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Instant Parents

Chapter 1: Mommy?

Kagome waited impatiently, Inuyasha had been gone since sunset, and there was no sign of him. Normally, she wouldn't have been worried, but tonight was the night of the new moon, the night he turned human.

"I'm sure he's fine, Kagome." Miroku tried to reassure her, though he wasn't sure himself.

"You think so?" Kagome looked at him as if she were about to start crying. He had never left on new moon before. He'd always stayed with the group, and let them protect him. She couldn't be sure that he'd ever come back.

As Miroku was about to reply, there was a loud scream. It sounded like a little kid.

"What was that?" Kagome asked,

"Who knows, but whe should check it out!" Songo jumped up, grabbing her Harakutsu.

Kagome grabbed her bow and arrows and ran out, she ran faster towards the screaming than Miroku or Songo. It was like instinct had taken over. She came apon a little girl, huddled up, afraid.

"Are you okay?" Kagome asked the girl, kneeling before her.

"Don't let it get me, Mommy!" The little girl cried, latching onto Kagome.

"Don't let what get you?" Kagome asked, not realizing the girl had just called her "Mommy".

"The spider, Mommy! Get Daddy to kill it!" The girl pleaded.

"I'm not your Mommy, but I'll help you find her." Kagome told the little girl, sadly.

"You don't love me anymore, Mommy?" The girl began to cry.

"Yes, I do, sweety." Kagome decided to indulge the girl, she picked her up and held her, turning around to walk back to the hut.

"What happened?" Miroku asked, walking beside Kagome.

"The girl was scared by a spider. She keeps calling me 'Mommy'." Kagome explained.

The girl looked over, seeing Miroku clearly.

"Uncle Miroku! Kill the spider!" The girl demanded, afraid.

"Eh..." Miroku looked at the girl as if she were crazy.

"Well if you don't, surely Aunt Songo will!" The girl seemed disappointed.

"She knows our names? How?" Songo asked, suspiciously.

"Could this be a trick of Naraku's?" Miroku suggested.

"No, I don't think so." Kagome said. 'Naraku wouldn't be this sick, would he?'

They entered the hut, and from the light of the fire, they could see that the little girl looked a lot like Kagome. She was covered in dirt, but she was a pretty little girl.

"I should clean her up. She can't be comfortable like this." Kagome said, pulling out a wash-cloth from her bag.

"Where's Daddy?" The girl asked, while Kagome was cleaning her.

"I don't know. We'll find him. What's your name?" Kagome asked, to change the subject.

"Mommy, you know my name, silly! It's Akemi!" The girl smiled.

"And how old are you, Akemi?" Kagome asked, trying to make it sound like she already knew the answer.

"3 and a half!" Akemi answered, excitedly.

"And your favorite foods?" Kagome quizzed.

"RAMAN!" The girl jumped.

"Oh, well I have plenty of that, you want some?" Kagome looked at the girl, knowing the answer already.

"YES!" Akemi bounced, gleefully.

"Okay then, Songo, would you?" Kagome asked the demon-slayer.

"Sure." Songo made the girl a bowl of raman.

The girl ate the raman like a speed-eater. She had the whole bowl of raman down in less than a minute.

"You were really hungry, weren't you!" Kagome laughed.

"I'm always hungry for raman, Mommy!" The girl, crossed her arms.

"You remind me of someone, but I'm not sure who..." Kagome said sarcastically, referring to a certain half demon.

"Who, Mommy?" Akemi asked, not knowing about sarcasm yet.

"No one. Why don't you go to sleep, you must be tired!" Kagome began to make a bed for Akemi.

"Daddy's got to tuck me in!" The girl demanded.

"But I don't know where Daddy is!" Kagome told her. 'or even who...' she thought.

"But Daddy always tucks me in. I won't sleep until he tucks me in!" Akemi pouted.

"Cmon. I'll tuck you in." Kagome tried to pick the small girl up, but she wouldn't budge.

"I want Daddy!" Akemi started crying.

"I promise we'll find him if you go to sleep." Kagome negotiated.

"Okay." Akemi agreed, still pouting. She allowed Kagome to put her into the bed.

"Sleep well." Kagome whispered.

"Aren't you going to give me a good-night kiss?" Akemi asked.

Kagome kissed Akemi's forehead, and the girl fell asleep almost instantly.

"Not too tempermental. I'm glad she didn't have a tantrum." Kagome sighed, watching Akemi as she slept. "So if I'm her mother in some impossible way, who's her father?" She asked, starting to believe the girl. 'If it's possible for me to travel 500 years to the past, I shouldn't be picky on what weird stuff I believe."

"I think a certain half-demon might have something to do with it..." Miroku whispered to Songo.

"Yep." She replied.

"We should get to sleep. I have the feeling tomorrow will be a long day..." Kagome yawned, getting into her sleeping bag.

She fell asleep thinking of Inuyasha. She missed him, and was worried about him. She hoped he would be back tomorrow.

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