Playing Dice With the Universe
Introduction Recap and Disclaimer

Authors note
As you know it's a bad idea to play dice with the universe. If I'm honest I just liked the title and when you start messing around with time travel I've always thought you might as well be rolling high odds. But speaking of titles this story came up in a discussion between me and another transformers writer, with one hell of a name. Ultra-Prime Autobot Hero

Basically he told me that with all the references to the Beast Wars in my inter-linked multiple transformers crossovers (just don't get me started... I'll fill you in later) I should go the whole way and write one. He threw me a lot of ideas I didn't see working in my overall plan, but I knew I had to do something.

Eventually I got around to plotting it out. I decided where to put it in the continuity I'd set up and as all my stories seem to, it snowballed. Filling in a lot of gaps I hadn't noticed before and involving a character I've tried to use before but couldn't find a way to fit him in. Whole ideas came then out of the blue and well you'll just have to see. So here we go. A Beast Wars G-1 crossover, with a few twists of course.

During the last few days of the Autobot Decepticon War on Earth a group of young humans became involved in the war. Summoned by the sprit of Primus these humans were lead by a human female known as the Slayer (Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Primus knew that the one known as Dawn Summers, in reality an energy source called The Key, could merge with the Matrix of Leadership. Combined these two energy forces became known as Optimus Primus. The creation of this new god lead to the almost endless stalemate broken and Autobot victory.

In the final battle Megatron and almost all of the Earth based Decepticons were defeated. Those that could fled back to Cybertron. Long since conquered the once homeworld of all transformers was now totally dominated by Decepticons. Only a few sparse Autobots survived to wage a guerrilla resistance.

Upon hearing this Optimus Prime gathered the bulk of his Earth based forces and launched a liberation force. Leaving a small, but elite, wreckers team to defend the Earth the Autobot army left for home

Continuity note:-
Generation 1.5 is a vast multiple crossover story involving the Autobots meeting various other shows while battling the Decepticons. The stories, in order (and the crossovers they're with) are:-

The Awakening (Stargate SG-1 section)

Deceptions and Robots (Kim Possible)

Keep Driving (Transformers/Beast Wars section)

All Creatures Great and Small (Buffy X-Overs)

This Story (urm... guess)

Help Needed (Smallville)

and the up coming WARZONE (Transformers/Beast Wars)

Please note that means they are unfinished at time of writing but will be soon (for soon read eventually).


Bluetooth winced and looked at his team. He was the leader of four Micromasters. Small transformers built for battle with the smallest amount of energon available. Each four man team had a theme, Bluetooth's was simple all four were named after colours and transformed into combat equipment for other micromasters. combined they had enough punch to take down the Drones build by Cybertron's Decepticon governor, Shockwave.

A lot of Autobot civilians had left for Earth, a supposed paradise of high quality energon. Still a number of Autobots stayed, not everyone could fit into Metroplex and Fortress Maximus. There wasn't enough energon to launch anything else, leaving a number of Autobots stranded on Cybertron.

Then they heard Optimus Prime was returning with every Autobot willing to fight. Bluetooth's team might only have been a small part of their group but everyone was heading there, reasoning Prime would need all the support he could get.

They didn't know how right they were. Shockwave had also heard of Prime's return and set up a welcome home party. Cybertron's spaceport was a city state called Kallis. The centre was a massive spaceport and cargo containers, with sub-ports and dry docks making up the suburbs. While there were lesser landing sites scattered across the planet the only place you could land a whole invasion fleet was Kallis.

Shockwave had obviously booby trapped the main port so Prime's forces fell from the sky everywhere else. Both scattered and cramped on to landing sites far too small for them. It didn't take Shockwave's forces long to re-aim the defence batteries and all to soon the Autobots were pinned down.

The first wave of shuttles made it but after that the sky was full of ground to air missiles and laser blasts. The resistance group split up, Bluetooth and his team had joined with another three Autobots and they made it to the outer edge of one of the bunkers. That's when it's auto-defences had kicked in and sawed the three full scale Autobots in half. Leaving the four man team cowering behind shuttle debris.

'We've got to get out of here!' His brother shouted over a nasty explosion. 'The others are going to have to regroup.'

Reddusk looked up. 'Not a chance. We're still within range of those auto-guns, we run and were so much scrap.' He elbowed the shuttle hull they were cowering behind.

His brother just shook his head and tried to run. Bluetooth grabbed him by the arm 'Listen to him Blueknight, we're trapped here. At least for now.'

'We're dead either way. This cover of ours is slagged.' Greenshard agreed with Blueknight 'I say take our chances.'

Bluetooth looked at the red glow developing behind him.. Then there was another explosion. Close, far too close and the four of them covered their heads. Looking back up they found a new Autobot among them, silver and blue in colour and sleeker than any of them.

'Oh Hi.' they said through their face plate. 'Hope you don't mind.' The voice was female, so was the form, but none of them had encountered a female Autobot their own size before.

Before they could question her she picked up a gun in one hand and drew a box with her other. In one move she attached the box to the front of the gun, drew it in an arc and fired the box over the cover.

'Who are you?' Reddusk asked incredulous and moments before something exploded.

'Sunburst. Now excuse me...' She put a fist through the melting hull plating and pulled it out again. Shaking the slag from her arm she looked though her hole. 'I just love rifle grenades. Don't you?'

Bluetooth looked around the side. Something had exploded on the defence bunker's wall. Knocking out the auto-gun. 'Got any more of those?' He asked as another gun pivoted around to cover them.

'Sorry all out.' She answered as the new gun fired. She poked her rifle through her own little hole and fired back. 'And I'm not doing that well on ammo either.' admitting as she checking her ammo charge.

'Name's Bluetooth. If you need fire power you've got it in us.'

'Are your motherboards lose? We've got to get out of here!' Greenshard interrupted. 'You too lady...' Whatever else he was going to say was lost as she took one look at him and slapped him across the face.

'Pull yourself together.' She scolded him. '...Or failing that run that-a-way and get them to shoot you. Should be a good distraction for about five minuets.'

'What will you do?' Reddusk asked.

Sunburst looked at him. 'If we can take that bunker we can reprogram the auto-guns. Buy the big boy's time to get to ground.'

'Prime give you that order?' Blueknight asked

'Sort of...'

Then a communicator on her arm flicked up 'Sunburst, get back here! Didn't you hear me, we're falling back to the moons!' It was Optimus Prime's voice.

'You heard him, you heard him. They're abandoning us, running for it! We've got to get out of here ' Greenshard panicked and ran.

Sunburst and Bluetooth shouted for him to stop but it was no use, he was already in the open and a missile shell hit him. Scattering shrapnel everywhere.

'Sunburst get back here... Dawn!' Her radio cracked.

She just looked at it. 'Sorry Prime, something's wrong with my radio.' And then quite deliberately she held her arm out and blew the panel off.

Sunburst then looked around. 'Listen to me, if Prime runs these things will blow him out of space. If anyone does survive there won't be enough Autobots left to fight tomorrow. This is our Omaha, if we don't take this beachhead now we lose for good.'

'What can the four of us do?' Blueknight asked looking at the crater that was once Greenshard. 'We're no match for them.'

'Then think of it this way,' Sunburst explained, reloading, 'We have three options. Dying here like fish in a barrel. Running and getting shot in the back. Or doing our best. Your choice guys. I've made mine.' She jumped over the top, Reddusk was on her heals.

Bluetooth looked to his brother. 'Some choice.' They said to each other and ran for it.

Sunburst was once a human called Dawn Summers. Dawn Summers would never have used a line like "our Omaha". Heck a few months ago she didn't even know what a beachhead was. Now she was quoting corny war films and referencing classic military invasions. So, yay research paying off but she was charging head first at a great big armoured house with lots of guns around it. Not the sort of thing she wanted to do.

Behind her were the three survivors she had found. When she had seen how badly things were getting she put out a radio message for all Autobots that could to follow her. A grand total of one did and they got blown away three steps later.

She hated being small. No respect and just big enough to get stomped on, but right now it helped. The great big guns were built to take out full Autobots, not something human size. Like micromasters. The four of them ran, zigzagging to dodge gunfire when one of those violet half tank half robot things popped his head out of a hatch.

Sunburst fired at it, so she wasn't the best shot in the world but she didn't have to to hit this guy to keep him bottled up. The big red guy behind her shouted; 'Sunburst! Firepower incoming.' He jumped into the air and begun to transform. Head retracting and shoulders rising. The whole upper structure spun and became one long shoulder mounted cannon. Legs folding up and becoming a backpack, she jumped, catching the cannon on her shoulders. Twin straps fired out and dropped down. Sunburst grunted at the extra weight as he landed and shoulder rolled back to her feet

She brought the good size cannon around and fired. The plasma shot detonated on target and the Decepticon's head exploded. Still she couldn't slow down for long and ran for it, carrying Red with her. The Blue's had caught up and all of them dashed for the only cover they could find.

A large pile of junk near the bunker and in the shadow of a neighbouring gun tower. 'Stop you fools! Stop the guns!' A Decepticon shouted over a PA from the tower and the weapons cut out. 'They're too close!'

Sunburst let Red transform and one of the Blue's looked at her. 'Any idea why they stopped?'

'Not a clue,' Sunburst looked around and then up at the four heavy weapons pointed at them from above. A terrible thought came to her; 'What are we hiding behind?'

'Missile racks.' The other Blue answered her with a hint of hysteria.

Red pulled a big box down from above. 'Energon packs. Looks like four outposts worth of spare ammo.'

Sunburst shook her head. 'Someone up there hates me. They really do.' she sighed at the sky before turning her attention to the Decepticons. 'I mean you don't hide ammo stacks under a bit of junk.' she shouted at them. 'Underground supply trains and transport networks, yes. Not throw a bit of scrap around and hope no one gets lucky.'

'We didn't have time to set it all up.' the Decepticon shouted back. 'Surrender or we come out there after you.'

'Then we shoot and blow us all to kingdom come.'

'So how do we get in now?' A Blue asked and Sunburst had an idea.

Optimus growled. This did not go according to plan, his hope to rush the defences Shockwave wouldn't have time to finish didn't work. While Megatron was a cunning commander he still was ruled by emotions. Shockwave's famous cold hard love of logic had helped him prepare for this.

'Prime, we still have three groups pinned down and not enough ships to get them all out of here!' Jazz shouted over laser fire. 'We have to take out these guns.'

'Agreed, but how?' Optimus asked when something happened. Out by the nearest bunker someone stared shooting at something a lot closer than any Autobot should have gotten. They hit something and a titanic explosion blew Optimus and most of the Autobots off their feet. The shuttle rocked on its landing struts

Sitting up he saw the building missing half it's side. Another, less impressive, explosion went up on the base of the tower next to it, toppling it on top of a third emplacement that also went up when both their main missile batteries ignited. Some crazy 'bot must have gotten close enough to cause that and only one name came to mind.

'Sunburst...' Optimus shook his head. 'Autobots, we have a gap in their defences, use it!' he shouted into his radio.

End teaser

Authors note

For those of you who didn't get the reference, Omaha was the code name for one of the beachhead landing sites in the D-Day landings in Normandy. One of two for the American army.

Long story short there were several problems and the landing force got bogged down, while just about everyone else pushed inland the US forces had a hell of a fight. It's believed that if they never got off the beach the Normandy landings wouldn't have been as successful. Meaning the second world war would have lasted longer with more casualties.

Sunburst, while now a key figure in the Autobots, is still deep down Dawn Summers. In Buffy cannon she becomes a gifted watcher, in this story she uses her researching skills to study Earths military history. More on that later...