Naruto had never really noticed how long it took to undress a uniformed ninja

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"Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves."

James M. Barrie


Naruto had never really noticed how long it took to undress a uniformed ninja. He had dressed and undressed himself to many times to count, but he had never considered how insanely long the process took. It wasn't just a matter of removing a shirt, undoing a few buttons and fumbling with a zipper.

Before clothing could be removed there were leg bands, bandages, weapons pouches, holsters, and a guard for almost every major bone in the body. The list seemed to be endless. Especially when you do it neatly, which was what Naruto was doing. He knew the Uchiha well enough to know it was highly possible that a mess in his meticulously kept room might distract him in his nervous state. That would totally ruin the mood. Which even though this was taking an agonizingly long time, Naruto was trying to build. Though truth be told it wasn't all that hard.

Naruto had almost managed to free the top half of Sasuke's seemingly perfect body. The Ushiha's chest was now only hidden by a layer of bandages. Naruto didn't know what they were for, which seemed silly now seeing as how he did that as well, it was a habit he'd picked up a while ago. He'd have to ask later.

Naruto's finger tips brushed against Sasuke's abdomen and a wave of heat ran through him. The touch was accidental and light, hardly what you'd call sexy or tender but both ninja understood what this slow process was leading up to and the thought was turning the most ordinary of things sensual. Naruto leaned forward to press his lips to Sasuke's for a moment the tiny kiss making them both shiver. The blond pulled back then slid off the bed onto the floor between the Uchiha's legs, his face flushed bright red. Naruto removed the shuriken pouch first followed by the leg bands and the bandages wrapped tightly around Sasuke's calves. Nervously Naruto reached up under Sasuke's pant legs untying the shin guards quickly. He folded the straps carefully around the second guard and placed it carefully to the side. The blond held the others dark gaze for several moments before closing his eyes, resting his head on the inside of Sasuke's knee taking a slow breath. Retalking himself into this.

His blue eyes flickered open as Sasuke brushed his scorching fingers through the blond's hair. They considered each other for a moment before Naruto shifted slowly to kneel on the mattress beside Sasuke. He took another shallow breath before leaning forward to kiss the Uchiha wrapping his hands around the others pale neck. He slid back into the pillows slowly, allowing Sasuke to shift fallowing him down. Naruto repositioned his legs letting the other jounin fall between them making their breathing hitch for a moment.

"Are you sure?" Sasuke breathed Naruto bit his lip but nodded, he was terrified. His pulse thudded through his veins in an intoxicating mixture of terror and anticipation. He was defying a lifetime of training laying vulnerable like this, almost every part of him was trying to convince his body to escape. But this is Sasuke. He reminded himself. If it's Sasuke he could do this, he'd trusted himself, his body, to the Uchiha in so many other ways, this was just a new sort of trust.

"Yeah," Naruto breathed.


Naruto woke slowly, his brain coming to life at its own leisurely pace as it recalled last night. Sasuke's body against him, around him, filling him. His warm mouth against his neck his velvety voice murmuring his name. Their slow rhythm pushing him over the edge in a wave of ecstasy. Having spent so many years with Jiraya and Kakashi, Naruto had begun to think of sex as always raunchy and animalistic. Last night was nothing like that, Naruto was reminded of the cheesy, awkward 'well when two people love each other very much' speech Iruka had given him when he was younger. He hummed happily at the hand running calming circles across his lower back.

"Are you awake?" Sasuke asked quietly Naruto smiled leaving a trail of kisses across a pale collar bone.

"Maybe…but I'm planning on denying it for another ten minutes or so…" he mumbled against Sasuke's milky shoulder. The Uchiha rolled his eyes chuckling darkly.

"You can deny it for as long as you'd like." Naruto smiled completely content to spend the rest of the day in bed; in fact that's what he planned on doing. That is until the loud knocking on the window ruined that lovely plan.

Sakura was met with scorching glares from both her team mates. She bit her lip feeling a bit bad but continued to knock, sending her own glare back at them when they both rolled over to ignore her. She picked the lock and threw the window open

"I'm going to ignore that and still give you my warning, but you're lucky I like you two." The two continued to ignore her apparently deciding to hold a grudge for the interruption. "Naruto, I'd start paying attention unless you absolutely sure you want your own box of babies." Naruto shot up in bed at this wide blue eyes focusing on the girl. She put her good hand on her hip, the other still in its sling. Sasuke blinked at the two confused.

"What do you mean?" the blond demanded

"I mean Tsunade found out about you and Sasuke and she's on her way over to appease the council."

"Appease? More like enrage. They don't want to contaminate a good bloodline." Sasuke was trying to put together what was going on but was giving up seeing as how things seemed to be leading to an impossible conclusion.

"Does someone want to explain what's going on?" both Naruto and Sakura looked rather uncomfortable for a moment; Sasuke sighed shaking his head "Whatever Tsunade's here." A knock sounded from the door fallowed shortly after by Tsunade's voice

"Uchiha, Naruto! I know your there! Open up!" Naruto bit his lip nervously "I have a solution to our problem Uchiha!" Sasuke rose and eyebrow at this. Sakura sighed turning to the window

"I warned you." She said before leaving. Sasuke stood retrieving clothes from the dresser Naruto followed hesitantly behind the Uchiha.

Tsunade stood outside, non to pleased that she had had to wait. They were lead into the kitchen where Sasuke made tea watching Naruto's expression become one of panic was he waited. Once the tea was handed out Sasuke got down to business.

"You said you had a solution?" Tsunade smiled sipping her tea.

"The council is rather worried about losing your bloodline." Sasuke's expression remained blank, Naruto rolled his eyes

"Yeah losing the bloodline, they don't want to muddy it up." He said taking a gulp of his own tea Tsunade smirked at him

"I take it you've been to see Iruka." Naruto nodded. Tsunade smiled turning her attention back to Sasuke who seemed to, for once, be the only one out of the loop. "It's not muddying. It's improving upon." Naruto snorted

"I'm sure that's how the council will see it too."

"They will when we've got little sharingan wielders with your chakra reserves and healing abilities." She took another sip of her tea "Where do you think great blood lines come from? They don't just appear from thin air." Sasuke gave the two a frustrated glare.

"What are you suggesting?" he demanded

"I'm suggesting that Naruto looks quite appealing marketed as a pawn to, not only bring back the Uchiha's, but to improve them." Sasuke glared at her

"He's not a pawn." Tsunade rolled her eyes

"I realize, but we need to soften the council up a bit."

"Soften?" Naruto asked in disbelief "What's going on, this is ridiculous."

Tsunade sighed this conversation was annoying. The two each knew only half of what was going on, making it hard to make them both understand.

"I would like to retire but I need to convince the council that you should be the next hokage before I can do that." She said then turned back to Sasuke. "I have a way to combine your genetics with Naruto's. After we have the council drunk on thoughts of tiny Uchiha's we spring the hokage request with the threat of you and Naruto leavening Konoha for a village that's more progressive or something."

"That's playing dirty; I'm not going to do that." Tsunade sighed

"They know you're the best person for the job, there just old git's that need a bit of a kick in the ass." Naruto frowned

"Threatening to leave seems kind of childish…" he mumbled

"It's not childish. If they don't cave you should. Your being under appreciated." Naruto glared at her "Fine don't threaten to leave. You can say something about how if you don't get the title you'll move to a smaller town to raise your children. People do that all the time. It's not a threat merely an 'If then.'" She said sipping her tea

"And what if they don't give him the title?" Sasuke asked

"They will, they can't have someone else getting a hold on Uchiha blood, it could be the end of Konoha's power." Sasuke nodded considering her words "It probably wouldn't hurt if you mentioned wanting to re build the Military Police Corps." She set her cup down "Simply put we offer them everything they want in exchange for the title." Naruto sighed

"This is kind of extreme." He said, Tsunade nodded

"I'll let you two talk it over. I'll be in my office." She said before disappearing, she needed something stronger than tea. Naruto slumped into one of the stools around the marble counter top with a heavy sigh. He traced patterns in the rocks surface biting the inside of his cheek aware of Sasuke taking the stool to his left.

"Don't you want to be hokage?" Sasuke asked, Naruto glanced up at him

"I do." He answered simply with another sigh

"Then what's wrong?" Naruto slumped further propping his head up with his right arm.

"It seems like a lot to ask." Sasuke blinked

"You don't want a child?"

"I do, but it doesn't seem like your getting anything out of this. I feel like I'm demanding everything from you and not doing anything in return." Naruto mumbled Sasuke smirked at the blond.

"You wanted to be hokage, I wanted to kill my brother and restore my clan. I'd say we're even." Naruto blinked at the man before smiling slightly



Sakura knocked on the door of her mother's home waiting impatiently; she could hear the woman in what sounded like the kitchen heading in Sakura's direction.

"Sakura!" the woman cheered as she opened the door flinging her arms around her daughter. "I'm so glad you were able to make it." Sakura nodded hugging her mom back a bit uncomfortably. She loved the woman to death, but they had quite a few differences in opinion that often made conversations awkward. The woman held her an arms length away looking her over. "You're more beautiful every time I see you." Sakura blushed rolling her eyes, fallowing her into the house.

"I see you've kept yourself busy." Sakura mussed quietly. The walls had all been recently painted, an obviously unprofessional job if the slightly sloppy lines were any indication

"Yes, well you and your father have been so busy I figured I might as well do something with all the spare time I have." They entered the dinning room which had been painted a light lavender color "Sit down, lemme just go grab the food." Sakura sat at the table across from her father whose nose was buried in the paper. Her eyes widened at the front page headline.

Kyuubi Vessel In Line to Be Next Hokage?

It wasn't the news that Naruto was close to becoming hokage that made her eyes widen but the fact that he was being declared in the paper as the Kyuubi vessel. She leaned across the table trying to read the article. The first several paragraphs seemed to be dedicated to recapping Kyuubi's attack. She skimmed this quickly growing more outraged with each line.

"Dad, can I see the front page?" she demanded more than asked. The man simply grunted and freed the page from the rest of his paper. She took the page folding it in half. The article shifted to focus on Tsunade suggesting that Naruto take the position after the colorfully worded flashbacks and was quickly fallowed by several paragraphs of badly hidden outrage over Naruto's relationship with Sasuke. Several shocked paragraphs covered the box twins the article ended with several stunned paragraphs covering the Uchiha being quoted that if Naruto does not become hokage they were planning on moving to a smaller city.

"Oh I thought you'd find that interesting." Sakura's mother said setting the food down on the table and sitting. "Do you believe it? The Kyuubi, hokage?" She scoffed.

Sakura glared up at her mother, she normally would have stormed off before this could become a shouting match but she only sighed now, she had a goal for today.

"It's Naruto, Mom, he's been my partner since the academy. He's saved my life on more than one occasion." She snapped, the woman sighed

"I know you have a soft spot for the boy dear but he's dangerous."

"Not to Konoha he's not, Kyuubi didn't even attack of his own free will. Madara made him do it." Her mother blinked at her in confusion. "Mom you know nothing about the Kyuubi, Kanoha knows nothing about the Kyuubi." She turned her glare down at the paper "This whole article is ridiculous." She mumbled the room filled with a long awkward silence.

"Then it's not true what they say about The Vessel and Uchiha?" her mother finally asked Sakura shot her mom a glare at the name

"They've been together for almost a year; the twins are almost twelve weeks along." She answered simply. Her mother looked slightly shocked

"Well you certainly have the inside scoop." Her mother said, nervously folding her napkin

"Yes and it would certainly be a shame if they left Kanoha," Sakura said almost smirking "The twins will be a force to be reckoned with, even without Kanoha's training. With the sharingan and Kyuubi's chakra…" she trailed off "Sasuke's planning on rebuilding MPC, and I doubt they'll stop with the twins, they're booth kinda into the whole family thing." She rambled lightly taking several bites of her food. "But it kinda looks like without citizens backing Naruto up the council's going to deny the request." Sakura turned her gaze back to her mother. The woman wasn't necessarily 'important' she wasn't a ninja, or a member of any significant organization, she owned a bakery and knitted a lot. But she was definitely what you'd call a social butterfly.

"Mom, Naruto would be really good for Konoha, I know for your generation that may be hard to believe, but it's true. If you would try to convince your friends of that it would be really helpful." The woman pursed her lips.

"Sakura, are you sure that-"

"Yes, if I wasn't I wouldn't ask." The woman nodded considering the girl. "Mom, I've slept mere feet from Naruto and Kyuubi's never been a problem." That wasn't really true but that incident had been quite a while ago, before Naruto and Kyuubi had begun working together.

"Well, I'll see…" the woman sighed "I suppose the boy who saved my daughters life might not be all bad." Sakura smiled nodding.

"Thank you." Her mother smiled as well

"So you said the babies are at the end of the first tri?" her mother asked, babies were one of her favorite subjects. Sakura nodded grinning happily "Can they tell the sex's yet this way?"

"Yeah, a boy and a girl." Sakura answered "You wouldn't believe how excited they are, they try to hide it but they fail miserably. I've spent the last two weekends setting up a nursery and baby proofing the entire Uchiha compound." Sakura rolled her eyes "And by entire I mean not only the main house, but everything else, I swear to god their going to want to replant the gardens with non allergenic plants next." Her mother laughed lightly

"Are you planning on contributing to the baby boom?" she asked leaning over the table eagerly "Ino's mother told me that she and Nara are expecting, and Hinata's pregnant as well isn't she?" Sakura blushed slightly

"I don't know…"

"Have you and Lee spoken about it at all?" Sakura nodded

"Yeah, but you know how it is, there are so many things to think about and were both so busy and all that…" her mom rolled her eyes

"I'm expecting Grandchildren." She warned.



Ren bit her lip but followed her team mates up to the Uchiha complex the chakra swirling around her making her want to gag. They made their way slowly across the front walk and up onto the porch. The door opened before anyone could knock revealing a blond man with blood red eyes. He yawned then walked back into the house.

"Sasuke! The Genin are here!" the blond called wandering farther into the house gesturing for the team to fallow him.

Team four stood rather uncomfortably in the Uchiha's kitchen, trying to ignore the terrifying chakra and focus on the task at hand. The grocery list. The task had seemed simple enough but Tsunade had been forced to raise its rank to B to lure in Genin who had apparently decided that yet another D or C rank mission wasn't worth it. There was nothing actually dangerous about the mission, but the amount of chakra in the area tended to scare off the genin. As if that weren't bad enough Sasuke and Naruto did nothing to ease the children's nerves, both were quite irritable most of the time. There was apparently a reason men weren't supposed to have children alone.

Sasuke wandered into the kitchen giving the Genin the evil eye as he entered, he pulled it off nicely with his red eyes. Naruto glanced up from the list he was making as Sasuke entered

"Let me see it." Naruto slid the list across to Sasuke before turning to the four other people in the kitchen. The team consisted of a boy who looked ready to piss himself a girl who was using the boy for a shield and a girl who, though she was trying to act normal was shaking like a leaf. The jounin leading them kept his composure well, though Naruto could tell he was uncomfortable. The smell of fear radiated off the group in waves.

"I've seen you around…but I'm not sure where." Naruto drawled looking over the jounin the man bowed quickly

"I was with Haroun when she was injured." He answer quickly Naruto nodded

"Oh yeah," he glanced at the three genin "Have you gotten to do anything better than shopping and gardening yet?" he asked there was silence for a moment

"W-we escorted Inuzuka Hinata to Sand…" The girl who was shaking said Naruto grinned

"She's pretty close to her due date isn't she?" Naruto asked the girl nodded "Was she visiting Neji?" the girl nodded again "What's your name?"

"Er… Ren…Oshiro Ren…" Naruto nodded

"Well it's nice to meet you Ren."


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