I give you the sequel to Love in the Big Apple! You might want to read that first...or not...

This is an all human love story between Edward and Bella...last time Edward proposed, Bella said yes and they moved in together and went off to college...

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"Please Bella, for me, please" Edward begged. We were lying on the couch in Edward's mansion; Edward was hovering above me, showering me in light persuasive kisses. I wouldn't win this battle...or the war.

"Why me Edward? Can't Esme do it? Or Alice or even Rosalie would be much better suited" I countered pitifully. "They have...firsthand experience" I whispered. It was a low stab but I really did not want to do this. We were home for the summer, our first semester of college complete. College life was tough...trying to raise Amanda had been even tougher. We had to live in an apartment near campus. After a month we gave her the option to move in with Carlisle and Esme and she had gladly accepted. I guess Edward and I weren't any fun when we spent the majority of our time in class or studying...cramming for exams...and the rest confessing our love... Somehow, miraculously, cough-Edward-cough,we had both gotten into NYU, the college of Arts and Science and I was majoring in English with my minor being creative writing. Edward was simply majoring in Music, yet the music program was heavily centred on composition so he seemed thrilled.

"Bella, why do you bring this up? I love you, we're getting married. We're taking things slow, I wish to wait, I don't want to rush anything or wreck what we have Bella. It is much too special...precious" I knew this, I knew all of this...but we had been taking it slow for months. The farthest we'd gone so far was when I was injured and Edward had taken my shirt off and put it back on. He wouldn't even French kiss me for crying out loud. Sure, we cuddled in bed, and our make out sessions could last for hours...but...it seemed as time went on he was getting more and more careful with me. I sighed...I felt like he didn't want me anymore. The first time he'd pulled away from me had been awful...but this constant restriction was tearing me apart; tears were welling up.

"I know Edward" I held up my hands, hindering his kisses, and tried to wiggle out from under him. He paused when he saw me trying to break free from him, giving me the chance to escape.

"Bella?" He sounded anxious. I guess I had never really walked away from him...ever. He was always the one who had to end our kissing sessions.

"I'll be back later" I murmured softly from the doorway. I didn't turn to face him, because if I did he would see the tears streaming down my face. And that wouldn't be fair to him, I knew he loved me; he just had his own way of doing things. I truly did understand; what were a few months waiting? Except I had no idea when the wedding was because he had yet to set a date. I yanked open the door and swiftly exited.

"Bella? Please stop, love." He sounded so concerned. My steps faltered.

"Yes Edward" I uttered hoarsely.

"I've hardly seen you in the past few weeks...I've missed you" His voice broke half way through. My tears fell faster, my throat tightened. Exams had been hectic. It was easier for both of us to study alone, but I had hardly slept. I could never sleep on my own any more...and the constant stress and cramming hadn't helped either. I had missed him so terribly...the drive back here had been such a peaceful silence, just enjoying each other's company. But I couldn't respond to anything he said now; my throat was constricted, I was breathing shakily and I couldn't see past the blur of tears. I was frozen on the spot. I heard his slow footsteps approach but I couldn't move. I heard his breath hitch as he placed a hand against my cheek; it was completely wet with tears. His other arm wrapped around me and held me to him. I threw my arms around his neck and cried into his shoulder as he held me tightly, afraid to let go.

"I missed you too...so much" I whispered through my sobs. Edward lifted me up in his arms and carried me back into his bedroom, kicking the doors closed behind him. Laying me down on the soft bed he crawled in next to me and pulled me tight in his arms, flush against his body. Edward just held me until my sobs slowly subsided. He started running one hand through my hair; the other was tracing my face.

"I love you Bella, so much, you mean everything to me. Everything, I hate seeing you in pain" His eyes were dark with grief as he searched my eyes frantically.

"I'm sorry" I whispered, closing my eyes. I felt like he could stare right into my heart and soul.

"Don't be. This is my fault isn't it? I just wish I could figure out what I've done to make you so upset" He begged, we were laying on our sides, facing each other, our bodies touching.

"Nothing Edward, it's nothing" I sighed. Really, it wasn't a big deal...I was blowing it out of proportion, he still loved me...he just didn't want me. Tears pooled in my eyes once again. I moved to get up but Edward wrapped both arms around me again, holding me tightly against his chest. I gazed up and met his eyes before his lips were on mine. They weren't soft and light as usual, they were hard, hot and demanding. His tongue flicked out and slowly traced my bottom lip, causing me to gasp and then moan as he slipped his tongue inside my mouth. He began tracing the inside of my mouth with his tongue slowly. Before long he rolled us over so that he was above me. His weight was pressing down on my body delightfully, it felt so nice...comforting. I should have tried having a breakdown ages ago if this was the kind of response I was going to get. Edward's hands slipped under my shirt and he started tracing patterns on my stomach. The door opened but we didn't pay it any attention.

"Hey guys" Alice chirped from somewhere near the door. I heard Jasper laugh. Edward pulled his mouth away from mine a fraction.

"Go away" He mumbled before kissing me again.

"Are you two sexing?" Amanda laughed. Edward froze and I groaned. The one time Edward decides he really wants to kiss me and we get interrupted. He pulled his mouth off of mine briefly but then gave me a soft kiss, and another. The kisses began to trail up and down my neck.

"No Amanda we're not, could you please give us, uh, m-minute" I gasped as Edward kissed my earlobe before chuckling in my ear. The door closed and we were left in privacy.

"Please Bella" Edward purred in my ear. Please what?

"What?" I answered, completely dazed, he had his face buried in my neck, where he was sporadically kissing me.

"Talk to her Bella, please for me" He whispered softly in my ear, sending shivers up my spine.

"Edward" I complained.

"She should hear it from you Bella, she looks up to you, she loves you; you're her big sister" He was trying to persuade me...and sadly it was working.

"And you're her big brother" I replied. Edward brought his lips to mine again, this time for a slow passionate kiss. He pulled back slightly and stared into my eyes. I sighed loudly.

"Fine, you win" I admitted defeat, reluctantly, but there was just no way I could compete with Edward.

"Thank you" He smiled at me and brushed my lips with his before rolling off, standing up and pulling me to my feet. I clutched onto him tightly until I couldn't feel the blood pounding in my head anymore. He bent down to my ear.

"Am I allowed to listen?" Edward implored. I jumped back from him, feeling my face turn bright red.

"No!" I squeaked before I ran out the doors. I knew Edward could catch me quite easily but I kept running, I skid around the corner and took the stairs down two at a time. Probably not the wisest thing for the clumsiest human on the planet to attempt. Alas, on the fifth step from the bottom I missed it completely and found myself flying downwards, only to be wrapped in two familiar strong arms. I was instantly crushed to his chest encased in his protective arms, but we kept rolling down the last few stairs. We came to an abrupt stop about five yards from the end of the stair case. I laid still and closed my eyes, taking a deep painful breath. Ouch, more bruises.

"Bella!" Edward shouted in a distraught voice, his hands running all over my body. I opened my eyes quickly and placed a hand on his worried face.

"I'm fine Edward. I'm sorry I got you hurt" I responded miserably. His eyes searched mine and then traversed the length of my body. The panic slowly subsided from his eyes.

"Thank God" He murmured, tracing my face delicately with his finger. "I can't lose you Bella, ever. I wouldn't be able to live without you" His voice had turned husky, full of deep emotion. I slowly sat up underneath him and kissed his lips tenderly.

"I love you Edward" I breathed against his lips just as the front door swung open to reveal Carlisle, Esme, Emmett and Rose. We all froze...it must have looked like Edward and I were in a very compromising position. Edward recovered first, Standing up and pulling me to my feet. I was sure I was bright red so I pressed my face into Edward's shirt.

"We fell down the stairs" Edward acknowledged calmly. I nodded against his chest. His statement was met with more silence. I sighed and turned to face them.

"Well I tripped and Edward tried to grab me but the momentum ended up flinging us both down the stairs" I spoke shakily, staring at the ground. Emmett simply started laughing, as did everyone else. For once I wish they would just not make fun of me. I pulled out of Edward's arms rapidly and headed off towards the parlour.

"Bella!" Edward called after me but I turned down a corridor and kept going until I found the stress-free room. In winter it was perfect to cuddle up in front of the fire. In summer, the air-conditioning was on and it was the perfect place to settle in and read a good book. It was one of my favourite rooms in the house, mostly because it was small, cosy and inviting. I walked over to the intercom and pressed the button that corresponded with Amanda's bedroom.

"Hello, Amanda? It's Bella, are you there?" I spoke quietly.

"Hi Bella! I've missed you so much!" Amanda returned happily.

"I'm in the parlour, would you like to come down and join me?" I asked. It was probably cruel to lure the poor girl down here just to give her the talk...actually what was really cruel was Edward making me do this. But I could see how it would be awkward for him to do it; I guess I really didn't mind. It was just going to be extremely embarrassing. I heard squealing from the other end of the intercom, so I took it as a yes and curled up on the window seat, staring out into the forest. The door banged open and I was engulfed in a hug.

"Hi sweetie" I smiled down at her lovingly. I really did love her; she was incredibly adorable and sweet. She clambered up onto the seat next to me, before crawling into my lap, hugging me tightly.

"Bella" She breathed out happily.

"So I see you've grown" I murmured, playing with her bronze locks. She had grown, probably an inch or so, her hair was longer too, her skin slightly less pale.

"Aunt Esme measured me the other day" She replied, her voice ecstatic. "Where's Edward?" She enquired, not moving a muscle.

"I'm not sure, around here somewhere. I just thought you and I could have a little talk" I smiled warmly at her.

"About what?" She replied too eagerly. If anyone said 'we need to talk' I would run from the room instantly.

"About growing up, and other things you have questions about. You know you can talk to me about anything Amanda. And if I don't have an immediate answer I will always find one for you" There, that sounded supporting and sister like, didn't it? I would never mind her turning to me for advice.

"What about growing up? You aren't going to kick me out are you! I'm too little! I don't even have a job" She suddenly clutched onto me like I was about to evaporate. I ran my hand through her hair and held her.

"No Amanda, nothing like that. I meant physically" I kept my tone friendly and warm. I didn't want her to associate this with negativity.

"Oh" Was all she said, a little subdued.

"Do you have any questions?" I thought I'd start off here and see where I had to go from.

"Oh!" She exclaimed louder. "Are you giving me the big talk!" She giggled. "The one where mommies and daddies sit down their children and tell them about grown up activities?"

"If that's what you want it to be. I just wanted to give you some advice and help you understand some of the things you've been asking about lately and some of the changes that will begin to happen with your body" I responded kindly. She slowly pulled off me and sat on the seat facing me. A small blush crept up on her cheeks. I had never seen anything cuter.

"What can I ask you? Will you get mad? Will you tell Edward?" She whispered, pulling her knees up to her chest.

"You can ask me anything and of course I won't get mad. And this can just stay between you and me if you'd like it to" I waited to see her reaction. She nodded. We had both become very serious.

"Bella...why do you and Edward kiss? Is that to do with sexing?" She pressed her lips together and stared at me patiently. I gave her a small smile.

"We kiss because we love each other and that's how we show each other affection." I answered. She nodded and I went on. "Now about sexing, it's actually referred to as sex or sexual intercourse. Has anyone had a talk to you about it before, or perhaps where babies come from?" I asked patiently.

"When I was littler, Auntie Esme told me how boys and girls are different" She started blushing again. As much as I wanted to be mortified by this situation, I couldn't be.

"Amanda, this is nothing to be embarrassed about. There is only you and I here, no one else will ever hear this conversation" I comforted. She sat up a little straighter.

"She told me about how we have different private parts ...and that it was inappropriate to touch boys in their private places. She said that when a man and a woman loved each other very much they could decide to have a baby." She seemed to become less ashamed as she went on.

"Did Esme tell you about or name the private parts?" I wondered, maybe I should have asked Edward what Amanda knew or how much he wanted me to tell her before I started this.

"Yeah, she said girls have breasts and a vagina...and boys have a penis" Her voice was very quiet.

"Very good, that's exactly right. Would you still like to know about sex and babies?" I questioned. She nodded shyly.

"They are related. When two grown-ups love each other, sometimes it feels good when the man and the woman place the man's penis inside the woman's vagina. After a while, the sperm cells come out of the man's body and travel up the woman's vagina to her uterus. If the sperm and the egg meet inside the woman, that's the beginning of a foetus that will grow into a baby." I thought I would just be direct about it.

"Ewwww Bella! That's disgusting!" Amanda cried, throwing her hands over her ears. I tugged them down and smiled warmly at her.

"It's a natural part of life, but it is a grown up activity, it's not something you should every consider doing until you're ready to be married." I held her hands in mine.

"I don't ever want to do that! Boys have cooties!" I almost laughed at her, but pressed my lips together.

"It would make Edward very happy to hear you say that" I chuckled.

"Wait...do you and Edward do that all the time?" Amanda asked extremely curious.

"No, never" I replied truthfully.

"But you love each other and you're getting married" Amanda pressed.

"He doesn't wish to. It is not something you force on someone. It's your body therefore it is your choice. Don't ever let anyone do something to you that you don't want them to do" I stated.

"So Edward doesn't love you?" She asked confused. My breath hitched...maybe he really didn't...

"We're very young Amanda; babies are a big responsibility" I tried to smile but I was sure it was a grimace.

"Would you like to have a baby Bella? I would help you take care of it" Amanda crawled towards me and wiped away tears that I hadn't know had fallen. "Don't cry Bella" Amanda cooed. I placed a kiss on her head.

"It's not my choice" I spoke softly. Suddenly I heard loud knocking on the door and frantically wiped away the tears from my eyes. Amanda smiled at me and then jumped down to open the door. I turned and faced the window; anybody would be able to tell I was crying.

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