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We returned to the car, Bella following behind me. I paused to open the boot and felt her walk into me again. This time though I kept a firm grip on her hand to keep her up right. She stumbled but managed to stay on her feet.

"Silly Bella" I chuckled, leaning her against the side of the car as I opened the trunk, tossing the cooler and bag in and pulling out our fresh clothes.

I handed her a pair of deep blue underwear, a tight white singlet and a short denim skirt...similar to what she was wearing now, but slightly more revealing. Tugging my shirt over my head, I heard Bella gasp and looked up to see her eyes riveted on my chest. I smirked at her and trapped her body between mine and the car. Her hands ran up my chest and over my shoulders, tracing the muscles of my back. I shuddered under her caress.

"Bella, love, you see me shirtless all the time" I murmured, watching her eyes...incredibly flattered by the look she was giving me and her unconcealed interest.

"Not in the sunshine" She answered quietly. was different? "Your skin kind of're so handsome" Her voice continued. I dropped my head down on her shoulder and pressed a kiss to her skin.

"Thank you my gorgeous woman, as much as I love this attention...we both need to get changed" I pulled away from her reluctantly. It was almost two thirty pm and I had told Carlos we would be home no later than five. If we continued on this path I doubt we would make it home at all.

I pulled my clean shirt on and moved to unbuckled the belt on my jeans...Bella was still watching me. Stepping close to her again, I tugged the clothes out of her hands and sat them on the roof of the car. My hands slid up under her top and removed it in one swift pull. Placing my hands on her hips, I held her still as I trailed my lips up from her bellybutton to her mouth. She wriggled under my hands and I soon slid the singlet over her body and into place.

Snaking my hands under her skirt, my fingers brushed her panty line and soon I was drawing her soaked underwear down and off her legs. I tossed them on top of my discarded shirt and grabbed her clean panties, guiding them up her legs into place. Removing her skirt and adding it to the pile, I quickly helped her into the denim skirt, before I was too tempted.

Gazing at Bella's face I found her completely dazed. I chuckled and kissed her soundly, helping her into the car. I shucked my pants and boxers before pulling on a fresh pair of jeans. Collecting our dirty clothes, I placed them in the trunk and closed it with a snap before easing in behind the wheel of the car. I pulled back out onto the main road and had us pointed towards home in minutes.

Glancing at Bella out of the corner of my eye, I found her looking confused.

"Bella?" I enquired.

"How..." She frowned adorably and stared down at her clothes. I chuckled and took her hand in mine.

"I love you Bella" She smiled at me and squeezed my hand gently.

Bella soon fell asleep, curling into the seat, my hand locked with hers. We made it back to the house shortly before three thirty. She was still sound to the world. Slipping out of the car, removing my hand carefully from hers I made my way around to her. Opening it, I undid her seatbelt and scooped her into my arms, softly closing the car door. I carried her towards the house, the front door swung open and there stood a smiling Emmett. Damn.

Walking in past him, I made my way directly to the stairs. And that was when Bella decided to start sleep talking...or should I say sleep moaning?

"Mmmmm Edward. Yes. Don't stop, please Edward!" God she's so sexy, but Emmett was standing right there and I did NOT want him to hear the sweet sounds Bella made.

"Hush my Bella, hush" I whispered and kissed her lips gently. She sighed and snuggled closer to my chest. I started ascending the stairs once again.

"Ed-ward" Emmett called in sing song voice. Crap. I grunted at him in acknowledgement but kept walking. "C'mon Eddie! Tell your best friend Emmett what kind of a picnic you really went on" He was laughing at me. I did not want Bella to wake up to this.

"Emmett. Keep your voice down, Bella is sleeping." I grumbled, making my way down the corridor, heading to my bedroom.

"I didn't know there was more than one type of picnic" I heard Amanda's voice from somewhere behind me. Double Crap.

"Sure you do, you've heard of a teddy bear picnic" I sputtered out in a panic. My feet stared travelling faster.

"I didn't think you and Bella liked Teddy bears. Did you make Bella happy again?" I froze at my door.

"Yes Angel. Bella is happy. Let me tuck her in and then we'll do something together. How does that sound?" Her high pitched squeal was my answer. Bella burrowed into my chest further and grumbled something. Chuckling, I entered my bedroom and laid my love down.

All I wanted to do was climb in next to her and continue exploring her body, eliciting more of those precious sounds she makes, watching her climax...

"Eddie? Are you ready?" Amanda called from the door. With a silent groan I leaned over Bella and brushed my lips across hers, then stood.

"Yes Amanda, c'mon" Taking her hand, I led us both out of the room quietly. "What would you like to do?" I wondered as we approached the stairs.

"Would you watch me play the piano?" I blinked. I hadn't been giving her any lessons since she left Bella and me half way through the college semester. I had been shunning my responsibility of her...

"Of course, I would love to. Have you been taking lessons?" I enquired as we approached the smaller of my two pianos.

"Yep. Auntie Esme got me a tutor!" I instantly felt a pang of jealousy. Someone else had taken my place.

"Oh?" I tried to keep my voice indifferent.

"He's not as good as you Eddie" My heart melted a little.

"Thank you Amanda" I sat next to her on the bench and observed as she warmed up with her scales.

She executed the first song flawlessly, her technique had much improved.

"I'm so proud of you angel, you've improved by leaps and bounds" Her arms hugged me solidly around the waist. I encouraged her to keep going and listened to the beautiful music she was making. After her fourth musical piece I heard gentle applause.

"That was amazing Amanda" Bella soft voice travelled through the room. Amanda was up off the seat and colliding with Bella in seconds.

"Thanks Bella! Eddie, would you play for us?" Amanda turned and pouted at me.

"Only if you and Bella come back over here" Amanda laughed and dragged Bella over to the seat. I pulled Bella down onto my lap and waited until Amanda was seated next to me. Placing my hands above the keys I nudged Bella with my nose.

"C'mon my love, I can't play without you" I whispered tenderly into Bella's ear. She shivered but rested her hands on top of mine.

"What will you play?" Amanda questioned eagerly.

"Hmmm. The piece is untitled. I received a high distinction for it in my composition class" I explained, visualising my hands sweeping over the keys.

"Really?" Bella asked. "You never told me" She continued with a tinge of sadness in her voice.

"Don't be sad Bella! He didn't tell me either!" Amanda sounded so affronted. Bella turned to face her and giggled and I took the chance to kiss the corner of Bella's mouth affectionately.

"Sorry my loves. I had no intention of upsetting either one of you" I placated.

"Play for us Edward, please" Bella implored. I chuckled and let my fingers caress the keys; music flowed forth, echoing around the room. I watched Bella's and my hands move up and down; I couldn't remember how I had played without her by my side.

The ending chord sounded and I flipped my hands upwards to encase Bella's before drawing both our arms around her slim waist.

"Did you two enjoy that?" I enquired, kissing Bella's neck and smiling at Amanda.

"Yes!" Amanda shrieked enthusiastically. I ruffled her hair before squeezing my arms around Bella again.

"And you, my heart and soul? Did you like it?" My lips brushed across Bella's soft skin and she shivered delightfully.

"It was wonderful, as always" I smiled at her words and eased us both to our feet. Amanda wrapped her arms around both of our legs.

"It's so good to see you happy again" She laughed before dancing out of the room. Alice and Jasper replaced her presence. The door shut with a quiet snap.

"Shall we sit?" Jasper questioned, motioning to the two lounge chairs tucked against the back corner of the room. I gave a slight nod and made my way over there, cuddling Bella to my chest as she sat in my lap. Jasper and Alice took up residence in the other chair.

"Bella..." Jasper started before he was cut off by a bubbling Alice.

"Thank you so much Bella! I can't believe what you've done for me! It's a fantastic Birthday present thank you! Milan! Paris! My God, little old me a fashion designer! And the profits! Jasper and I are set for life! I cannot thank you enough!" She took a deep breath and Jasper slid a hand over her mouth.

"I thought we agreed I would do the talking?" He demanded with a smirk. Alice was still talking into his hand, her arms waving around animatedly.

"It was my pleasure Alice. I just wanted to surprise you for once" Bella graced them both with a tight smile.

"The pleasure is all ours. Thank you truly Bella, for making Alice's dreams a reality" And with that Jasper swung Alice up into his arms and carried her from the room.

"I love you Bella!" Alice screamed over his shoulder on the way out.

Bella sagged back into me. I'm sure she felt as exhausted as I was.

"I thought you were taking a nap?" I murmured gently, letting my hand drift down to rest on her thigh.

"I got lonely, and then I heard the piano and I thought you were playing" She answered delicately.

"Well we can't have you lonely now, can we? I kept picturing you lying up there in our bed..." I let my voice fade seductively, trailing kisses along her jaw. "How about we go upstairs and finish that nap?" She squirmed in my lap and I held in my groan. Christ she arouses me by the smallest things.

We stumbled up stairs and into the bedroom, making sure to lock the door before we fell into bed, our mouths fused exchanging one hell of a kiss. I let my hands trail over her body, searching for areas that would make her gasp or moan. Her hands were on my body, doing the same. Soft loving whispers were exchanged from our lips in between kisses.

A loud knock on the door brought us out of our love induced stupor. Groaning I crawled off of Bella and made my way to the door.

"Esme!" I greeted a little nervously.

"Edward. Whatever happened to your hair?" I raised my eyes and ran my hands through it. It was sticking out, unruly from where Bella had her hands in it.

"Was there something you would like?" I wondered politely, trying desperately to flatten my hair down.

"Oh, yes. I sent the maid out to retrieve your belonging from the car. I hope you don't mind. And dinner will be served at five thirty. We all have a busy day tomorrow. Early to bed, early to rise" With that, she turned and left, pulling the door closed.

I felt Bella by my side and drew her into my arms, nuzzling her neck.

"What did she need Edward? Is something wrong?" Bella worried.

"The maid retrieved our belongings from the car. We're having an early dinner. Tomorrow we have a busy schedule" Her lips formed a perfect oh then she frowned and turned bright red. She's almost irresistible when she blushes. My hands cupped her cheeks and my lips made contact with her tinged skin.

"Our soiled clothes were in there" She whispered, sounding mortified. I chuckled.

"She picks up after Emmett and well as Jasper and Alice and Esme and Carlisle. I'm sure she's seen plenty worse than a pile of damp clothes" I assured Bella. Her blush just deepened.

"B-but..." My lips caressed hers in a soft kiss.

"Don't worry my Bella." I instructed against her warm lips.

"If you're sure" I smiled at her.

"I'm sure there is nothing to worry about" I traced her face with my finger. "Now let's finish our nap before we have to head down to dinner" My mouth caressed hers again as we stumbled our way back to the bed.

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