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Mana Kirishima was an average teenage girl living a mostly average life. Her father worked with a high tech government contractor to create state of the art computer systems, but she didn't know that, nor did it really affect her lifestyle.

No, she lived her life in the way most normal girls would, shopping, studying, 'hanging out' and the like.

As far as she knew, her father was simply a technician at the local university. Ironically, it wasn't entirely false. His current project was top secret and he was aided by his own personal assistant, the 'Synthetic Intelligence Data-Node Extrapolation Entity' or S.I.D.N.E.E. but most people just called her Sid. Sid was a new kind of AI, the best that had been created, exceeding the computational power of any one MAGI computer. She also had a remarkable sentient personality that had yet to be replicated.

What nobody at the lab knew was that Doctor Kirishima did not install Sid's core on site, in fact she was stored completely inside of his own lab that he had built in secret under his house. It was here that he did his own research, research for his daughter, not that she knew.

After all Mana Kirishima was a completely ordinary teenage girl.

Except that she wasn't.

But that's getting too far ahead of things.





"Come on Haruka, seriously? He's dirty! Just some dumb jock, I don't know why you're wasting your time." The girl said to her friend, who clearly was dating somebody that the girl objected to.

"Go easy on him Reiko, he's really sweet, you just can't see it because well… its just an image, be nice!" And the other girl defended her choice in a boyfriend.

Reiko tapped her foot impatiently and turned to the side, "What do you think Mana?"

Mana Kirishima was extremely uncomfortable in social situations, especially in social situations like this. It wasn't that she was introverted, she was just shy. She wanted to be like her friends, but still, she didn't quite have the courage. Even so, they still liked her.

"W-well I don't know, I mean Haruka has a point. Koji has always been nice to me so maybe he's not that bad?" she forced out quickly. She looked sideways at Haruka and found approval on her face. 'Well, that's good….'

Reiko looked at her like she'd lost her mind, "Mana, he's a meathead! argh, even my friends won't back me up!"

Haruka smirked, "That's just because Mana has more sense than you do Reiko." She stuck her tongue out at the other girl.

Reiko put her hand to her face, "eh… I'll get you to see reason soon enough, you can count on that."

Lunch ended a few moments later and the three girls went back to their respective classes.

Although she was shy, Mana still liked to do things with her friends, even if it was a social situation with other people. She'd know the other girls since they were children old enough to walk.

They were probably her only two friends, but as was said previously, she was shy. She was okay with only having two friends, because they were good friends.

It's been said that a friend will help you move and a good friend will help you move a body. In this case, she figured they were the latter, though they had never had the need to actually move a body before.

After sitting in a boring lecture on the effects of the Second Impact on global geography, the bell rang, signaling the end of the school day, and Mana's release into the world.

Her friends were in the band, and due to this fact she went home, alone.

It wasn't the first time, it probably wouldn't be the last time, but she had homework to do anyway, so it was probably for the better that she not have friends over. Exams were coming up and she had to score high to get into a good school.

Sure, she could probably make a steam engine out of scrap metal and soda cans (and she had her father's weird need to teach her how to do that kind of thing to thank for that), but that particular skill set wasn't really applicable to school.

So, having finally arrived at home after zoning out to think about exams, and thus stress, she grabbed a glass of milk and started to study at the kitchen table.

She sighed, 'exams suck.'





Doctor Hiro Kirishima was working late. Not at the office, no, he was working late in his own lab; with the sudden attack of the Angels something was needed, something more than Eva. He did not believe that something of such power should go unchecked; there was nothing to stop NERV if they took hostile action against Japan.

That was, until now. His own personal program: Project-I, would change that.

"Sid, show me the manufacturing progress report please." He spoke into thin air, nobody else was around.

"Yes Doctor" a disembodied voice replied, "Report is on display five, the manufacturing process for the I-System is at 98 completion with an estimated time of completion in fifteen minutes."

"Thank you Sid. I'll be going upstairs for a bit, keep things together for me." The man smiled to himself as he ascended the staircase that would lead him up into his home.

His daughter was sitting at the table sipping on a glass of cold milk; she was a little surprised to see her father walk out from a previously solid seeming wall panel. The wall stayed open as he stood there.

The glass froze in her hands and she stared at her father, this was completely unexpected and she wasn't sure what to think of it.

He cocked an eyebrow at the girl, "What?"

I blinked and set her glass back down on the counter, "It's the middle of the night and I just watched my dad walk out of a secret door in the wall."

He shrugged, "Yeah, that's about right, anyway I'd like to show you something." He motioned for her to come over to the doorway.

Still a little apprehensive about the entire situation, though motivated by her curiosity, she took a few steps across the kitchen and to the secret doorway. She had fully planned on walking down those secret stairs, it was weird to see her father come from the wall, but she trusted him, and it would be neat to see what was so secret.

Unfortunately, fate was not on her side. She did go down the stairs, but she did not walk, she flew. NERV Special Forces had attacked her home, had blown up a wall to get in. NERV had known what Doctor Kirishima was up to, and they were ordered to neutralize the possible threat to their military supremacy.

She hit the ground hard and looked up to see her father still up stairs, the blast having thrown him into the wall rather than down the stairs.

He turned down the stairs and yelled out, "Sid, lock down the lab; Code-N, activate the S-System! Protect Mana." As he said his daughters name the thick steel blast doors slammed shut and cut her off from seeing anything more upstairs.

She turned around to see… a laboratory. It was not big, not small but not big. It was also extremely well lit, and she could see a cylindrical object in the middle of the room with various consoles and monitors around it.

"Miss Kirishima, you must hurry. The I-System is nearly ready!" Sid called out from the various speakers installed in the room.

"Sid? I thought you were at the university lab." She said, quite thoroughly confused. 'Why is she here? Why was dad acting weird, and what was that explosion?!'

"Miss Kirishima, there is no time for this; you must get inside of the cylinder for the activation of the I-System!" The computerized voice was insistent.

Mana stepped towards the cylinder in the center of the room that had previously caught her attention. As she approached it, it opened to reveal… "What is that?"

In front of her was a suit of armor, perfectly fitted to her exact measurements. It looked very sleek; it was black with white trim and a white faceplate and it was very streamlined. And it looked like it was ready… for her.

The front of the armor opened up and the helmet lifted upwards, it was ready for her to step inside of. Sid answered her, "The I-System. Your father designed it for you to use to fight the Angels, and to fight NERV if they tried to abuse their power. He did not trust that they would step down once the threat posed by the Angels was over, so he used his government contacts to get the required technology to build this suit: the I-System."

Mana was taken aback, "W-what? But why me?!"

"Because you are the only person he trusts." The AI said simply.

Nodding hesitantly, Mana stepped into the cylinder and backed into the suit. If her father wanted her to use this, she would use this. She would never let him down. The suit sealed around her and began to power up. As part of this process Sid downloaded herself into the system and a small screen projected inside of the helmet held her 'face' which Mana directed her next question at.

"What is the 'I' for in I-System anyway?" It was a legitimate question, she reasoned.

"'I' for Iron Man."