Innocence Reviled

Sequel to Innocence Defiled.

Disclaimer: It's my sandbox and I can play with who I want too. Promise I don't make anything out of this dribble but satisfaction in knowing that someone out there is enjoying it. I will eventually return Dean and Sam, cross my heart and ummm.......

Wee!Chester Story: Sam is 4 and Dean is 8

Author's Note: There is no explicit child sexual abuse in this story, although there is an intent nothing happens to either Dean or Sam. Child sexual abuse is totally abhorrent to me and I would never perpetuate or glorify it, so I just want to make it clear that although it is a pedophile who kidnaps them, he does not get to do anything to either boy.


Chapter Six

The sound of breaking wood filled the night air, cursing and muffled threats soon followed. Heavy booted footfalls thundered down the hallways and staircases but the search proved fruitless. The house was empty.

John moved as though he was infected with slow motion sickness and that he was going to be sucked down into a pit of utter despair. The last door along the dark hall was still closed, with a thudding heart and heaving chest he reached out and opened it, flicking the light on before he stepped inside.

A raw primal scream erupted from John Winchester as he sank to his knees and stared around in shock. He felt so sick and creeped out but he couldn't stop staring at the contents of the room.

'Johnny what is it?' Bobby huffed out as he ran down the hall and skidded to a stop at the doorway, 'holy crap.' He uttered as he stared in the room.

'What is it Bobby? Tell me ya'll didn't find …' Josh's voice faded as he joined the other two and saw what the fuss was about. The three hardened supernatural hunters all had tears in the eyes and hard lumps in their throats as they took in their surroundings. The two beds both with soft restraints, the horrific clown picture hanging above one, the scattered pieces of clothing lying on the chest of drawers, beds and floor, then in unison they all stared down at the discarded syringes on the floor as well as a small leg brace, a toddler's pull-up nappy and a night-time nappy for boys.

'The bastard.' Bobby gasped finally finding his voice, 'we missed em.'

'How?' Josh fumed, 'someone must've tipped em off.'

As the two hunters started to vent neither of them realised that John hadn't uttered a sound or even moved from his original position in his knees in the middle of the bedroom floor.

'I reckon it'll be someone from that Chucky Cheese.' Josh declared, 'after all he had that freaking photo show on his dressing room walls.'

'Could've been the manager at the department store,' Bobby added, 'or even the cops themselves.'

A soft pain-filled whimper silenced them and they turned to look down at the broken man on the floor in front of him. 'Dean? Sam?'

'Come on John we've gotta get outta here.' Josh bent down to help the grief-stricken father off the floor, 'we gonna find em John.'

'They're gone Josh, my boys are gone.' John blinked up at his friends, 'what am I gonna do now?'

'Do what we do best Winchester,' Bobby said gruffly, 'hunt the bastard down.'

'He left Sammy's brace behind.' John said as he picked up the small therapeutic device and stared at it without really seeing it.

'Front and centre Winchester, we got recon to do.' Bobby barked the order and gripping John's arm tightly yanked the big man to his feet. 'Pull it together John boy your two boys need ya to find them.'


Two hours earlier:

The shrill ringing of the phone made Claude jump startled, he hurried to pick it up knowing that only one person would be ringing him.

'This had better be important.' He snarled.

'Got news for ya.'

'So what is it? I'm a busy man I don't have time for a lot of nonsense.'

'Yeah well ya'll better make time, the brats yer got yerself, well there's three men looking for them and you. Bad news Claude, get outta dodge one of em is their daddy and he is one man you don't wanna mess with.'

'Yeah right, they're that scary I was able to take David and Sean right out from under their noses.' Claude said a lecherous smile played on his lips.

'Well I told yer and ya had better make it worth my while, I can always make a call …'

'You do not threaten me, you dirty little man,' Claude said his voice low and cold, 'I know your son, maybe it's time for my boys to have an older brother.'

'Shit Claude no need to get nasty, ya know I've always got yer back.'

'Remember that, I know where you got your son too.' Claude threatened as he hung the phone up. He chewed his lower lip as he paced the hallway he could hear the boys in their bedroom, their punishment over for now he was allowing them playtime while locked in their room. 'Guess we have to go on a road trip boys.' He muttered as he made his mind up.

'Sammy you okay?' Dean whispered when he saw Sam wince and wriggle around trying to get comfortable.

'Sumfin wrong wif my bad leg.' Sammy whimpered, 'feels funny.'

Dean looked closely at the brace and felt his temper start to rise again, Claude had put Sam's brace on his leg alright but did it that tightly that it was pinching and bruising the tender flesh. 'I'm gonna take it off for a while okkies Sammy?'

'T'anks Deanie.' Sam sniffled and managed a small smile, the instant relief palpable on his face.

'So what do we have here?' Claude smirked when he saw the boys' reactions to his voice, 'we're gonna go for a ride.'

'How come da…Sir.' Dean instinctively moved in front of Sammy.

'Nice day and feel like it, I want you to take Sean to the bathroom, make sure that he goes and then put his pull up on him.' Claude watched as Dean helped his brother up and started to lead him to the bathroom, 'oh and David I want you to put yours on too.'

'Sir?' Dean stopped and span around to stare at him, 'why?'

'Did I hear you disrespect me David Atkins?' Claude growled and moved menacingly towards Dean.

'No-no Sir, I wouldn't do that … Dad.' Dean dropped his gaze to the floor and bit the inside of his mouth to stop himself from saying anything else.

'Very good, well what are you waiting for?' Claude nodded towards the bathroom he watched them disappear behind the door before he turned to their room, as quickly as he could he shoved clothes for them into a duffle bag, including plenty of nappies for both of them. He tossed the clothing around haphazardly without too much care for what he took; he could always get them more. He glanced down at the brace and kicked it aside, easier if the little one wasn't able to run far. Easier to control his boy.

'We're ready Dad.' Dean said his voice barely above a whisper, Claude turned and quickly inspected beneath their clothes to make sure that his orders were followed.

'Very good boys, alright sit on Sean's bed for me.' He put the duffle by the door and picked up a small black pouch.

Dean swallowed deeply and pulled Sammy closer to his side, he tried to ignore the pain shooting along his arm from his dislocated fingers and tried to keep his game face on. 'D-Dad?'

'Just got some medicine for you boys.' Claude said as he prepped the first syringe and then picked up the other one.

'But, but we aint sick Sir.'

'Don't you question me David you hear.'

'Y-yes Sir.' Dean stammered though he didn't see Claude's hand before it connected with his face, it happened to fast for him to dodge it. The slap snapped his head back, wrenching his neck, stunned Dean lifted his uninjured hand to the blossoming bruise, 'what's wrong Sir?'

'You do not question anything do you understand me?' Claude said as he plunged the needle into Dean's thin arm.

'Y-yes Sir,' Dean whimpered wanting to pull away from the sweaty grip, 'I will be good I promise.'

'Good, now Sean are you going to be a good boy for daddy?' He leered at the toddler, who stared up at him with wide eyes and a shell-shocked expression on his face, Sammy nodded silently and pressed against Dean even more as he felt Claude's hand grip his arm, this time he twisted the frail little wrist until there was an audible pop and Sam screamed.

'What did you do to him?' Dean jumped up off the bed and launched himself at the man. 'You leave Sammy lone.'

'That is enough, David now I want the two of you to sit there and do not move while I pack the car, when I come back you will be ready to leave.' Claude said as he turned to leave easily depositing Dean back on the bed. But, before he left he came back to the boys leant over them, he cupped their faces in his hands and then brushed a kiss on both of their foreheads. 'You're my boys, David and Sean and one day you will understand why I have to punish you, teach you to respect me. My beautiful, beautiful boys no one is going to take you away from me ever.'

Dean and Sam blinked owlishly up at him; they felt so strange and sick again as the drug started to take effect on them. Claude grinned, stroked their cheeks again and watched as the drugs worked their magic and made the boys pliable and easier to manage.

After loading their bags into the car, Claude hurried back into the house; they had already wasted too much time. By the time, he went back for the boys they were slumped against each other barely conscious. Easily he picked them up and carried them to the car, he laid them side by side on the backseat, quickly bound their feet and hands together with thick tape before gagging both of them, and then he covered them with a blanket hiding them completely from view.

He did one last sweep of the house and then ran to the car, pressing his foot down on the accelerator he sped away from his house determined to return once he has dealt with the problematic hunters.


Present time:

Josh left Bobby to deal with John and wandered outside, he needed to do something rather than just stand around in that house of creepsville.

He crouched down on the driveway and inspected the tyre tracks, a small smile played on his face as he took notice of the unique tread. He stared down the dirt road and his grin started to get bigger until he had a full on smile, the first one in days.

'Guys get out here.' He bellowed, 'got something.'

Bobby and John came hurrying out of the farmhouse; the older man supporting the younger bigger man though he made it look effortless. 'What is it Josh?' Bobby called, 'what's gotcha so danged fired up?'

'The tyre tread, look at it.' Josh pointed at the tracks in the dirt. 'Very distinctive don't ya think.'

'Yeah I guess.' Bobby mused, John just blinked and tried to focus on what they were talking about, what did tyre treads have with his sons?

'They're easy to track, ' Josh said, 'down the track for a while anyway.'

'Me and John will get the car, so kiddo you get the walking duty.' Bobby grinned as he steered John towards the impala.

'Thanks Old Man.' Josh grinned and then took off jogging along the road next to the tracks.

Twenty minutes later Josh stood in the middle of cross roads, one led towards Bobby's salvage yard, another to the township which left the road he came and the one that led towards the plains. The tracks had just disappeared from sight in the middle of the junction.

The impala rumbled to a stop beside him, with Bobby behind the wheel and John slumped against the passenger door. 'What's happening Josh?' Bobby got out and stood next to his friend.

'Well the tracks stop here, dead centre.'

'Okay freaky.'

'Yeah so either he went to town, back to your place, somehow got passed us or he took that road to the plains.'

'Town's out not with the boys in tow, no one passed us so that leaves two options.'

'Do ya really think that he would go to your place?' Josh asked in shock.

'Dunno but I wouldn't put anything past the slimy bastard.'

'So what do we do?' John's deep voice sliced through the conversation, turning in shock Bobby and Josh stared at the other man. 'What are ya staring at?'

'John you sure you're okay?'

'Damn it Bobby, don't get all Mama Bear on me, I'm fine, I just want my sons back.'

'Well we got one car, three possible routes and three men, what do ya think ya eedjit?'

'Back to the yard, you two yahoos get your trucks and we go kick some pervert ass.' John said with a feral grin, 'as long as I do most of the ass kicking.'

'So what we doing standing around here for?' Bobby grinned and tossed the impala's keys to John, 'Home James and don't spare the horses.'

'Oh very funny Singer.' John's deep voice rumbled with soft laughter as they climbed back into the impala. The car roared away under the loving command of one John Winchester.


Claude laughed out loud as he sped down the road, the open plains spreading out before him like a set from a western movie. His precious cargo safely ensconced under the blanket, he left the redneck fools eating his dust; he had won.

Suddenly the steering wheel jerked under his hands and the car swerved dangerously as he tried to force it back under control.

The car seemingly took on a life of its own as it sped down the road, the dust kicked up in clouds behind the vehicle as it shuddered and groaned, the driver desperately tried to keep it on the road when it clipped the edge and flipped. The heavy vehicle rolling as gravity took control where the driver had failed.

Dust settled over the unnatural mound on the plains, the air silent around it, no birds, no animals, nothing but an eerie silence.

A soft whimper came from beneath the blanket, the wriggling followed and then true movement. Two pairs of green eyes poked out from beneath it, Dean blinked and looked down at his brother, giving him a quick visual examination before he tried to rub off the tape gagging him. A small pair of hands came up and timidly pulled at the edge, Dean managed to catch Sam's gaze and gave him a short nod. Holding his breath Sam gave a hard pull and the tape finally gave eliciting a yelp from Dean.

'Thanks dude.' Dean rasped out, 'now this is gonna hurt you ready tiger?'

Sammy nodded and screwed his eyes shut as he waited for Dean to yank away his gag.

'T'anks Deanie.' He said as he blinked away his tears. 'Wha' ppend?'

'Dunno but I think the old meanie is out cold.' Dean said as he started to struggle with the tape around his wrists. Using his teeth, he finally got an edge and with Sammy's help he managed to free his hands. With a grin he pulled his baby brother into a big hug he didn't even feel the pain coursing through him, he was that happy to hold his baby again. 'Let's get outta here Sammy.' He worked on the tape around his ankles and then started on the tapes on Sam's limbs.

'Deanie, my leg feels funny.' Sam said softly his small face tight with pain and confusion. 'don' wanna work no more.'

'It's okay Sammy it's prob'ly coz of the strange medicine meanie gave us.' Dean tried to think of ways to comfort his brother as they scrambled out of the upturned car, once he had Sammy safe outside Dean climbed back in to check things.

'What do you think you're doing David?' Claude snarled as he slowly regained consciousness, only to find himself trapped against the steering wheel. 'Help your father to get out.'

'You're not my father.' Dean yelled as he scrambled away from his captor, 'you hurt me and Sammy, not our daddy.'

'I am your father David Atkins…'

'My name is Dean Winchester you sicko.' Dean yelled proudly managing to duck from the wild swipe, 'my brother is Sammy Winchester and our Daddy is gonna kick your ass.'

'Put it this way David, if you do not behave and help me out of here, then I will make sure that your daddy never gets you back.' Claude pulled out the handgun and pointed it at the eight year old, the shaking in his arm made it harder to aim but he managed.

Sammy pulled himself up on his good leg and tried to see Deanie, he could hear his brother and the mean man arguing and it scared him.

'Try it Mister Meanie.' Dean goaded the man to keep the focus on him when he saw Sammy trying to peer in. 'Come on Stinky try and get me.'

'You brat.' Claude hissed, making the decision that the older boy had to go, without his influence; he could have his baby boy instead. As he aimed to shoot, he felt a sharp pain as a rock bounced off his head. 'What the?'

Just then Dean lunged at Claude and tried to wrestle the gun from his hand, the small boy trembling violently as he started to relive another nightmare not so long ago.

The short sharp sound of the gun fire echoed around the desert plains.

'Deanie!' Sammy screamed in horror, his four year old mind unable to assimilate everything that was happening started to shut down. Sobbing silently he sat down and stared at the car, his normally bright and expressive blue-green eyes now dull and devoid of any emotion he slid his thumb into his mouth and started to rock.

Dean lifted his head up and stared around the blood-soaked interior of the wrecked car; his head hurt so bad but he couldn't quite remember why. He started to climb over the seat when he saw the body of a man slumped over the steering wheel, the eyes open and fixed stared unseeingly at the eight year old, it had a large hole where half of the neck used to be.

Gagging Dean scrambled as quickly as he could from the car and vomited the meagre contents of his stomach. Weakly he crawled on his hands and knees towards his baby brother and wrapped himself around Sammy.

Neither child said a word, they both cried in silence, both sucked their thumbs and both seemed catatonic. Too traumatised to move.


John thumped the steering wheel and cursed Bobby and Josh, he was sure that they had sent him down this particular road to get him out of the real hunt. He grabbed the large mobile phone, shook his head with Bobby and his new-fangled technology and hit the dial button for Bobby.

'You two found anything?' He grumbled without waiting for Bobby to say hello.

'Sorry Johnny, Josh is coming to meet me and we'll join you.'

'Hey hang on I think I see something.'

'Damn it John wait for us.'

'I'll call ya back in a minute.' John eased the impala off the road and got out with his gun drawn. He moved cautiously as he rounded the wrecked vehicle and aimed his weapon ready to fire. 'Ah shit.'

He dropped the gun and ran to the small bodies curled around each other lying next to the car. 'Dean? Sammy?' He called out hoarsely. 'Boys?' John dropped to his knees and held his breath before he reached out to check the two boys' pulses. 'Thank you God.' He breathed feeling the strong beats.

Ten minutes later two trucks screeched to a halt, the gun totting drivers jumping out armed and ready for whatever they found. Josh checked the wreck and found the body of Claude Atkins in the front of the car. Bobby moved around to the other side and dropped his gun immediately when he saw a sight that would stay with him forever.

John sat in the dirt cradling two catatonic little boys in his arms, the big man had tears rolling down his face as he hugged and kissed each of his children. Although, neither child showed any recognition towards their father or any awareness at all. 'Damn it all to hell.' Bobby cursed as he shifted his baseball cap back a little and then pulled it down over his own suspiciously bright and wet eyes.


Two Weeks Later: John walked out of the children's ward with two precious bundles one in each arm. He could still hear the doctors and nurses trying to get him to come back but he kept moving the only one who could help his children was John himself.

Both were starting to heal from their physical injuries but neither boy had said a word, they interacted with the medical staff of the hospital, their uncles and their father, but only when they had to. The only time they made any sound was when someone tried to separate them. The screaming became ear-shattering until the children were allowed back together.

The only adult they allowed to touch them was their father and they shut down completely if any strange men came near them. After the first week a therapist appointed by the CPS announced that they will come out of it in their own time, the best thing for them now is a regular routine with familiar people around them, in a stable environment. The police came and went, after the initial accusations were thrown around and further investigations they ruled the death of Claude Atkins an accidental shooting. They were happy with the findings of the investigations that Atkins a known paedophile, kidnapped the Winchester brothers, and while trying to escape with them rolled the car which caused his gun to fire killing him instantly.

Bobby waited by the impala for the small family unsure of how the boys were going to react to him, some days were better than others.

'I see ya got yer own way.' Bobby grinned when he saw John come towards him carrying Dean and Sammy.

'Yep nothing else they can do for the boys anyway,' John smiled he finally felt his chest start to loosen, 'The only thing is that Sammy's leg is still … they wanted to brace it again, he darn near had a conniption when they brought it out, then Dean started to act out. Soon as it was taken away they both calmed down, I have no idea what that mongrel did to my boys but I'm gonna get em back Bobby.'

'Let's get them home John, best place in the world for em.' Bobby climbed in behind the wheel while John settled in the backseat with his boys.

'We got em back Bobby,' John whispered hugging them tighter, 'we got em back.'

The End for now

This little adventure will come to a close in the sequel Innocence Regained, which will be coming very, very soon.

hugs Shelly