A writers block fic, will probably only be a few chapters.

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'Hey Beansprout-Allen-Chan,' Lavi teased as he sat down next to Allen at the breakfast table. A vein throbbed in Allen's temple, and he stopped in mid-bite.

'Lavi, stop calling me that!'

'Awwww...' Lavi went doe-eyed, 'But it's so cute! Beansprout...'

A dangerous aura surrounded Allen. He stood up, grabbed Lavi by the collar, and dragged him away from the table and out of the cafeteria, despite his protests and complaints of being choked. Once out in the hall, Allen turned to him, hands on his hips.

'Alright,' The boy sighed, 'what do you want?'

'I was about to ask you the same thing,' Lavi grinned, 'what do you mean by "What do I want"?

'What do you want from me that you would take in exchange for never calling me that nickname again! It was bad enough when Kanda started calling me that but with YOU calling me that... Just,' Allen breathed in deeply, 'Tell me what you want so you'll stop calling me Beansprout.'

'Hmmm...' Lavi smiled thoughtfully and stroked an imaginary beard, 'I'm sorry Beansprout but I don't think there's anything on earth better then calling you Beansprout.'

'FINE!' Allen burst into flames and wagged his finger in Lavi's face, 'THEN I CHALLENGE YOU TO A COMPETITION! WINNER GET'S WHAT HE WANTS!'

Lavi opened his mouth to decline, but then shut it again, suddenly seeing an interesting light bulb above his head. He nodded, hiding the cheeky glint in his eye.

'Ok, Allen that seems fair, what's the competition?'

'A race!' Allen announced, 'Whoever gets to the big boulder on the other side of the town wins. And no Innocence, cos even with crowned clown your hammer is faster then I am.'

'Ok...' Lavi nodded, 'But... I think the winner should get more then just the right to the nickname. The other side of town is a long way by foot; he should also get a prize of his choice along with the nickname. Don't you agree?'

'Um, I guess...' Allen shrugged.

'Good. If you win, what do you want?'

'Uhhhh... You have to be my servant for a week and do whatever I tell you.'

'Ok...' Lavi nodded, 'And If I win, I want... A kiss.'

Allen stared in shock.

'I'm sorry, what?'

'I want you-' Lavi poked Allen in the chest, smiling, 'To give me-' He pointed to himself, 'A kiss.'

'B-but why...? I thought you were...?'

'Straight?' Lavi provided, 'A guy can swing both ways.'

'B-BUT THAT'S SO PERVERTED! I'm not giving you a kiss!'

'You said whatever I wanted! Come on Allen. One kiss, on the lips. No tongues or groping or cameras or people watching, just a quick peck and that's it. Just be glad I'm not making you do something weirder like dress up as a cat boy. Please? I really like you...'

Lavi looked at him wit sincerity in an almost begging way. Allen's cheeks flushed. He took a deep breath.

'O-Ok, but only if you win! I'm not going to make it easy on you just because you confess to me.'

'Great,' Lavi grinned, 'READYSETGO!'

Suddenly the redhead ran down the hall towards where the lift down to the top of the town was. Caught off guard, Allen cried out and chased after him. By the time he got to the lift however Lavi had already gotten into it and the doors had closed. Growling, Allen pressed the button repetitively, not wanting to lose. He had no idea Lavi liked him enough that he wanted to kiss him, and the thought made him blush, but he didn't want to kiss him back! He liked Lavi a lot, but more as an older brother/best friend type figure.

Finally, the lift doors opened again and hastily got in.


Lavi jumped out of the lift and ran full pelt down the road towards the town, passing several confused finders as he went. He could hear the lift go back up with a grind of gears and increased his speed. He'd liked Allen ever since he'd first saw him. He'd just been so cute! And he was so nice and kind too!

He wasn't going to miss out on a chance to kiss him, no way-


'WAAAH!' Lavi cried out in surprise as he felt something wrap around his leg and trip him. He got a face full of dirt and looked up to see Allen zoom past him, crowned clown activated.

'Hey!' Lavi shouted as he got up, 'I thought you said no Innocence!'

'YOU CHEATED BY GETTING A HEADSTART!' Allen called back as he ran, a sly grin on his face, 'SO I'M BREAKING THE RULES!'

Lavi chuckled, seeing a chance. He pulled his hammer from the holster. He wasn't going to use it to fly; Allen could easily pull him down with the clown belt, since that was a big weakness. No, Allen had tripped him so he was going to trip right back.

'OOZUCHI KOYZUCHI!' Lavi cried as he ran, 'SHIN!'

The pole extended quickly up to where Allen was and Lavi aimed it for his feet. Allen saw it however and jumped so that it only tapped his ankle. Lavi narrowed his eye and extended it past Allen, implanted the head into a hole in the ground up ahead and unextended it. He flew along the ground, and as he passed Allen he hooked the hollow of his ankle and boot into the back of the boy's knee and Allen cried out as he was flipped on his back, landing with a thump. Lavi landed, wiggled the hammer head from the fox hole and ran towards the forest the blocked the town from view. Allen collected himself, jumped up and used clown belt to zoom to the trees.


While still in the air, he grasped his left wrist, and pulled his arm out from his shoulder, the arm becoming a large sword as it did. He swung it at the trees, clown belt swinging him up ahead, and as he passed over a shocked looking Lavi he called out an apology as a cut-away branch hit him on the head.

Confident he'd left the redhead behind; he replaced the sword as his arm, landed on the forest path and continued on to the town, which was becoming visible through the trees.


Lavi swung his hammer at the falling branches, shattering them to bits. He chuckled and rubbed the spot on his head where he'd been hit by a stray one, then sprinted to keep Allen in sight. Allen wouldn't normally use methods like that; he must have become dark while they were running.

'Heh,' Lavi thought fondly, 'You really don't wanna get kissed...'

Just as Lavi was catching up, they burst from the trees and a few strides later, they entered the cobbled street of the town. They were going slower now, as they were tired. They both deactivated their Innocence so civilians wouldn't see.

'G-GIVE IT UP LAVI!' Allen panted as he sensed Lavi coming up behind him, 'Y-YOU MIGHT HAVE LONGER LEGS BUT I'M FITTER THEN YOU ARE!'

'Y-YOU'D TH-THINK THAT !' Lavi puffed as he came up next to the boy, 'BUT I-I'VE BEEN EATING HEALTHIER LATLY!'

Suddenly, the two came to a corner. Allen skidded to a halt, but Lavi, taking a chance, kept running. To Allen's amazement, Lavi leapt forward, planted his hands and feet on the wall, then bounded off again in the correct direction of the corner and continued running, hardly breaking his pace.

'WOAH!' Allen thought as he followed around the bend, now lagging behind, 'Since when could Lavi do something like that?'

Lavi was a man of many surprises, Allen decided. Just when you thought you had gotten to know him, he would come out with something else... Like a love confession.

Allen blushed and mentally shook himself. Why was he thinking about that? He had a race to win!


Ok, that was retarded. Sorry, but I felt like putting some physical activity in, since my dad is watching the Olympics behind me I go Inspired. On a side note... GO AUSTRALIA!