Sakura linked her fingers behind her head before quickly dropping them as she realized that she had spent far too much time with her blond team mate

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Summary: Sakura knows what's best for her boys, and is determined to get it. Even if they fight her.

Warning: Yaoi, and I could seriously care less what you think I doubt anyone will read this anyway…

There will be no Sakura bashing in this fic. I don't understand Sakura bashing. She's pretty useless at first but so is Naruto. They both grow and after the time skip she's pretty BA.


"Truth springs from argument amongst friends."

David Hume


Sakura linked her fingers behind her head before quickly dropping them as she realized that she had spent far too much time with her blond team mate. She eyed the sun almost falling behind the trees and glared "What's the sun done to you?" Naruto asked laughing lightly Sakura sighed knowing that her glaring at the sun wouldn't scare it into rising again. Maybe if she asked Sasuke he'd be able to pull it off…

"Nothing, we just haven't covered as much ground as I was hoping." She shoved her hands in her pockets and realized that she had also spent too much time with Sasuke.

"What, you tired of hanging out with me all the time?" Naruto teased lightly she rolled her eyes and shoved him gently on the shoulder

"Oh shut up, I have plans when we get back that I would rather not miss." The three had been away from konoha for a good month and were expecting to arrive back in about a week.

It had been a long time since they had been Team 7, though they still often took missions together, with the exception of Kakashi who had retired after Ikura had had one to many panic attacks when he was away. The poor teacher was more than a little paranoid about Kakashi's well being. But Sakura Sasuke and Naruto had never drifted very far apart after they had retrieved Sasuke. The three spent more time with each other than was probably healthy but it was almost necessary. Naruto and Sasuke were both top jonin and as such were handed some of the more difficult missions, not that either of them were complaining, but they were often missions that needed more than one person. And seeing as how both drove every other capable ninja insane they always seemed to be put together. Which caused another problem, namely that neither knew when to quite, which meant very severe injuries. And once again because the two jonin drove everyone else crazy Sakura was their mednin for almost every mission. Which she was fine with because in truth she hated not knowing if there were okay at all times.

"Oh really?" Naruto asked snapping Sakura out of her thoughts "What's so important you don't want to be with us anymore?" Sakura rolled her eyes

"If you must know I have a date." She tried to sound casual but the blond still gapped at her before turning and pointing accusingly at Sasuke

"Why didn't you tell me you two were going on a date?" he asked scowling Sasuke raised an eyebrow apparently completely lost having not been paying attention.

"No!" Sakura squeaked blushing slightly "I'm not going on a date with Sasuke! I'm going with Lee." Naruto looked even more confused

"Lee?" He raised an eyebrow skeptically "I thought you were in love with teme." Sakura glared at him

"I had a crush on him so long ago you were still a highlighter'" Naruto glowered at her for teasing his wardrobe she laughed lightly "So I'd shut up before I bring up a certain crush you had on a certain team mate." Naruto rolled his eyes

"That's ancient history."

"Exactly, and even if it wasn't there's no way in hell I could compete with you. Ino and the other fangirls I could take with my eyes closed but trying to win him from you would be a waste of energy." She grinned as it took a moment for her words to sink in he blinked then raised an eyebrow

"Wh-what?" Sakura laughed his confusion was amusing

"At least half of his fangirls gave up on him when they realized you were a competitor."

"What the hell, no I'm not!" He was looking at her as though she had grown a second head she laughed loudly

"You so are!" Sasuke walked silently a few steps behind his friends glad he wasn't required to be part of this stupidity.

"No I'm not-me and Sasuke aren't- I mean were just-Sakura!" Sakura giggled

"What it's true. Maybe not in a romantic sort of way, but any girl that got close to him would always be the third wheel with you two. I mean come on! I've been with you two since you had to be forced together and I'm almost a third wheel." She smirked at him "You two are far closer to each other than you will ever be with some stupid girl." She spun around walking backwards beside a defeated looking Naruto "Isn't that right Sasuke?" the raven haired man blinked at her and raised an eyebrow, he had obviously been ignoring their conversation completely "You'd rather spar with Naruto than go on a date with some ditzy fan girl right?" she asked brightly Sasuke shrugged in his 'yes' fashion. Sakura grinned triumphantly at the blond spinning around again, knowing that Sasuke could care less about what they were talking about "Don't you just love it when I'm right? Cuz I do."

"Okay so maybe your right. But the way you said it first made it seem like we were together or something." Naruto accused crossing his arms over his chest and huffing Sakura laughed

"Hey I'm not saying it isn't possible, or that I don't think you'd be the best couple ever." She smirked at Naruto who was gaping at her again. "If I don't get him, I would so rather it's because he's with someone else, and not just such good friends with someone he can't make time for a girl friend. And if I have to lose him to someone I'd rather it be you." She stuck her tongue out at her stuttering friend "You two would be so cute together…" she looked off into the distance with a dreamy look in her eyes just for effect.

"SAKURA! YOU-" Naruto's distressed yell was cut off by Sasuke

"We should stop here for the night." Sakura nodded it was starting to get dark and cold.

"I'll go find fire wood." Naruto mumbled before heading off further into the trees while Sakura and Sasuke put up the tents. Sasuke raised an eyebrow at his female companion

"How'd you get him all riled up?" he asked casually Sakura laughed and blushed slightly

"I told him I though you two would make a cute couple…" Sasuke rose an eye brow at her

"Should I even ask or is this one of those things I would much rather not know?" Sakura chuckled

"Its nothing really, I was just telling him how half the girls in Konoha have given up hope of ever getting the sort of attention from you that you give to him and that you would really be a good couple and that I approve." She blushed again, saying a thing like that to Naruto was one thing saying it to Sasuke was a completely different thing. Sasuke just rolled his eyes at her.

"Whatever." Sakura laughed

"No I'm not you would be so cute together!" Sasuke just ignored the comment.

"Its not like its even that much of a stretch." Sakura reasoned waving her chopsticks at Naruto across the fire. They had lucked out and been able to catch some fish for dinner "You act like a couple already, just without the PDA." Naruto scowled

"We do not!" Sakura rolled her eyes "We don't! Name three coupley thinks we do!" Sakura laughed

"Your always having hushed little side conversations in large groups of people, you spend more time at his house than your own, and you bicker like your married." Sakura smirked taking a bite of her food "Just to name three." Naruto's smirk deepened

"Friends do all of those things."

"Yeah but your so much closer than normal friends." Sakura grinned "You hardly have to tweak anything about you two."

"You make no sense."

"No seriously like when you get in those stupid little fights about nothing and Sasuke wins but you won't admit it. So you get all huffy and sulky until he throws you a bone and says something in your favor and everything can go back to normal. Well you could have the same thing but maybe he takes your hand or gives you a kiss on the cheek…" Sakura sighed her little tangent earning her an odd look from both her team mates. Sasuke snorted apparently having caught the last of the conversation.

"Yeah if we were some fluffy show for preteens." Sakura sighed "Even if we were a couple that would never happen." Naruto blushed embarrassed that Sasuke would even take it seriously enough to come to that conclusion. Sakura laughed

"Okay yeah so maybe that is a stretch. How about we change it to having hot hate sex later?" Sasuke rose and eyebrow at her as Naruto turned and impressive shade of red

"Well now that's just smut." Sakura grinned

"Then I'll sleep on it; see if I can come up with a better story." She offered pleased that he was playing along. Maybe she could push them in the right direction. She did after all believe what she had said about them being the best couple.

"Okay so I think I got it." Sakura said as they started off, the sun just beginning to peak over the mountains. "Naruto you say something stupid or that Sasuke disagrees with and you get in some stupid fight and Sasuke wins, like always, but like always Naruto you wont admit it so instead you sulk until he smiles at you, actually smiles, and calls you a dobe and you can go off on a rant about not being a dobe and everything is all better." Naruto glared at her crossing his arms over his chest and pouting

"Why do I always have to lose the fight?" he complained

"Because you always do." Sasuke put in Naruto's glare turned to Sasuke

"I do not!" he stomped his foot in a rather childish manner

"Oh really? Name one time you've won a fight with me." Sasuke said in a bored tone Naruto huffed

"Well…there are lots of times…"

"Yeah, whatever dobe." Sasuke shot him a smirk and the blond bristled

"Don't call me that Teme!" He yelled stamping his foot again like a child throwing a tantrum. Sakura sighed rolling her eyes they were so predictable.

"Told ya so." She mumbled chuckling lightly Naruto was to busy yelling to hear but Sasuke glanced at her out of the corner of his eye and smirked at her shoving his hands in his pockets. She grinned back laughing loudly now.

Naruto blinked awake, slightly aware that he was warmer than he should be, but not lucid enough to understand why. Instead he relaxed into the warmth behind him, sighing contently. It took several more minutes before he understood that the warmth behind him and around his waist was Sasuke. He looked down at the pale arm wrapped around his middle not all that surprised. Having shared many a tent with the raven they had discovered that neither of them were particularly still sleepers and they had, on more than one occasion, woken in far more intrusive positions.

Though he would never say it he was sure there frequent movement stemmed from their lonely childhoods, that the contact wasn't unwelcome. He held the same reasoning for why he liked fighting so much, the human contact. He actually quite liked waking up like this, even if it was Sasuke. He liked the warmth. And he was pretty sure Sasuke did too. He had seen the other Jonin sleep all night on a tree branch. It only seemed to be when extra body heat was added into the mix that he had problems staying still. Naruto could feel the tip of Sasuke's nose brush the base of his neck as he inhaled and soft puffs against his shoulder blade as he exhaled. He let his eyes close and Sasuke's breathing lull him to the edge of sleep. Aware only of Sasuke's breath and the thumb which had begun drawing calming circles on the jut of his hip bone. He hummed quietly before sliding back into a full sleep.

Naruto woke again curled against Sasuke's chest in the early morning. The older boys arm was still dapped around his waist and his warm hand was drawing slowly across the blonds back. Naruto let his head fall back against Sasuke's chest, quite thankful that Sakura couldn't see this. "Morning." Naruto shot up in surprise turning a faint shade of pink as he looked at the girl kneeling at the opening to their tent with a smirk stretched across her face. Her eyes darted down Naruto and her smirk stretched. Sasukes hand had slid down to rest on his hip when the jonin had sat up so quickly Naruto's blush deepened as he scooted away letting Sasuke's hand slide from his body. Sasuke rolled onto his back with an annoyed groan before yawning and blinking awake. He glanced at Naruto then Sakura raising an eyebrow as he sat up and left the tent. Sakura continued to smirk "There is no possible way you can claim that doesn't prove my point." She stood and left the embarrassed blond alone.

"Where is he?" Sakura said with an exasperated sigh. She and Sasuke were leaning against trees waiting for Naruto to check out a band of suspicious people they had passed a few hours ago. They certainly weren't very dangerous, petty thieves at the most. They posed no threat to the three Ninja but they could possibly be bad news for an unsuspecting traveler. "He's taking his own sweet time isn't he?"

"I'm not in any hurry to get back."' Sasuke said in a bored tone Sakura rolled her eyes plucking a blade of grass from the ground below her

"You might be content to sleep with him until the end of time," She received an eye roll from her ex team mate "but my back hurts, I want to sleep in my bed."

"Or Lee's" Sasuke said under his breath throwing Sakura a smirk, she blushed slightly and looked away with a huff.

"Oh you so just earned yourself eternal torment." Sasuke snorted

"From you?" he said skeptically "I'll believe it when I see it."

"You will pay, as soon as Naruto's tight little ass gets back here, believe me." Sasuke only smirked at her.

"You'll only be tormenting the dobe. I could care less what you say." He was probably right so Sakura amended her plan.