Chapter 31

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Another shiver rippled through my cold body as I sat on the couch watching iCarly with Nikki. I forgot how freezing the La Push winters could be. Snuggling closer to the little girl beside me, I tightened the fleece blanket over our shoulders again.

Nikki giggled at something on the show and rubbed my growing belly softly, smiling at it. "Freddie is funny, isn't he, baby?"

I smiled lovingly at her. For the past three months, Nikki had been a great help with this pregnancy. The first trimester was extremely hard on me and Paul. With the constant puking and fatigue, I wasn't very much help around the apartment. Nikki picked up where I couldn't, cleaning and vacuuming whenever I asked her to.

"When will Paulie be home?" Nikki asked as she turned her head up to me, her brown eyes questioning mine.

I sighed and readjusted the blanket again, suddenly feeling colder. "Late, kiddo. He's working on Sue Clearwaters' snow-blower then he was to work with Sam tonight." When we found out I was pregnant, Paul started picking up odd jobs around La Push to earn some extra money, knowing that sometime we would have to move.

Nikki frowned, before quickly sitting up, probably noticing my dull mood. "Do you want some popcorn? With lots of salt and butter?"

"You know me so well," I said, laughing. This baby loves popcorn, so it has been a main portion of my diet for the past couple months. Nikki hopped off the couch and skipped to the kitchen. Seconds later I heard the popping in the microwave.

A loud wolf's howl broke the monotony of the children's television show, causing me to jump off the couch and stumble to the window, looking out into the night.

I leapt towards the door, locking it quickly. I knew when the howls were bad, and this one wasn't good. I sped to the kitchen and locked that door too, pulling the shade shut on the door.

Nikki looked at me like I had four heads as I pulled the curtain shut. "You're doing that thing again, Rachie," she cocked her head, looking at me closely.

Sighing, I sat at the table and laid my head down. We still hadn't told Nikki anything about the werewolves. In the past few weeks, Nessie, Jacobs imprint was gaining a lot of interest. Only two vampires had crossed onto our reservation, but the boys were still on edge. She thought that my being worried about the wolves outside had something to do with my pregnancy.

It seemed that now that there was no danger involved in the Cullen's new addition to the family, more of their vampire friends wanted to get to know her. Paul's protective genes were going insane. Anytime he was away, his instincts would go crazy until I was back in his eyesight. The new vampires circling around weren't helping.

He and Embry together were very amusing to watch. Rebecca was now seven months pregnant and was getting bigger everyday. Being that she has twins growing inside of her, her pregnancy had a high chance of ending early. Once Embry found this out, he got even more freaked out about his future babies.

"I just want to make sure we are safe, Nikki," I reasoned, grabbing a handful of popcorn as she sat it on the table. "Did you finish that chapter you were supposed to read for school?" diverting her from the subject.

Nikki nodded and sat across from me at the table. "Yeah, Paulie said that if I did all my homework as soon as I got home, we could make a snowman this weekend," she smiled brightly. "I hope it snows all night and they cancel school. I really want to make that snowman."

"Me too," I looked out the window at the huge snowflake that were falling out of the sky. "Plus, we could use a day off."

Another howl ripped through the silence, causing both of us to jump up. Nikki's eyes filled with tears. "This is scarier than usual, Rachie. I don't like it."

My wide eyes nodded and I pulled her around the table and onto my lap. "It will be over soon, Nick."

"Why are there wolves here all the time?" Nikki asked, sniffling quietly, eying the window carefully.

I let out a strained sigh, wishing I could tell her everything. "That's just the way it is, kiddo."

"I want Paulie to come home," Nikki whispered as she ran her hand over my stomach.

"Me too," I said under my breath. "Let's move to mine and Paul's bedroom. It will be more comfy there. Maybe we can get some sleep."

Nikki hopped up and grabbed my hand. She walked close to me as we moved to the bedroom. She grabbed a book before jumping onto the bed and snuggling up against me. She pulled the blanket over us and I found my eyes drooping as she hummed to herself.


"Oh my gosh, Paulie! What happened?" Nikki yelped and jumped up, causing my eyes to snap open.

Paul looked like a deer in headlights as he froze in the doorway, looking at both of us in the bed.

I sat up and looked at him. His shirt was ripped to shreds and his skin was covered in dried blood. Paul's hair was standing at all ends and his shorts were coated in the red liquid.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I rushed over to him. "You were hurt," I gasped as I inspected him, running my hands over his bloody abs.

"No! I mean, yeah, but I'm fine now," Paul said quickly, moving towards the bathroom slowly. "I will be right back, I don't want you two seeing this. Don't freak out please."

He came out seconds later with a new shirt on, covering the blood. "I'm fine everyone. No blood. No pain. We are all good," he said, smiling slightly at the two of us. Nikki and I gave him a blank stare, not knowing what to believe.

"But-" I started, reaching towards him.

"Nick will you go grab an extra blanket, it's freezing in here," Paul said, lying to his little sister, patting her head.

She slowly got out of the bed and left the room, still staring at Paul.

"We will talk about all of this later, okay, Rach?" Paul's eyed pleaded with mine until I nodded.

My heart was still racing and the tears in my eyes weren't going away. Even though I knew Paul was fine, I couldn't control it. I sniffled before getting up, cursing my pregnant hormones for making me feel this way. "I need to go to the bathroom," my eyes fell to the ground, refusing to look back up at Paul.

"Wait," he grabbed my arm lightly, forcing me to stop. "Please don't cry, Rachel. It kills me when you cry. I can feel it, you know. I know when you are sad or scared. Please don't cry," he repeated. "I really am fine. You know how fast I heal. It takes more than a couple vampires to get to me."

His comment had the opposite effect he was going for and tears fell down my cheeks. I sobbed loudly, causing Paul to jump, not used to me crying like an idiot.

"Shit. Rachel come here, honey." He pulled me into his arms and ran his hands through my hair. "I'm really fine, baby."

I rubbed my face on his clean shirt and sighed. "I'm sorry. I was just so scared when I heard the wolves and then you come in all bloody…"

Paul frowned and pulled me closer. "I'm sorry, Rachel," he said guiltily.

"I have your blanket, Paulie," Nikki whispered from behind me.

Paul tore his eyes from me and crouched down to his sisters level. "Thanks, Nikki. It's pretty late though. Are you okay to sleep in your room?"

She nodded slowly and wrapped her little arms around Paul's neck. "I love you, Paulie. I'm glad you are okay."

He kissed her cheek lightly. "If you need anything, just knock, okay kiddo?"

She nodded and moved on to me, wrapping her arms around my middle. Nikki kissed my stomach lightly before pulling me down and hugging me tightly. "Love you, Rachel."

I sniffed again as I smiled at her. "I love you too, sweetie. Good night."

"I'll go tuck her in, okay, Rach?" He looked at me until I nodded before moving away.

Moving to the bed, I wiped my tears away, groaning inwardly. This emotional whiplash was starting to embarrass me.

Paul came back and stood in the doorway, smiling sadly at me. "Do you mind if I shower? I just changed my shirt before and…" he trailed off, not wanting to mention the blood that had dried on his skin earlier.

"Go ahead," I said quietly. "I'm feeling better now." Paul tilted his head and raised his eyebrows, questioning my last statement, causing me to smiling slightly. "No, I'm really fine. I'm going to heat up some apple cider while you're in the shower, so hurry up." I lifted myself off the bed and reached up to kiss his cheek softly. "Go, honey, I'm fine."

He exhaled and the tension in his back released. Paul leaned into my kiss and sighed. "I'll be right back," he added before turning towards the bathroom.

I poured some of the cider into a pot and put it on the stove, adding some cinnamon and watched it as it heated up.

Paul's warm arms wrapped around my growing stomach and he kissed my shoulder sweetly. "How are we doing, family?" Paul asked and I was not able to contain my smile.

"Better now that Daddy's home," I cheeked, turning to kiss him.

He was grinning widely. "I love when you call me that."

"I know," I chuckled as I poured my cider into a mug and moved to the table. "Alright, I've got a good hold on my emotions right now. Want to fill me in on what happened tonight?"

Paul's smile faded, but it was still there as he sat across from me. "Yeah, it's really not that big of a deal." I gave him a pointed look and he grinned. "Another coven or whatever came through Forks. And apparently they aren't as good of friends with the Cullens as the others. Anyway, they decided to take a shortcut through La Push. They ran right into me and Embry."

"So you took care of them?" I asked, rubbing my stomach subconsciously.

Paul nodded and laughed, noticing my movements. "Feeling protective, Momma bear?"

I blushed but shrugged, scoffing at him. "Tell me the rest, please."

"Well, naturally we did take them out. They put up a fight though, hence the blood," Paul said, rubbing his chest and stomach.

"What happened?" I prodded, needing to know exactly what happened to him.

"The one threw me into a tree and got me when his nails. They are really sharp," Paul explained. "It looked worse than it was. It was just a typical day at work, baby," he said, trying to lighten the situation.

I nodded, sighing. "It was really scary," I whispered, losing eye contact with him.

My fiancé frowned deeply. "I'm really sorry, baby. I hate that this is stressing you out. Especially now, it's not healthy for you or our baby. I wish I could do something."

"You gotta do what you gotta do, Paulie," I said quietly. "Don't worry, we were fine. It was just nerve wracking for a little while. But I know you will keep us safe no matter what happens. I'm really not worried about me, our baby, or Nikki. I worry the most about you. When you came in with all that blood on you, my heart broke."

Paul pulled his chair next to me. "I'm fine. I was born to do two things. The first is to kill vampires, and the next is to love you. As long as I'm doing both of those things, everything will be fine."

I smiled at him. "I know. My pregnant brain just over thinks it sometimes," I said, sipping on my cider.

"Are we good now? One hundred percent good?" Paul asked, pulling me onto his lap.

Nodding, I finished my drink before leaning up to kiss him. "One hundred percent good."

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