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Chapter One

"Rach, honey, I can't do this alone," my dad begged into the phone.

My heart broke for him. "I'm done with school in one day, Dad. I will be home then, promise. As soon as I get that diploma in my hand, I'm in a car on the way to La Push."

After my brother ran off to "find himself" as my dad puts it, my father has been living alone and it wasn't working out for him.

"Good, I miss having you around here, even if you won't be living here."

"I'm sorry, Dad. It is really hard for me to be in that house without Mom there…" my voice dying off.

"It's okay, I understand. I will see you tomorrow, sweetheart."

"Bye, Dad." I hung up my cell phone and tossed it onto my bed. Glancing around the room, I looked for anything else that needed packed up. Tomorrow I would get my diploma quickly and get home to my new apartment. La Push Reservation High School offered me a job as an English teacher, starting next school year, so I was moving back home.

This is good, I reminded myself. La Push is my home; maybe if I go back, Jake will come back. If Jake comes back, then Dad will stop worrying, then I will stop worrying. I shook my head and pulled back the sheet on my bare bed, having already packed the comforter. Tomorrow I would be home.


Having the last name Black worked out. By eight that night I was pulling into my old driveway, waving to my dad through the window.

"Rachel!" my dad exclaimed.

"Hi dad," I kissed him lightly on the cheek, causing him to smile brightly. I knew he wasn't like this with Jacob, but being one of Daddy's little girls caused him to become a different person around me and my sister.

"Come in, Rach, the games about to start." He said, maneuvering into the living room where the TV was blaring.

"Did you eat tonight, Dad?" I asked as he watched the game intently. Since Jake left, I knew he wasn't eating properly.

"Don't you worry about me, Rachel. I could lose some weight." He said smiling. "Sue Clearwater made lunch for me today."

I walked over and kissed him on the forehead. "I will make you something for dinner then."

He frowned. "You just got here, I don't want you to feel like you have to cook for me."

"Dad, I want to cook for you." I walked into the old kitchen and opened the freezer. "You have a frozen pizza, how does that sound?" It was barely what I called cooking for him, but he would appreciate it.

I pulled the wrapping off the pizza and jumped when the phone started to ring.

"Will you grab that, Rach?" my dad yelled as he screamed at some athlete on the TV.

"Hello?" I asked into the phone.

"Uh, is Billy there?" a confused voice asked.

"Yep, may I ask who's calling?"

"This is Sam Uley," he said calmly.

"Dad, Sam Uley is on the phone."

A half hour later, I sat in his living room, talking happily with my dad while he ate the pizza.

"I think you're brother might be coming home soon…"

My ears perked up. "Really? When?"

"Sam said he heard he was coming in tonight," my dad said smiling.

"Wow, great timing." I smiled back at my dad. "Two out of three kids coming home ain't bad, right?" He nodded happily. "I wonder why he's coming home now…"

"I'll bet it has something to do with Bella Swan's wedding next weekend," he said quietly.

"Bella Swan is getting married! To who?" I asked loudly. The Bella I remember wasn't much older than Jake. She was only about eighteen if I remembered right.

If I hadn't been watching my dad's face, I would have missed the grimaced that passed along it quickly. "His names Edward Cullen. His dad's the doctor up at Forks."

"The one who helped Jake last year-?"

"Did I hear my name?" Jacob walked slowly into the room with a small smile on his face.

"Jake! You got so tall!" I jumped up and hugged my little brother. "Where have you been?"

He grinned at me before glancing knowingly at my dad. "Around. I heard you were coming home, and decided that I should probably get back too, for a little while at least."

My dad's face fell slightly. "You're not staying?"

"I'm gonna play it by ear. Do I smell pizza?"

I nodded and pointed towards the kitchen. Jake came back with the rest of the food, and a bag of chips. "Dad, I was talking to Sam and he said we were all getting together tomorrow at the beach."

My dad nodded. "He did mention that to me. Would you like to come with us, Rachel? We would all love to have you."

"Yeah, sure. I'm not moving into the new apartment until Monday when it opens up, so that should work out."

Jacob finished off the pizza and moved onto inhaling the chips. "Which apartments are you moving into?"

"The ones by First Beach, and don't talk with your mouth full, you won't get any girls that way."

Jacob and my dad laughed. "You are so much like mom," Jacob said quietly as he smiled at me, my dad nodding in agreement.

I looked down. My mom was a touchy subject for me. "We should call Becca," I said quickly, changing the subject. I pulled out my phone and dialed my twin sister.

"Hello?" my sister's voice rang out over the speakerphone.

"Becca!" Jacob yelled into the phone.

"Jake! Is that you? I heard you were soul searching."

"We're all here Becca," my dad said quietly into the phone.

"Oh, Daddy, don't you try to guilt trip me into coming home. You've got more than enough company there with you. I know Rachie is there, even though she hasn't said hi yet."

I grinned. "I wanted to give the evil twin a chance to talk to her family before I got to her."

"Ha. Just because I'm not the smart twin doesn't mean I'm the evil twin." I heard her laugh quietly. "I miss you all so much. I really would come home if I could."

"When are you coming home, honey?"

"When one of those two gets married, that's when," I could almost hear her smiling on the other side of the phone when she heard my dad groan.

"That could be forever, Rebecca," my dad said jokingly.

"Hey you guys, I have to go to bed. Some of us have to work tomorrow… I love you three with all my heart."

"Bye, Becks," Jacob said happily.

"Love you," dad said quietly.

I turned off the speakerphone and held the phone up to my ear. "Don't hang up yet, I'm going outside."

"Oh, we see how it is, you go have your secret conversation," Jacob said, sticking out his tongue.

I rolled my eyes and walked out to the small porch, sitting on the top step leading up to the house. "Becca?"

"Hey, Rach. I'm glad you guys called. How are you holding up in the house?"

I sighed. "It's so hard to be here. I keep thinking she's going to come in from hanging up laundry, or walk in the door after work…"

"I know, honey. It's only two days though, you can do it."

Staring at the forest around me, I sighed again. Even if La Push was my home, that didn't make it any easier to be here. "I don't know, Rebecca. If I didn't get offered that job, I wouldn't be here right now."

"Well, you are, so make the most of it, dear."

I laughed. "Always so understanding."

She chuckled too. "I really do have to get going though, call me again tomorrow."

"Will do, later." I heard the phone click and I snapped my phone shut too. Taking one last breath of the fresh Washington air, I went back inside to my family.

Dad and Jake were sitting in the living room, quietly discussing something. "Now who's having secret conversations?" I said jokingly, falling on the couch next to my brother.

Jacob grinned. "I'm excited for the beach tomorrow, I've missed everyone. Especially Embry and Quil."

"Well, kids. I'm old and tired, and my bed is calling me." My dad moved towards his room. "You two have no clue how happy I have to have you home with me." He smiled once more before going into his room and shutting the door.

Jake sighed as he draped his arm around me. "I've missed you, sis."

"I've missed you too, Jake. Speaking of that," I said hesitantly. "I'm not buying your story. Where were you? Why did you leave?"

My brother's face dropped. "It was too hard to be here with everything that was going on…"

"What was going on?" I persisted.

Jake pulled his arm back and put his head in his hands. "I can't tell— " I stared at him. "Okay, okay. There was a girl." I smiled at him, nodding my head. "He boyfriend left her, and she lost it. She came to me. I fell for her, hard. Then her boyfriend came back and it was like nothing happened. Like he never left. Then I got an invitation to her wedding to the guy and… I couldn't be here." He looked better now that he got it off his chest, but it didn't seem like he was telling me the whole truth.

"And you're attending this wedding next weekend?" I asked quietly

"She's my best friend, I would feel awful if I missed it," he said slowly.

"If you need anything, let me know, Jake." He nodded and smiled. "I'm gonna head to bed too." I kissed him on the forehead and walked into my old room.

Six long hours later, I was sitting at the small dining room table, reading the newspaper and sipping from a large cup of coffee.

"I thought I smelled coffee," my dad said as he came into the room. "It's pretty early, Rach. What are you doing up?"

"I couldn't sleep." I said quietly as I read about a murder in Seattle.

My dad sighed. "I know it's hard, honey. I'm sorry."

I smiled slightly. "It's nothing dad, don't worry about it."

"Your mother would be so proud of you," he said, eyes shimmering.


"I'm sorry, I know you don't like talking about her." I nodded and went back to reading the paper.

At around noon, I walked into my room and pulled my bathing suit out of my suitcase. The white fabric of the suit made my russet skin seem even darker.

"Dad, I'm going to head to the beach early, catch up on some reading." My dad looked up and smiled as I walked out the door.

Walking out onto the beach was calming. After my night of tossing and turning in that small bed, I needed this. The ocean was something that I could look at and be relaxed instantly. When my mom first died, I spent hours here, just sitting.

I slowly headed towards the water, not paying much attention to anything when I was stopped.

"Whoa, sorry," a man turned around and looked down at me. He was as tall as Jacob, which surprised me. His expression confused me. It was like he was being released of every burden in the world. Like I was the only thing holding him down.

I brushed a hair behind my ear. "It's alright, I ran into you."

"I'm Paul," he said as he reached out to shake my hand.

I took it and jumped slightly at his warmth. "Rachel."

"You are really beautiful, Rachel." Paul whispered as he continued to look down at me. I blushed, not knowing what to say. "Do you want to come with me? Some of my friends are meeting in about thirty minutes."

"Are you Jake's friend?" I asked.

His eyes widened. "You're Jacob's sister, Rachel? That Rachel?" I nodded. "He's going to kill me."

I laughed. "Why would you get that impression?"

Paul shook his head. "No reason. Do you want to go for a walk before we have to go back?" He asked, making it seem like he never wanted to join his friends.

"Sure," I smiled at him, looking at his face closely for the first time. Paul was very attractive. His dark skin shined in the sun, contrasting with his beautiful white smile. "Are you Jacob's age?"

He shook his head. "I'm a little older than Jake."

Good, I thought, I didn't want to feel like a pedophile. We walked for a while, Paul asking me about all my favorite things. Color-green. Hobby-reading. Food-Hot Dogs. The food one made his smile, saying that he loved hot dogs too.

After our walk, I too didn't want to return to the party. I was having a lot of fun with Paul, and I didn't want it to end.

Someone had set up tents and as we slowly approached, I saw Jacob glaring at Paul. He dropped what he was holding and started walking quickly towards us. Two other boys looked up at Paul and he grinned at them before looked back to Jake.

"Dude, Jake, I didn't mean to. You can't help these things, I'm sorry man." Paul said as he walked in front of me, as if to shield me from my brother.

"Jake, I don't see what the big deal is, we just went on a walk," I said quickly, trying to calm my, now shaking, brother down.

He continued to glare at Paul and before either of us got another word out, Jake had punched Paul in the nose.

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