"Would you believe my mother had a secret fetish for physicians?"

Rose poured hot water into two mugs. "No. Not even remotely."

"My father had a secret fetish for physicians?"


"All right, all right. As far as I am aware, neither of my parents had fetishes for anyone in the medical profession. If anything, I suppose it can be said my father had a thing for women in wimples."

"Stop it. Seriously." Rose carried the cups back to the table, setting one in front of him before she sat down. "You're not changing the subject."

The Doctor sighed, taking a bite of his chocolate biscuit. "All right. Fine. As you have so cleverly determined, my birth name is not The Doctor." He raised a finger, quieting her before she could ask her next question. "No, Rose. I am not going to tell you my name." He reached across the table and took her hand, turning it over so her palm was up, then he curled her hand in his and lifted it to his mouth to kiss her knuckles. "It probably sounds like avoidance, or that I just don't want to tell you, but I have my reasons. Valid reasons. And they're all to keep you safe."

"Are you sure it's not just because your name is…" She paused, trying to think of the worst name possible. "Narcissus, or something."

His jaw dropped. "Are you calling me vain?"

Rose lifted her cup of tea to her lips to hide her smile. "Hmmmm."

"Hmmmm? What does that mean?" His expression transformed into shock, one eyebrow arching high over wide eyes.

Rose took a sip of her tea, and slid from her chair, returning to the counter to keep him from seeing her face. She was half way to the sink before his arms came around her and he lifted her off her feet. Rose squealed, clinging to his arms around her middle. They were both laughing by the time he set her down and turned her in his arms.

"So, I'm vain, am I?"

"With good reason," she teased, reaching up to ruffle his already rumpled and unruly hair. "You've got great hair this time 'round."

He backed them up until they bumped the counter, and without missing a beat, the Doctor lifted her up and set her bottom on the counter edge, sliding his body between her legs. "That the only thing you like?"

"No." He was kissing her before she finished her answer, his fingers digging into her hips to pull her against him. Rose leaned back, setting her hands on the counter so she could see him but he couldn't quite reach her to kiss her again. "But, you are still not avoiding the question, Doctor!"

"Answer's the same… I'm not telling you my name."

"Okay. Tell me why you're called The Doctor."

"It's not that interesting a story, Rose. Honestly." He pulled her closer to the edge, his arms sliding behind her to keep her against him. "This is much more interesting."

Rose wiggled and squirmed, laughing when his fingers tickled her sides, but managed to get free of his gangly arms and hopped down from the counter. When she was outside his reach, Rose stepped backwards, offering her most seductive smile as she ran the tip of her tongue over her lips. "Tell you what," she said, sliding his large shirt down off one shoulder to expose the mostly bare skin beneath. "Tell me why you're The Doctor, and I'll give you back your shirt."

"I rather like you in that shirt."

"Okay… tell me and I'll wear nothing but your shirt."

His eyes darkened as they shifted down her body, and heat flushed over her skin just by his glance. "It was a nickname at first," he finally answered. "A taunt, really. I wasn't exactly the favored student at Academy. Everyone knew of my parentage, the Cardinals made no secret of their distaste in my muddied bloodlines, and I wasn't exactly the model example of stoicism and detachment."

Looked at him over her shoulder, Rose turned her back to him and slipped her arms free of the shirtsleeves. "Keep talking, Doctor."

His mouth was partially open, his eyes watching her as she worked off the shirt and removed the tank beneath without revealing a single, partial inch of skin. Rose was thankful now for all those times she had to change clothes in the front seat of Shireen's car because they were both late for work, or school, or someone's party.

"Um… right. Ah… nickname. Actually, it started with my friend." When he said 'friend', something in his voice changed, strained, and Rose looked back at him. His teeth clicked together and he swallowed. "Sorry. I just haven't thought of him in a very, very long time." His eyes snapped back to her, and Rose held out her arm, dangling the now removed tank top off her fingertips. She dropped it on the floor before buttoning up the front of the shirt.

"You're not talking, Doctor."

He cleared his throat, his eyes on the dropped tank. "I had ideas to change things. Make things better, not just for us, but for everyone. All the species and planets we watched, sometimes just let die. I didn't understand why we couldn't do more. Fix things. So, my friend started calling me The Doctor… the Fixer." He shook his head. "It wasn't meant to be a… he didn't mean it like that. But, others started calling me Doctor in ridicule."

"Why would you use it as a name then?" She turned back around to face him when the shirt was buttoned just enough to cover her breasts while leaving plenty of cleavage.

He shrugged one shoulder, taking a step toward her. "They called me a revolutionary, a rebel, a human-lover. I supposed I was all those things. And I didn't want to be anything else."

Rose took a step backward, not wanting to end the game quite yet. "Was it hard for you?"

The Doctor scowled, dipping his chin. "I suppose. I dealt with the Cardinals pushing me harder than anyone else, figured it made me the better student in the end. And the opinions of the other Initiates didn't matter to me. It was being away from my family that bothered me most. I was eight years old."

"Doctor," Rose said softly, waiting for his eyes to come back to her. Holding his gaze, she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her pyjamas and slid them down her legs, bending forward enough to give him a quick view down the loose shirt.

The scowl was quickly replaced by heat and desire, and Rose's heart fluttered knowing she could do that to him. With her bare foot, Rose hooked the flannel bottoms with her toes and kicked them aside, standing now in just the loose, blue cotton shirt that just cleared the top of her thighs.

"S'at why you took Susan away?" she asked, taking one more step back until she reached the kitchen archway leaning into the hall. Rose tucked her hands behind her and raised one knee to set her bare foot against the wall. "So she wouldn't go through that?"

The Doctor took a step toward her, his eyes on her legs and not her face. Heavy eyelids hooded his gaze, and as he walked, he unbuttoned the front of his suit jacket. "Lorelei asked me to take her away. To show her where she came from. The people she belonged to."

He shrugged off the jacket and tossed it on a kitchen chair as he passed. He still wore the open-neck tee shirt he'd worn to the Games that exposed his neck and showed just enough chest hair to made her blood hum. By the time he reached her, Rose's breath caught in her chest in tiny gasps. He invaded her space, pressed her body against the wall with his own, and hooked his hand behind her knee to level it with his slim hips.

He used the long index finger of his other hand to skim her skin along the open collar of his shirt she wore. Rose's eyes fluttered as his fingertip followed the upper curve of her breast to the valley between. The Doctor bent his head and brushed his nose along her neck, his breath on her skin. His hair tickled her cheek and his tongue smoothed along the column of her throat, down her breastbone until he reached the 'v' of the shirt. The hand he had hooked behind her knee slid up her thigh until it pushed the tail of the shirt over her hips, his fingertips pressing into her bottom.

"Rose," he said against her breasts, and the sound of her name vibrated through her. "I'll tell you more, I swear. But right now…" His fingers released the next button of the shirt. He raised his head and looked into her eyes. "I want to be inside you."

Rose shuddered, a thrust of arousal snapping through her.

The Doctor bent his knees and effortlessly lifted her off the floor. Rose wrapped her legs around him, hanging on to his shoulders as he carried her from the kitchen, his mouth hot against her throat as he walked. When they reached the bedroom, he set his knee on the bed and laid her back, moving with her so he hovered over her.

"Rose," he said roughly, and she felt herself shake beneath the intensity of his gaze. "What you do to me…" He left the phrase incomplete, suspending his weight on one arm as he unbuttoned the shirt with the other. With the release of each button, Rose's breath came faster and her pulse pounded at the base of her throat.

His knuckles grazed over her breasts and down her stomach, teasing her navel before brushing the juncture of her thighs. She groaned, curling her fingers into his shoulders as he leaned in and drifted his open mouth over her abdomen, lower and lower until his breath stirred tight curls, making her gasp.

The Doctor scooted backwards, his tongue trailing a line from where her inner thigh met her body to the inside of her knee. It was all Rose could do to keep from crying out as her senses sparked and came alive. He set one foot on the floor, the other knee still resting on the bed, and straightened. With his dark gaze watching her, the Doctor reached behind his neck and pulled the dark cotton shirt off over his head.

Rose started to sit up and slide his shirt off her arms. "No," he said, not sharply but stern enough that she stopped. "Leave it on."

She lay back again, letting her fingers brush along the open edges of the shirt, opening it enough to expose her breasts and body. He watched her and inhaled a deep breath, swallowing as his eyes darkened more. Not looking away from her, he unbuckled his belt and unfastened his trousers, the sound of the zipper mingling with Rose's panted breaths. By the time he stood and let the trousers drop, Rose was dizzy, unable to lie still.

He knelt on the bed again, his eyes on her face as he gently pushed her legs apart, his hands on the inside of her knees. Only when he leaned in and his mouth touched her skin did he close his eyes as he slowly worked his way up the inside of her thigh. His teeth grazed slightly, his tongue tasted and his lips kissed, sucking gently.

His mouth reached her heat, but as much as Rose's instincts were to close her eyes and let the sensations take over, she couldn't look away. The Doctor's hands slid beneath her bottom, lifting her a tiny degree off the bed, and his thumbs stroked sensitive skin as his breath whispered over her. He paused and inhaled, and Rose felt a spasm of need ripple through her. She was nearly orgasmic and he hadn't fully touched her yet!

Then the tip of his tongue stroked over her clitoris and she cried out, pushing reactively against him and he latched onto her with his open mouth. Tears burned her eyes, but only because of the overwhelming ecstasy of his touch. His tongue pressed against her, rolling and tasting, and he hummed softly. Rose couldn't breathe and couldn't think, but she couldn't look away. His gaze darted up her body, meeting her stare, and he smiled against her.

His hand slid from beneath her, and with his tongue licking her with just enough pressure to sent tiny bolts of electricity through with each pass, he pushed a finger inside her.

She shattered, a devastating orgasm gripping her and she curled her fingers into the bedcovers just to keep herself from flying off the bed. He never took his mouth away, stroking and sucking until the spasms eased, leaving her limp and gasping.

The Doctor rose over her again, and took his finger from inside her to draw it into his own mouth, sucking at it just as he had the jam from his fingers at the Weber's house.

A shudder moved through Rose, and she had to swallow against the dry desert in her throat. "Oh, god…" she whispered. "Doctor."

His body shifted along hers, each point of contact tingling in the aftermath of her orgasm. In one swift act, he thrust inside her and covered her mouth with an open kiss, his tongue invading her and she groan, her body arching against him. His hands found hers and he laced their fingers together, drawing her arms higher so her hands rested on the mattress beside her head, nearly immobilizing her as he set a steady, forceful rhythm. Rose's fingers curled tighter as her body tensed again, already on the verge of another climax.

His tongue filled her mouth, and tasted like champagne, the remnants of her own arousal mingling with the taste of the Doctor. She gasped against his mouth, her breath hitching with each push of his hips against her. The Doctor left her mouth, burying his face against her throat, a low groan rumbling from his chest and vibrating through his lips. Words she didn't understand and couldn't comprehend laced his sounds of anticipation.

Her breasts bounced with each thrust, brushing her nipples against the sparse hair on his chest, and the sensation was enough alone to make her want to scream. Rose drew up her knees and the angle changed, and she did scream… his name echoing off the walls.

His body shook over her, and she saw the ripple and twist of his back and shoulder muscles as he tried to keep the pace. Everything coiled, tightened, and her skin flushed with cold heat from her throat to their joined bodies. He thrust harder, the bed creaking beneath them and Rose squeezed his hands, her lungs burning as she tried to fill them with precious air.

"Doctor!" she screamed, and she shattered around him.

He grunted against her breast, continuing to pump his hips as the orgasm rolled through her. It was a sweet conflict between never wanting the overwhelming sensations to stop, and thinking she might die if they didn't because her mind and body was on overload.

The Doctor rose over her, his hands still pinning hers to the bed and looked down at her, his expression twisted in sweet ecstasy. Sweat glistened on his forehead, clinging to his brown hair. Rose arched her back, screaming again because she couldn't take the bolts of energy pulsing through her.

With one hard thrust, he pushed into her and stilled, his eyes closing as a spasm shook his body. He moved a fraction, only to push into her again, a small groan escaping his lips before he finally released her hands and his weight collapsed on her. They both were slick with sweat, panting for breath. She felt her heart pounding against his cheek where he'd rested on her breast, and his double hearts thundered through his ribs.

Only when they both were breathing somewhat normally did the Doctor turn his head and flutter a kiss across the swell of her breasts. He raised his head and looked at her, a satisfied and somewhat pleased grin on his lips.

"Do you need to get up?" he asked.

Rose shook her head. "I don't think I could walk right now if my life depended on it."

He laughed softly. "Neither could I."

The Doctor leaned across her and found an edge to the bed duvet, swinging it over her legs. But, he didn't lie beside her. Instead, he scooted further down the bed and laid his head on her stomach, using her body as his pillow. His fingers danced over her skin, sending another jolt through her, and Rose laced her fingers into his hair.

"You'll be with me forever, Rose," he said softly, his face turned away from her so she couldn't see his eyes. He kissed her stomach. "Forever."

Rose combed her finger through his damp hair. Before she could respond, he took in a deep breath and his entire body relaxed. Within moments, his deep breathing told her he'd already drifted to sleep. Rarely did he sleep when they shared the bed, and if he did fall asleep with her he was never asleep when she woke up. He might be beside her, but never asleep.

She let her head rest on the bed, still stroking his hair. Rose stared up at the ceiling, a smile ghosting over her lips.

"I love you."

He drew a deep breath in his sleep, but didn't move otherwise.

When the Doctor woke, he lifted his head from her stomach to lean over her, looking into her sleeping face. Rose was deep in the kind of sleep that only came with complete satiation, a soft smile bowing her lips. He couldn't help the wide grin of pride in knowing he'd left the smile on her face.

He shifted along beside her, and with just the slightest nudge of encouragement, Rose turned onto her side to nuzzle her nose against his chest, humming softly. He tugged the blanket higher around them and reached for two pillows to support their heads.

Lying in the dim light of the bedroom, the Doctor studied her. Her features were relaxed, her cheeks flushed slightly with sleep. The Doctor stroked her cheek with his fingertips and smoothed over the softness of her lips. Her breath warmed his skin and she responded to his touch even in her sleep, parting her lips. He wrapped her in his arms, pulling her against him to tuck her head beneath his chin.

He kissed her hair and rubbed his cheek against her own before stilling his lips near her ear. She inhaled softly, rolling tighter into him, her hands slipping over his side so her arm draped over him. As softly as possible, he closed his eyes and whispered a name that had not crossed his lips in nearly nine centuries.

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