Title: "A" you're adorable

Summary: Zack x Aerith. Zack courts Aerith for 2 weeks, each day with a different theme. AU.

Chapter Title: Prologue: How it all started

Warning: Slight OoC

Pairing: Ain't it obvious? Zack x Aerith

Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII or any of its characters, I only own the plot of this story (If I did own Final Fantasy VII it wouldn't be as successful)

How they met and what started the courting

Zack, wearing a pure white suit, walked up and down the stairs in search of a lost item. While he was searching in the stairs, a woman in blue went down and stopped right in front of him then she bent forward...

"Good evening, sir" she started "May I ask what are you doing?"

To avoid being rude, he spoke "I am searching for my sister's wallet"

"Would you like me to help?" she asked him

"Thanks" he replied "By the way, you're Aerith, right?"

She looked him straight in the eye then smiled and said "Yup, that's me". Aerith turned around then pointed at something "Zack, is that it?"

Zack turned his head in the direction where her finger was ponting "That's it! Thank you very much"

"You're welcome, Zack" Aerith smiled then said "I'll be going over there by my friends now. See you later"

Before Zack could ask her something, he noticed that she had disappeared into the crowd 'Darn! I wanted to ask her to dance'

"Zack?" a blond haired boy approached him. The boy looked a little like him except for an obvious difference: Zack has black hair while the boy is a blond.

"What is it, Cloud?" Zack asked sounding a little defeated

"Did I just see Aerith approaching you?" Cloud started grinning

"Why?" Zack asked while raising an eyebrow

"I heard from Tifa..." Cloud's words started trailing off

"What?" Zack sounded impatient

"...you like...Aeri-" Cloud's mouth was quickly covered by Zack's right hand while his let hand was on Cloud's collar

"When did she tell you?" Zack started tightening his grip on Cloud's collar

"The suit, man..." Cloud started smirking for he knew Zack didn't like that way of talking

Zack let go then said "Sorry...man..."

"Whoa..." Cloud started to gape "You're using the term 'man' now?"

"Shut up..." Zack retreated to a nearby chair

"So it's true?" Cloud asked "You like that smart brunette?"

"Well..." Zack changed the tone of his voice to something a little flirty, albeit it didn't sound too flirty it still changed

"Hey look" Cloud pointed to semi-distant table then whispered "She's alone"

"What do you want me to do?" Zack asked even though he knew the answer 'you want me to dance with her, right?'

"Dance with her..." Cloud looked at him like a little kid expecting his request to be done

"Fine" Zack stood up then walked towards Aerith

When he reached er table he bowed then extended his hand and asked her "Would you like to dance, oh beautiful one?"

Aerith giggled then answered "Why yes, kind sir"

Zack and Aerith danced in the middle of the room. All eyes were set on them when everyone had noticed their excellence in ballroom dancing. When they finished dancing, they heard everyone clapping enthusiastically then they bowed.

"That was fun" Aerith commented "Shall we do it again some time?"

"Want one more round now?" Zack asked

Aerith nodded then said "Sure"

They went close again to each other and danced...again

When the prom had finished, Zack asked Aerith "Want me to drive you home?...Don't worry you won't be alone with me in the car. My friends Cloud and Tifa will be there"

Aerith smiled "Thanks"

Zack and Aerith patiently waited for Cloud and Tifa by the door

Their silence broke when Zack asked Aerith "Can I have your number?"

"Sure here it is" Aerith handed him a piece of paper with her number in it

"Is it okay if I just text my number to you?" Zack looked at Aerith

"I don't mind" said Aerith

When Cloud and Tifa finally emerged from the leaving crowd, they all headed to Zack's car

"Hello" Tifa waved her hand at Aerith

"Hi" Aerith waved back

"I'm Tifa" Tifa extended her hand to Aerith waiting for Aerith to do the same

"I'm Aerith" Aerith did the same and they shook hands

"You're the class sweetheart, right?" Tifa asked Aerith

"I am?" Aerith looked a bit shocked

"Yeah" Tifa nodded her head enthusiastically

"You're the cheerleader captain, am I right?" Aerith asked Tifa

"Yup, that's me" Tifa smiled at Aerith and Aerith smiled back

When Zack pressed the horn both girls noticed that the two boys had been waiting for them for over 5 minutes

"Our apologies" They spoke in unison and the boys answered "No problem"

Then they drove off

After one month of knowing and befriending each other, Zack asked Aerith a semi-sensitive question "Is it alright if I court you?"

Aerith couldn't help but smile then answered "I wonder how long..."

"Is that a yes?" Zack asked looking like he was expecting a positive answer

Aerith nodded and Zack jumped around the hallway shouting 'YES!' all the way

Aerith smiled then thought to herself 'cute...he...that...it was cute'

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