Best Man Forever

I prodded around in my head, for once looking for the voices that plagued me. Seth? I questioned, finding only one mind connected to me. He was thinking of Bella's wedding, and the invitation he had gotten to it. The tense conversation with his mother, only minutes ago about it. "Why would you want to be surrounded by vampires?!" was her response, and Seth only shrugged like the kid he is.

Jake? Even in his mind, his voice was full of awe. You haven't willingly talked to anyone since you left!

I sighed. I know.

So you need something? He knew what it was automatically but still thought it polite to ask me.

Yes. I know you want to go to Bella's wedding. My feet were now pulling me, almost magnetically, towards my home and my love.


and I need you to find a way. I don't care if you need to sneak out or what, but you need to be there. I'm counting on you, kid. I pushed myself even faster, knowing I had mere hours before Bella would be Cullen's forevermore.

His voice glowed with the delight to be needed. Can do, Jake!

I let myself rest for a moment, lapping at a nearby stream. Thinking to no one in particular, not even really to myself, I mulled over my Bella.

The Bella I knew was one I had known all my life. She had always been clumsy, always had that aura that made you want to protect her. She was funny at the most inappropriate times. Bella loved everything, and even when we were little I loved her.

Now, everything had changed. Not only my species, but who she was. Bella always had the same qualities about her, but around…Cullen… she seemed to glow. When she tripped, he caught her. I always tried that, but something bad always seemed to happen anyhow. (See the motorcycle incident if you don't believe me…)

I felt the miles flying past me and hope filled my heart, fueling my journey. My Bella…I couldn't help the emotion that flowed into her name. I would always love her; as long as she had herself. Her pulse might stop, her heart might cease to beat, but my love would always continue. She would always be a part of me, and as long as I was a werewolf I would follow her to the ends of the earth.

This revelation stung like a slap to the face. I left because of her, but now I'm following her to the end of the world?

Silent snickers rebounded through my head and I couldn't help the snarl that escaped. Sorry, Jake, Seth amended.

Keep your thoughts to yourself, puppy.

Can do.

My strides became longer as the panic set in. What if I didn't make it in time? What if Bella was already gone; already a leech?

It was a risk I couldn't afford. I ran faster, feeling Seth's thoughts get clearer and closer. You're home, he whispered as I crossed the Washington state line.

So I am, Seth. So I am. Cullen may be her husband, but I would always be her best man.