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"But Mom…!" she whined, her high voice ringing throughout her room.

"No more buts, Renesmee." I hated to be firm with her, but this was just weird. Way too weird.

"Look, Mom. It's only Jake. What's the problem?"

I sighed. The problem was that my six-year-old daughter wanted to go on a date with my best friend. Despite her only being a child, her body and mind was that of a teenager.

I placed a hand on her shoulder. "Look, Nessie." I silently cursed myself for catching on with the nickname. "This is just a little weird for me. I wish I could show you like you can show me."

This seemed to strike a chord with her, and her chocolate eyes brightened. "Mom, that's a great idea." She lifted her warm hand, with her father's long, slender fingers, and placed it on my cheek. Instantly, I saw an image of Jacob – russet skinned, a look of adoration on his face – and I felt it too: that overwhelming sense of love. I understood, of course, that she felt the same way about Jacob as he did about her, but that didn't prevent it from being weird.

"You have to understand, Ness – Renesmee, that, before you were born, I was…in love with Jake."

She didn't say anything, just stared at me for a second. An unbearably long and silent second. Without breaking my gaze, she lifted her hand to my cheek again, and as the heat of her palm touched me, I suddenly felt an enormous understanding. I beamed and pulled her into a very careful hug.

"Thank you," she mouthed.

We were abruptly interrupted by a loud knock at the front door of our cottage. We were still living here: Emmett and Rose's record still had to be beaten, after all. Opening the door, I was met with the nervous smile of the seemingly omnipresent shape-shifter who, despite the stench of the housemates, was almost always at the Cullen's. His eyes flitted past me to the stunningly beautiful girl behind me with her perfect waist-length bronze ringlets. He was by her side in no time at all, his fingers twisting in between hers. She gazed up at him with that look of a teenager in love, and in my mind's eye, I saw a girl of about her age, her pale heart-shaped face, framed with mahogany curtains, staring up at the bronze-haired boy, that same expression on her face.

"Did she say yes?" Jacob's voice was impatient. Renesmee suddenly looked uneasy and glanced over at me. When I hesitated, she stepped towards me, her expression now hopeful.

She pressed her hand against my cheek again, and this time I saw a much younger Renesmee climbing up onto the back of the giant russet wolf; I saw myself handing over the protection of her life to him all those years ago in the clearing. In that moment, I understood.

I smiled at her and silently nodded. Her perfect face erupted into an enormous smile and she ran back to Jacob after giving me a quick hug. Their fingers intertwined again, and Jacob led her from the cottage, flashing me a grateful smile. She still looked insanely happy.

"So, where do you want to go, Nessie?" Jake asked as they walked away into the twilight of the forest.

I cringed inwardly. What a horrible nickname.

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