I actually started writing this 'chapter 4' before writing the official one. I filed it away in my computer and forgot about it. Then I started writing chapter 4 again, a bit differently. I just found them both, and decided to finish both of them, and give you guys one of them as an alternate ending. You can probably see why this one is the alternate ending instead if the official ending. Still, I hope you enjoy!

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"Dirty wolf..." Inuyasha muttered...

"What did you say, Mutt?" Koga yelled, running up. "Kagome, I'm back to take you away from flea-bag here. Naraku's dead." He announced.

"What?!" They all gasped in unison.

Instant Parents

Chapter 4: Enemy?

"Yep. Yesterday Kagura came and told me he was dead." Koga elaborated.

"How?" Inuyasha asked, relieved, but also annoyed at the same time 'That was MY mission!' he thought to himself.

"She didn't tell me much. All she said was that he was dead, and told me to give this to Kagome when I came for her." Koga took a tainted fragment of the Shikon Jewel and handed it to Kagome. His hands and fingers burned where he'd touched it.

"That's Naraku's portion? That's almost all of it!" Kagome gasped, grabbing the jewel and purifying it. She took out her fragments and joined them to form an -almost- complete Shikon Jewel. "Koga, can I have your shards, please?" She asked.

Without speaking, he took the shards out of his legs, and handed them to Kagome, who fused them to complete the jewel.

"Finally, it's over... Naraku's dead, and the jewel's complete." Kagome said in awe. Inuyasha walked away, he seemed upset about something.

"You really did do it, Mom!" Kiyoshi uttered, as if someone had just proven a myth to him.

"'Mom'? Why is this kid calling you that, Kagome?" Koga asked, suspiciously.

"He's my... and Inuyasha's son. And those are our daughters..." She admitted, pointing to Haruka and Akemi.

"What? How?" He questioned, confused.

"They're from the future..." She explained.

"So you and dog-boy aren't..." Koga asked, still hopeful.

"No." Kagome said, disappointed.

"But they will!" Haruka cut in, quickly.

"Kagome, I'm better than dog-breath over there! I'm a full demon! Inuyasha's just a stupid half breed with a big sword. Our kids would be strong!" Koga tried to persuade her.

"Nobody talks about my daddy like that!" Akemi ran up to Koga and kicked him in the shin, but didn't do much damage.

"And nobody talks like that about my kids!" Kagome grabbed Akemi and Kiyoshi and walked off, Haruka following faithfully.

Koga ran off without saying another word.

"Inuyasha, are you okay?" Kagome asked, concerned.

"I wanted to kill Naraku!" Inuyasha grumbled. "I was supposed to avenge Kikyo!"

"Well, at least Naraku's dead, and we have the jewel. How 'bout you make the wish on the jewel?" Kagome offered, trying not to show the twinge of jealousy when he'd said Kikyo's name.

"Really?" Inuyasha asked hopefully.

"Yes. I do have one condition…" Kagome sighed.

"And what's that?"

"You're not allowed to wish to be a full-fledged demon." Kagome smiled.

"I wasn't planning on it." Inuyasha wore a smile, though it was more devious.

"Well okay then." Kagome handed him the jewel, "make your wish."

Inuyasha took the jewel and closed his eyes. There was a flash of light, and suddenly, everything was different, yet still the same. The kids were gone, yet everything else was much as it was.

"What'd you wish for?" Kagome asked.

"That everything was how it was supposed to be…" Inuyasha looked into Kagome's eyes, with an almost wistful note in his voice.

"And how do you think that is?" She questioned.

"Well, it kinda starts with this…" Inuyasha leaned into Kagome, and pulled her into his arms, and giving her a kiss.

A kiss that sealed fate…

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