Jake's POV

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This story is going to basically start of as breaking dawn finishes and will follow Nessie and Jacob.

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Jake's POV

I awoke early this morning. Finally, having some sleep after hours of worrying felt amazing as I stretched out my muscles from the awkward position they were in from the night. I got up, pulled open the curtains, and looked out my window to be greeted by the morning sun warming my face.

Today I thought is going to be a good day.

I ambled over to my drawers to pull out an old pair of grey sweats and made my way to the bathroom. I turned the shower onto the fullest temperature it could manage and stepped in. The heat felt great on my skin. It was another I had missed when I was helping the Cullen family fight the Volturi, but I hadn't minded, not now all the problems Edward and Bella had faced were solved. Well, at least for a while. I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower in the bathroom, filled with tiny droplets of steam in the air.

I made my way back to my room and looked in the mirror, I grinned at myself. I had to admit that I had changed recently and found that I was able to smile at the most unimportant thing. There was only one person who made that possible. I glanced at the photos around my room – all were of my little honey, Nessie. I loved all the photos but there was one especially that always made my smile. It was a picture of Nessie on my shoulders, holding handfuls of my dark hair in her dainty hands. She was laughing at this and I am looking up at her my eyes filled with the delight of her laughing.

Since I had imprinted I felt like a whole new person. I know at one point I used to tease the others about their imprints, especially Quil, but now I could understand the powerful, yet loving bond they have to their soul mates, as I have to Nessie.

I chuckled to myself and made my way to the kitchen. My stomach rumbled as I opened the fridge. Damn it we've been Pauled I laughed at my dad's expression. He used it when most of the cupboards and the fridge had been emptied due to a certain other werewolf making himself at home. I sighed all that was left was cheese, a sandwich filler and half a bottle of gone-off milk. I inspected the sandwich filler, it smelt okay, and so I pulled it out and shut the door with a thump. I prayed for something to be in there as I made for the bread bin.

Please if there's a God up there…

I let out a sigh of relief; luckily there was some bread in there, which meant I could at least get something to eat.

I heard the door slam as I tucked into my sandwich.

'Hey bro-in-law!' Paul cheered making a play for my sandwich; I slapped his hand away and retorted,

'Not yet, thank God'

I noticed Rachel stumbling in with a load of grocery bags in her hands. Paul quickly rushed over to her and pulled them out of her hand.

'Not in your condition' he told her, wagging a finger at her.

'Thanks' she told him and kissed him gently on the lips

'Excuse me while I gag' I told them.

Why did this have to happen to me?

First, Paul imprints on my sister, then he gets engaged to her and she falls pregnant, and now he eating us out of house and home. I suppose I can't blame him though. After the fright we had with the Volturi, we all thought about life a bit differently, and soon after Paul was engaged to Rachel.

'Aww, Jakie boy didn't notice you there' Rachel said she said ruffling my longish, shaggy hair. I had decided to keep it lengthy now because Nessie loved it when it was longer. Just like her mother.

I stood to leave 'sorry I can't stay but I have a prior appointed with a very special girl'

'Say hi to Nessie for both of us' Rachel told me. Paul would have said the same, but already had his hands inside the bags exploring their contents.

I pulled the door closed behind me and ran towards the forest and with one movement I was running on four legs instead of two. I felt exhilarated that I was going to spend the whole day with Nessie. I had soon arrived at Bella and Edward's little cottage and shifted back to my human form.

I bounded up the stairs and knocked three times on the door

Knock, Knock, Knock

It was opened by Bella and she smiled at me

'Jake, its so good to see you' she pulled me into a hug. Although she had been a vampire for a while I could not get used to the strength she had. However, I had now be familiarised with the sweet smell of the vampires and found it much easier to bear.

'She's been up since 5:30 this morning waiting for you to come'

I laughed at this and made my way through to the lounge. Edward was sitting on the couch and reading a newspaper. He smiled as I came into the room. Then I heard, delicate footsteps coming towards me at great pace.

'JACOB!!' and Nessie jumped into my waiting arms and pulling her arms around my neck with great force.

'Hey sweetie!' I answered and wrapped my arms around her. She had grown recently but thankfully, the growing had now slowed and almost stopped, making growth spurts an odd occasion just like she was a regular kid.

She pulled away from the hug and grabbed my face, looking directly into my eyes. I was looking back at her deep brown eyes inherited from her mother and I smiled. However, my little Nessie had an angered look on her face.

'Where have you been?' she asked 'I've missed you so much'

'Well, I only saw you yesterday, but I'm sorry I'm late' I told her.

'It's okay, but you are spending the whole day with me today aren't you?' she enquired, still looking straight into my eyes.

'Yes, of course and I suppose we better get going then' I put her down and went over to Bella and Edward.

'I'll have her back around seven, if that's ok' I looked to Edward for a response

'Yeah sure, have fun you two' he called

'Wait have you got a hat and sun cream, I hear I going to get really hot, I don't want either of you getting burnt' Bella fretted, but Renesme already had a bag packed and was waiting by the door.

'Yes mom, please don't worry' and made her way out the entrance.

I caught up with her and we were on our way.

'So I was thinking about going to First Beach in La Push, what do you think?' I asked her, taking her small hand in my oversized palm.

'Yeah okay but I was wondering if we could get there on foot maybe we need another mode of transportation' she said looking at me

I didn't catch on for a minute, 'Hey! Oh no….no, I am putting my foot'

'Please Jake, for me'

Aww damn those cute eyes I thought

'Well, okay but turn away for a minute while I shift.' And before I knew it I was in my wolfish form once again.

I sat on the floor allowing Nessie to get on my back, which she managed with great ease and grabbed on to my fur using them as reins. I pulled my form up from the floor and grabbed her rucksack with my teeth.

I ran through the forest, picking up speed with each step and she was enjoying it all the way,

'Weeeee, this is great!'

I chortled a laugh, to communicate with her and felt just as excited as she was. The trees were flying past at great speed, flashes of green and the odd occasion of brown from fallen trees of logs.

Soon we were nearing First Beach, I slowed as we got to the edge of the forest, the foliage thinning slightly and Nessie jumped off my back, she pulled the rucksack from my teeth and I went behind a fern to change back into my human form. I pulled on my sweat pants and went to meet her. Nessie was holding out a T-shirt, it looked new and much too big for her.

'Is this for me?' I looked at her as she held it out towards my hands

'Yeah, I thought that maybe you might need it' she told me.

I took it gratefully and pulled it over my head – it was the perfect fit.

'Thanks' I said and pulled her into a hug, I then put her onto my shoulders and slung the bag onto my left side and we made our way down to the beach.