time. There was something so deliciously naughty about it, it made Sakura shiver with anticipation just thinking about it.

She looked back over at the man in question and began to make her way over to him.

But as she got closer and could make out the look on his face clearly she could see something in his eyes that suddenly had her feeling very nervous.

She had seen that look before, not so long ago, in this very office. It was the look that she had seen briefly on Kakashi's face before her nerves got the better of her. She had not been able to identify it at the time, but now she knew exactly what it was.

Pure animalistic desire. That intrinsic masculine need, built into every male, no matter what species, that drives a man to want to want to reproduce. To want to dominate. To want to stand out from the rest. That hungry need in his eyes that told her that he wanted her, and he would not be satisfied without her.

That look excited her.

And it also absolutely terrified her.

Suddenly, Sakura felt very nervous. She began to wobble a little on her legs, and as she reached the desk where he sat she tripped on her own feet and crashed very un-seductively into the table ledge.

Jiraiya reached out to hold her steady as she leaned against it blushing furiously.

"Hey, careful there, I don't want you injuring yourself before we even get started!" he chuckled.

He quickly regretted saying anything however as although she smiled in response, he could see her lips were shaking, and she began to worry her bottom lip as her eyes darted about nervously.

"Sakura," he said as he grasped her gently by the shoulders and stood to stand in front of her, "Look, we don't have to do anything at all if you don't want to. I'm happy to just have another drink, and talk some more and have a laugh if that's what you want to do. It's entirely up to you."

Her eyes shot up to his face. "I do want to! I mean . . . of course I do. I wouldn't have instigated this whole thing if I didn't." She looked down at her hands as she wrung them together restlessly. "It's just that . . . I didn't realise I would be so nervous! I thought the alcohol would have helped to calm me down, but it's just that . . ." She looked up at him tentatively. "I'm sorry . . . it's just that . . . all the other times have been so terrible! And now I just get myself worked up into such a state even thinking about it, and it's so hard to try to relax!"

She realised her nerves were causing her to babble. She put both her hands over her face and cringed into them.

Jiraiya finally caught on to what the problem was. His face relaxed and he smiled down at her. He put one of his large hands on her crown, tucking his arm around her and pulling her to his chest, gently kissing the top of her head as he did so.

Sakura dropped her hands from her face in surprise and then reached her own arms around his waist, letting him hold her there reassuringly for what seemed like forever. He felt so warm and comfortable. And safe.

Suddenly he spoke again.

"I've got an idea. But . . . you'll have to trust me."

She looked up at him curiously as he pulled away. He walked over to Tsunade's desk drawers, pulled the top drawer wide open, then held one hand up in a chakra sign, muttering under his breath as he did so.


She continued to watch without interrupting as his hand disappeared deep inside the back of the drawer, and he rummaged around for a bit until he found what he was after.

Pulling his fist out and then holding it before her, he opened his hand to reveal two small yellow pills sitting in his palm.

She looked from the pills back up to his face and blinked.

"What are they?"

"They're pretty much relaxants, but . . . with something a little special added."

Sakura eyed the pills suspiciously. "What kind of 'something special'?"

"It's a particular herb that the Chinese introduced us to many years ago, and we've combined it with an enhancing jutsu . . . anyway . . . it's all rather complicated. You'll just have to trust me."

She still looked dubiously from the pills to him and back again.

"Do you trust me, Sakura?"

She looked him firmly in the eye at that, and after studying his face for a moment she reached forward without hesitation grabbing one pill and putting it straight into her mouth, swallowing it whole.

Jiraiya smiled and followed suit, quickly swallowing the other.

Jiraiya remained still, watching her as she stood before him, just staring back at him.

A full minute ticked by.

Sakura frowned.

"So . . . how long does it take before it starts working?"

Jiraiya just smiled back at her amusedly, as if he was privy to a secret that she wasn't.

"It's working now."

She frowned again as she focused her thoughts inward, her medic's mind trying to analyse what effect the pill was having on her system.

There was nothing.

"Can't you feel it?"

She focused again on her body's systems, checking them off on a mental list as she went. Digestive and reproductive systems . . . nervous system . . . skeletal and musculature systems all appeared normal. Cell function and neural functioning systems seemed unaffected. Cardiac functions likewise. Skins receptors seemed normal . . . however . . .

She stopped.

It suddenly occurred to her that she had been restlessly rubbing her bare toes into the surface of the rough carpet beneath them.

And something there was very different.

The carpet felt delicious against her skin. The combination of the soft silky wool twined into rough scratchy threads oozing between her toes as she rubbed them together, the friction causing little tingles across her skin, and the elastic buoyancy of the surface beneath her feet felt incredible. Sakura had never thought so intensely about carpet in her life but only one word could sum this up.


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