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Revelations by KateXCullen

Chapter One, Whoa—

I stared at the angel that was running through the woods with such grace and agility. She is a site to behold, that's for sure. She has the warmest chocolate eyes, the slender body of a model, the fullest lips, the most unique shade of bronze curls that bounce as she runs, and the picture perfect face to go with it all. Such beauty. Such kindness. Such talent. It takes a lot to get a werewolf's mind completely captivated without even trying. But of course, my Renesmee hardly notices what she does to me.

"Hey buddy, you better snap out of it. Edward is coming."

I glanced over my shoulder and found my best friend Embry coming out of the forest. I shook my head in hopes of recovering in time. As if that helped, I told myself. I caught sight of Nessie as she bit down into her prey, a giant buck.

"I don't know how you get used to that. It still kind of freaks me out."

"Ha, trust me, it isn't that bad. No worse than what we do. They just suck the blood out and leave the meat."

"Still bro! Come on!"

"Embry, just stop."

"Yeah, I don't want to have to kill you," said a voice behind us with a chuckle. We both turned and found Edward, my angel's father, my best friend's husband, my ex-mortal enemy, standing less than ten feet from us. The smell hardly bothers me any more. I have been around it so much these past few years that it tends to evade me. I can still tell that it is a vampire, but nothing that causes the hair on my back to stand up or anything like that.

"Sweetie. You aunt wants you back at the house. Something about a—"

"No! Let me guess! A shopping trip, right?"

"How did you guess?" Edward said, smiling.

"How could I not guess right when it comes to Auntie Alice?"

"Well, you have a point. Sorry. I tried to persuade her to let you stay with us, but she said it was important."

"It's okay Daddy. Nothing could have changed her mind."

My angel jumped into her fathers arms and gave him a kiss. I was instantly overwhelmed by a rush of jealousy. Whoa— Wait up. What the hell?!. That is new….

Edward snapped his head in my direction and gave me a look that could have killed a lesser being. I didn't have enough time to recover from my shock to do any evil glances back.

"You better get along before she comes looking for you, Nes."

"Yeah we don't want that," Nessie smiled. I honestly thought that the clouds should be parting and God himself should be looking down just because of the radiance this girl put off. Sadly though, she ran off and I was left with her father, the dumb mind reader, and Embry.

"She's only six you idiot. Control yourself," Edward snarled through his teeth.

Without thinking I replied, "Technically she has been alive six years. She is actually more like sixTEEN in the flesh."

He shook his head at my response and started walking back to his cottage and his wife. I know he had to see this coming.

"Don't sweat it dude. It'll all work out," Embry reassured while putting his arm around my shoulders. "Let's go see what Esme is cooking."

"Sure, sure…"

Author's Note:

Hey Yal! This is my first fan fiction. And I am in love with Jacob and Renesmee at the moment so don't be too mean. I just had to do something to express my love for them. =] Reviews would be awesome. I will need inspiration! Review! Review! XOXO

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