Innocence Reviled

Sequel to Innocence Defiled.

Disclaimer: It's my sandbox and I can play with who I want too. Promise I don't make anything out of this dribble but satisfaction in knowing that someone out there is enjoying it. I will eventually return Dean and Sam, cross my heart and ummm...

Wee!Chester Story: Sam is 4 and Dean is 8

Author's Note: I wasn't going to start this sequel so soon, but it seems that I may have left a few readers wondering about what's gonna happen. So here goes...Oh by the way if you haven't read Innocence Defiled I suggest that you read that first and then come back and read on :-) Might make a little more sense that way.


Chapter One Happy Birthday Boy

'Daddy!' Sammy squealed into the phone, his little face lighting up when he heard his daddy's gruff sounding voice. 'Daddy where you?'

'Sammy hey son, happy birthday.'

'Where's you daddy? Why not here?'

'Daddy's been held up a little while with work Sammy but I still wanted to wish my baby happy birthday.'

'I's not a baby no more daddy, I's four years old.' Sammy said proudly, he sat next to the phone on one of Bobby's stools and twisted his finger in the phone cord.

'I know little man; listen bud is your uncle Bobby there?'


'Can I speak to him?'


'Sammy! Sammy please baby I have to speak to uncle Bobby and I don't have much time.'

'Kay daddy. Love you.' Sammy said softly as he handed the receiver to Bobby and slowly slid off the stool, with a slight limp he made his way out of the kitchen. Bobby waited until he was out of earshot and then put the phone to his ear.

'So John where are you?'

'Don't start Bobby, just don't...'

'We had a deal John.'

'I know and I would be there if I could but...'

'But what? The demon actually show his ugly face?'

'Dammit Bobby you know why ... I'm not going to argue with you, I'm doing a hunt in North Carolina, there's people dying here.'

'There's a little boy wanting to know why his daddy's not here for his birthday.'

'Saving people's lives Bobby, Sammy will understand, dammit he won't even remember if I was there or not.'

'Do you really think that? Do you have such a little opinion of yerself or yer boys?' Bobby wanted to reach through the phone and throttle the man, 'dammit John.'

'I gotta go Bobby.'

'At least speak to Dean first.' Bobby ground out and called for the eight year old, and wasn't even surprised when he saw Dean slink around the corner.

'Hi dad.'

'Hey son, you doing okay?'

'Yeah, we're good.'

'You look after your brother won't you.'

'Geeze dad ...'

'I have to go Dean.'

'Okay I guess.'


'Nuthin' dad, we'll be okay.' Dean said, 'bye dad.' He hung the phone up but stayed where he was and stared at the floor.

'Dean you okay?' Bobby asked he took a seat in front of the boy and tried to get him to look up, 'we'll have to get Sammy's cake organised soon.'

'Uncle Bobby?' Dean scuffed the floor with the toe of his shoe, 'dad's on a hunt isn't he?'

'Yeah he is Dean, he would be here for Sammy if he could ya know that don'tcha?'

'Yeah guess so, uncle Bobby?'

'Yeah Dean?'

'Dad's not mad with me is he?'

'Where's that coming from Dean?'

'He hasn't come back since ... since I had ta...'

'Ah Dean listen to me, yer daddy aint mad with ya, he's proud of yer, the way ya look after Sammy ... he's mad with himself a lot I think coz he knows he ... coz he knows he's got two boys waiting for him.' Bobby had to bite his tongue from saying what was on his mind, really on his mind. 'He'll get here as soon as he can.'

A loud scream and wailing silenced their discussion and after the briefest of hesitations, Dean and Bobby ran towards the front of the house, 'Sammy!' Dean yelled loudly as he ran in a berserker rush, 'Sammy!'

'Deanie.' Sammy yelled, 'Deanie!'

Dean skidded to a stop at the edge of the veranda with Bobby close behind him, at the bottom of the front steps Sammy lay with his bad leg hooked under him, his face scrunched up with pain and fear and fat teardrops ran down his red face.

'What happened Sammy?' Dean asked as he jumped the steps and landed next to Sam, 'you hurt?'

'My leg won't work pwoperly.' Sammy sobbed, 'it wobbly like jelly an' then it didna wanna work no more.'

'Sammy let me have a look; Dean can you hold Sammy against ya?' Bobby crouched down on the other side of Sammy and stared at the twisted little leg, finally free of the brace only a week ago.

'Okkies uncee Bobby.' Sammy sniffled and tried to look brave, 'I's a big boy now.'

Gently Bobby pushed the leg of Sammy's overalls up but grimaced when he came to trying to push the material over his knee, 'okay guys I think we should get Sammy inside coz I'm gonna have to take his overalls off to git a better look.'

'I's sowree uncee Bobbee.' Sammy started to whimper again, he looked up with big luminous green eyes, 'hurts.'

'I know kiddo.' Bobby said as he cradled the little boy in his arms, 'but don't be sorry it was an accident that's all.'

Dean ran ahead and opened the door for them and then hurried to the couch so he could nurse Sammy on his knee while Bobby checked out his leg. With innate tenderness, Bobby undid the buckles and let the overalls slide down and pool at Sammy's feet. He had to stifle a grin and soft chuckle when he saw Sammy's Thundercats undies inside out and his T-shirt back to front, the little guy tried to dress himself that morning, now he was a big boy of four. As carefully as he could Bobby picked Sammy up again and lowered him onto Dean's knee, he waited for the two boys to get settled and balanced and then he pulled a chair up in front of them and tried to straighten Sam's knee out a little more. 'Ow!' Sammy cried and tried to push Bobby's hands out of the way, 'hurts.'

'I know it does Sammy, I'm sorry.' Bobby said a frown forming on his face; the doctors were worried about Sam's leg not healing as fast as it should have been and now it had given way on him completely. 'I think we might have to get the doc to have a look at this.'

'No more 'ospt'ls.' Sammy cried and buried his face against Dean's chest, 'Sammee hurts.' In pain and overtired Sammy reverted to his baby chatter and sucked his thumb.

'Sorry little man, but hey what if we go see the Doc and then Dean and me take you out to Chucky Burger for a special birthday treat?'

'Cake an' ice cweam?' Sammy sniffed and his nose with his hand and sleeve.

'Cake and ice cream too.' Bobby heaved a sigh of relief as he stood up, 'I'm just gonna go ring em and find out if Doctor Tim is on duty and bring back some fresh clothes for Sammy.'

'Okkies uncle Bobby, we'll be okay.' Dean said and then he started to whisper funny little nothings in Sammy's ear, getting the toddler to laugh.

Doctor Tim Thing, took over the care of the boys after they arrived at Bobby's, after Dean's initial reaction to having a doctor with the name Thing, well after he almost calmed down both Sam and Dean decided that they liked Doctor Tim. In his early thirties, with short brown hair and round glasses, he looked more like a twelve year old than a doctor with his shorter stature but his personality made up for what he lacked in height and build. His corny jokes especially endeared him to Dean who still tried to think of something funny about Doc Thing.

After redressing Sammy in clean overalls and a light jacket, Bobby packed up what they needed and carried the now quiet toddler to the truck. 'Sammy you okay?'

'Yep I's okay.' Sammy tried to give Bobby a smile but it didn't quite make it when he moved his leg slightly sending pain shooting through his small frame.

'Sh hey it's okay Sammy Doc Tim will fix ya right up.' Bobby said and awkwardly embraced the little boy before climbing in behind the wheel. He glanced at the two boys next to him, Sammy in the middle in his car seat and Dean on the outer edge with his seat belt firmly fixed in place. The trip to the hospital was quiet except for the occasional sniffle from Sammy while he clung to Dean's hand and sucked his other thumb.

'Hey how's it goin' Doc Thingy?' Dean called out as he preceded Bobby and Sammy, 'you got ya thingy fixed yet?'

'Oh very funny Dean ... so what happened to the birthday boy?'

'I's four t'day.' Sammy mumbled, 'my leg broked.'

'I know a big boy now, so let's have a look shall we?' Tim helped Sammy out of his overalls and picked him up to sit on the bed, 'ah it's a big swollen ... whatcha do big guy?'

Sammy looked at Dean and started to put his thumb back in his mouth when he saw the slight frown on Bobby's face and put both hands on his lap. 'Sammy said that he stood up and his leg started to wobble like jelly and then he fell off the veranda and landed on the ground with his leg all twisty.' Dean announced in one long breath.

'Wow, that was a bit of a tumble huh big guy?'

'Yep.' Sammy whispered, 'felt funny.'

'Well I hate to tell ya but I think that we're gonna have to have an x-ray of Sam's knee to see what's going on, might have to get a scan as well but we'll see the x-rays first.' Tim looked up at Bobby, 'John not here?'

'Nah he's working in North Carolina and won't be here for a while yet.'

'Okay so you can sign for him?'

'Yep as usual.' Bobby gave the doctor a small smile and then turned his attention back to Sammy, 'how you doing there sport?'

'Hurts.' Sammy looked up at Bobby and then at Doctor Tim, 'Deanie?' He squealed when he couldn't see his brother.

'Geeze Sammy, I'm right here.' Dean griped but with a smile on his face, 'saw this fine looking lady sitting over there on her own-some and thought that I would give her some of the ol' Winchester charm.'

'How old are you Dean?' Tim laughed.

'Eight going on thirty-eight.' Bobby groused, 'stay put Romeo.'

'Dey wanna take pic'ts of me leg.' Sammy said turning his big soulful eyes on his brother, 'don' wanna Deanie.'

'Hey remember Chucky Cheese party after.' Dean grinned and winked at Sammy, 'might even be clowns there.'

'Oh.' Sammy said and thought hard, 'ice cweam?'

'Yeah buddy ice cream, so we gonna get this show on the road?' Tim said, 'Dean and Bobby do you want to go and get something to drink or eat while you wait?'

'I wan' Deanie.' Sammy screamed terrified of not having his brother with him. 'No go Deanie!'

'Ah hell, Sammy Deanie and me can't go in with ya.' Bobby tried to reason but the little boy got even more distraught.

'Okay how about Bobby and Dean come with us to the x-ray department and then they can stay in the booth while you have the x-rays taken. They can't stay with you but they'll be right there.'


'Right there and it'll be so cool, I can watch em take pictures of your bones.'

'Eww Deanie.' Sammy giggled and settled down again, Dean hopped up on the gurney with him and the two brothers clutched each others hands as they wheeled them through the halls of the hospital.


The heat in the back room of Chucky Cheese was stifling, not only the heat of the kitchen filtered through but also the body heat of kids crammed into a small eating area and an indoor playground.

'Freakin' damned makeup.' He grumbled as he applied the thick makeup to his face, the creamy mix felt slimy on his fingers, 'freakin' heat.' He wiped his hands and stared at himself in the mirror as memories of his latest chosen one and felt a stirring in his groin. Still not the two that escaped from him, but he knew where they were and it would only be a matter of time and then ... two chosen ones, perfect.

He pulled the curly red wig on and then finished his make up and finally added the red nose, a perfect disguise, totally anonymous and hey, everyone loves a clown.


Sammy pouted and glared at the doctor and his uncle Bobby, his little arms crossed over his chest.

'Sammy please just until your knee gets better.' Dean said as he tried to distract his brother, 'not so bad.'




'Sammy ... it'll be cool the girls at day care will love it.'


'Sammy ... come on little man we still have to go to Chucky Cheese but you gotta ...'


'Sam Winchester do you want me to call you father?' Bobby finally threatened his patience finally worn out.

'kay.' Sam dropped his bottom lip and his tears started to fall as he watched them put the hated brace back on his leg after they straightened his knee. His leg felt like it was gone after Doc Tim put a needle in him.

'I'm right here Sammy.' Dean said, 'what kind of cake do ya want?'

'Choc ... oww.' Sammy cried out and tried to swipe the horrible hands away.

'Sorry Sammy.' Tim said with a frown on his face, the anaesthetic should still be working, 'nearly done sport.'

'Don' like you no more.' Sammy said, 'you said it no more hurts.'

'I know ... I know but hey look we're all done.' Tim said, 'so Chucky Cheese huh?'

'Yep we're gonna get Sammy a big cake with ice cream and lots of stuff.' Dean enthused with a cheeky grin at Bobby, 'an' then we're gonna go to the movies to see the Thundercats movie.'

'Yay Dundercats.' Sammy bounced happily his tears forgotten as quickly as they came.

'Movies too huh boy?' Bobby tried to glare at Dean but when he saw how happy Sammy was.

'Okay well I think Sam's good to go for now, as far as the films it was a bad twist with his knee and the brace is just a precaution. I've set up an appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon Mister West to assess his leg completely, to see whether he will need further surgery or not.'

'More surgery?'

'At the moment I'm not sure but I would still like the surgeon to assess him.' Tim said he spoke slowly and chose his words carefully.

'Ah Tim there's a ...'

'Don't worry bout cost, we're a teaching hospital and I'm sure that we can work out something,' Tim said with a small smile, 'let me worry bout that.'