Note: Yet another short one-shot, this one inspired by an argument at a bus stop. Many thanks to my beta!
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Whispers echoed down the hall as Mace strode towards his next appointment at Yoda's quarters. They were meeting to discuss some pressing issues concerning the war. Glancing quickly at his pocket chrono, he decided that he had a few minutes to spare for a brief detour. As he rounded the corner, he caught sight of Kenobi and Skywalker, whispering furiously to each other, obviously in the middle of a heated debate.

Before he could get close enough to discern what they were saying, they noticed him and promptly stopped whispering. They stared at him as if he had just thrown up on his tunic as he made his way slowly down the corridor.

This was the first of these odd incidents.


The second came when, while in the cafeteria, Mace caught sight of Kenobi and Skywalker bickering, but whenever someone would draw near, they would pretend to be engrossed in their meal.

Mace sat down by himself, a few tables from the pair and started to eat his lunch. Soon, his curiosity got the better of him, as he accessed the Force to enhance his hearing.

He heard a mere snippet of their conversation. "It's a fruit, Obi-Wan. You know I'm right, just concede, for once."

"I am not going to concede, because you are most definitely mistaken. It's a vegetable!"

Mace's concentration was broken as he contemplated the immaturity that the two most famous Jedi were currently displaying. He decided to bring the matter to Yoda himself.


Standing outside the Council Chambers, Obi-Wan quickly whispered, "Vegetable!"

To which the reply was, "Fruit!"

At this point, the doors swung open, foregoing any further debate.

As they reached the centre, Yoda addressed them. "Brought to our attention, it has been, that arguing, you are, to a point that, disruptive to some, it is." At their brief nods, he continued, "Wish to know we do, of the topic of your arguments."

After exchanging a glance with Anakin, Obi-wan spoke up, "Anakin thinks that coconuts are fruit and I think that they're vegetables."

The silence that followed was thick enough to be cut with a knife.

Then Mace said, "Um. Coconuts are nuts."

This provoked a rebuke from Yoda, "Older am I! Wiser am I! Know I do that seeds, coconuts are!"

The brave initiate who dared to enter with a message ten minutes later was shocked to see Council members yelling at each other over whether coconuts were fruit, vegetables, nuts or seeds.


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