Chapter 2: B- you're so beautiful

The next day….

Aerith entered her classroom and quickly headed to her desk because she saw a bouquet of red roses on it. As Aerith picked up the bouquet she noticed that it came with a card. She picked up the card and read it aloud:


"This is the second gift I'll be giving you. I hope you enjoy then


'Interesting' Aerith thought to herself 'He just gets better everyday but I still prefer the puppy'

"Good morning, Aerith" said a boy her age behind her

"Good morning to you too, Zack" she greeted. "So what's the next theme?" she asked

"You have to figure that out" Zack answered "My lips are sealed"

"Let me guess…wonderful?" she asked and he shook his head. "Pretty?" she asked again then he said "Close but it's still wrong"

Aerith put her hands on the sides of her hips then said "Beautiful? Mysterious? Elegant? What?"

Zack put his right hand on her shoulder then said "The first one was right"

"Beautiful?" Aerith asked while smiling

"Yeah" Zack answered

"Why?" Aerith raised her eyebrow and tilted her head

"Because you are so beautiful" said Zack "You're more beautiful than that bouquet that I bought for you"

Aerith smiled again then hugged Zack and said "Thank you!"

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