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Forget It


A blonde boy with a frown plastered on his face sat alone on a park bench, staring at the doves that ate some bread before him. He wondered who had thrown the crumbles to the birds.

Was it him? Was it the girl and her mother on the park bench in front of him?

He didn't know. He couldn't remember.

The blonde boy's ocean blue eyes were sad and alone. Why couldn't he remember? What had happened? How had he gotten here? Where did he live?

The blonde boy looked around for someone he might recognize. But he didn't even remember if that tree over there had been there all the time or it it had been planted there an hour ago.

He couldn't know. He didn't remember.

The boy didn't even remember how he looked himself. He stared down at his clothes. A pair of simple baggy jeans and a dark t-shirt with a text that said "I may be blonde, but I'm not stupid".

'So I'm blonde…and skinny. '

He wondered what to do next. Where should he go? Should he find a hospital or a police station and tell them to identify him? But he seemed to be outside the city, and he had no money in his pockets.

Why was he here in the first place? Why had he walked here?

He shouldn't know. He wouldn't remember.

He stood up on shaky legs, looking around. The mother of the girl on the park bench in front of him eyed him suspiciously. He tried to smile to her, as if telling her that he needed help, but she took her daughter's hand and walked away towards the other gate of the park.

'Am I that ugly?' He wondered to himself as he made his way on the path. He raised his hands and felt soft skin under his fingertips. He followed the bridge of his nose and towards his lips. It hurt a little on his lower lip and his fingers travelled to his cheeks. He felt something strange. It was three long lines on each cheek, as if someone had... were they scars? He took his hands away and put them in his jeans pockets.

How long was it to the city anyways? If he just followed the road he'd get there, right? But when? Could he make it before sunset? What city was it, by the way?

He wouldn't know. He shouldn't remember.

He quickened his pace. The cars swished by him in dangerous speeds. He walked with his hands in the pockets until a car stopped before him and a middle-aged man in suit stepped out from his black, foreign car. He asked the blonde boy if he wanted a ride with a dangerous, perverted glint in his watery eyes. The blonde shook his head and walked even faster.

The man just shrugged, clearly annoyed, but drove away nonetheless. The boy kept on walking.

The sun was slowly sinking over the town, and he felt tears coming up in his ocean blue eyes. He didn't want to be alone in the dark. What if there was more kind of men like the man that wanted to give the blonde a ride?

He didn't want to be alone in the dark. He didn't know where he lived. He didn't even know what his own name was. Tearing up again, he finally reached the road leading in to the town. He walked past cheap stores, shitty apartments and he wondered if he was in the bad part of the city. He couldn't stay there; he couldn't be from here? He didn't want to be from here.

To Be Continued

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