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by Breadthless
Post 1

Laava's tears fell down her cheeks in joy. She could finally admit to Pan how she felt for him. After so many years loving him secretly, never daring to hope that he'd ever return her feelings, accept her secrets, she had found the courage to tell him. And he, without hesitation, responded by his own confession: he had secretly been in love with her as well.

Laava had never felt that any embrace could feel as good as this one. Him just holding her, telling her he loved her. She felt this emotion, this happiness, could last her an entire lifetime. She didn't want to pull away, ever. It felt safe, and warm just being so close to him, knowing that he'd protect her, knowing he'd always been protecting her, keeping her away from danger when even she wasn't aware.

She felt him moving away from her, pushing her further from him, and felt concern. But one look into his gaze, and she was certain that he loved her. He leaned hesitantly towards her, unsure, and she somehow found the initiative to peck him straight on the lips. She felt her face turn hot as her gaze slid to the floor. Pan's lips turned up in a smile at her actions, falling even more in love with her. This girl who was so extraordinary and didn't know it.


Sakura wiped away the tears in her eyes as she clicked out of the internet browser. She choked back a sob at the touching love story she had been reading just a few minutes ago. Her mind swirled with thoughts of Laava and Pan. She felt she had read all the fanfiction on the couple on the net, even written a few of her own. How could life feel any sweeter than this very moment?

The phone rang loudly, disrupting her daydream.

"Hello? Oh, hey, Tomoyo. What's up? Really? A new drama just got subbed? How obsessed can you be? You watch a new one every week! –No, I am COMPLETELY not like that when it comes to anime!" Sakura managed to say, disgruntled that her friend knew her so well. "I was NOT reading fanfiction! Fine, fine, I'll give it a try, but only because you're my best friend of all best friends, okay? 'Kay, bye!"

Sakura went back to the chair in front of the computer. "Okay, gotta give this one a go for real this time!"

She typed a link into the internet browser and it took her to an online Asian drama site. This was her first time watching anything with live people in it, and sadly, she recognized none of the names on the co-star list. But she had promised her best friend that she'd watch it, and she always kept her word.

After approximately 48 hours of not sleeping, eating, or doing anything just to finish the entire series, she finally closed her web browser. Tomoyo was right, that was one of the best things she had ever witnessed her entire life. And the actor from the series had her completely enraptured, though she quickly realized that the character they played resembled their actual selves in no way. Sakura decided that she'd get some rest first and then google the guy tomorrow.

The next morning, the girl woke up to find what seemed like a million google search pages ranging on the actors of the series…though probably most of the search pages contained absolute crap. She sifted through youtube entries of interviews and music videos of the cast, annoyed that hardly any were subbed. The main male lead had captured her heart. She honestly swore there could not be a more perfect, more genuine, more talented, more good looking, well, you get the picture, guy on the face of the Earth.

Sakura pulled up another internet window, logging into her blog. This absolutely could not be happening to her! This happened to stupid, young, FAN GIRLS. Yet here she was, the cursor blinking, ready to type out the message she had for the world on the web about her celebrity crush!

At first it felt ridiculous. Sakura was not one to blog about such things. She blogged about life, not about people in the idealistic world of bright lights and limos! She silently berated herself about it. She had a following of over 5,000 visitors, and she wanted them to read this?! No.

"Snap out of it Sakura!" she muttered silently to herself. Although she could simply create another blogging account for this silly entry, she couldn't bring herself to…How long could a celebrity crush possibly last? Not long…hopefully…She'd just stick this entry on private. Yeah, that's what she'd do!

Blog #1

Last night I completed the Hong Kong series Eyes of Mist. I practically marathoned it. I realize that I'm no big fan of dramas, but this one captured my heart. Or more so, the actor Li Syaoran did. He was absolutely fantastic and even as I'm typing this, I see him. I hope I've not become one of those ridiculous screaming fans. Reasonably, there's no such way that he would ever notice me, or even know of my existence. And even if we did come into contact by means of some autographing event, I'd just be another face in the crowd, a life forgotten to him. So why the hell am I torturing myself about this?! Why do I have these happy bubbly fan-crush feelings for Li Syaoran?! His eyes…his smile…everything about him is gorgeous and stunning and unbelievable, while my existence is boring consistency.


Sakura Kinomoto

Sakura felt a sigh of relief from somewhere in her heart after she typed the entire message out. She set it on private, giving herself a pat on the back for being able to get it out. At least she could finally be over Li Syaoran…even a day of pining after some stranger made her feel like shit.

Unfortunately, she wasn't as in control as she thought, because the next second, her hand was on the mouse, scouring the internet for more photos and screenshots of Li Syaoran.

And then the annoying phone rang. AND of course it had to be Tomoyo. "You liked it right?"

"What?! Tomoyo? Why the heck are you calling me! For all you know, I could still be on the first episode!"

"But…that means you're NOT, right?" There was chuckling on the end that annoyed Sakura to bits. "I told you!! You liked it, right? Wait, no, you loved it!"

"So what if I did?!" Sakura half screamed defensively into the handset.

There was only more laughing on the other end.

"Oh—Sakura, I gotta go. My boyfriend's here."

"What, Tachi? God he's so rude sometimes. I wish you'd break up with him."

"But he's such a good kisser! And that's not all he's good at." Tomoyo said suggestively.

Sakura groaned, "Tomoyo…when are you going to stop just using boys like they're disposable? For one who watches so many romance dramas, you're not very romantic…"

The tone on the other end got silent, "You know I only keep them around so I'm not lonely."

Sakura sighed silently. She knew Tomoyo was bothered by life in the big mansion, but it didn't make keeping boys she didn't like around okay…not to mention doing stuff that was inappropriate with people she didn't care for. But every time she mentioned it, Tomoyo would avoid her. God, one day, she was going to regret it so much when a boy she really couldn't live without judged her for it.

"Listen, Sakura, I gotta go…Tachi's going to be here in 5 minutes."

"Okay. Later, Tomoyo."



"Ran, are you ever going to stop reading?"

"What? I'm bored, there's nothing to do, and I'm too exhausted to do anything else…"

"You could at least read a book…" Eriol yawned. "At least I read the paper. I get how you feel…the tour is crazy. I'm drained, and you just finished that drama series. But look at us! If our fans knew we just veg out during our free time, what would they think?!"

Syaoran ignored his friend and fellow band member.

"We don't always do this. You know, there was a time when we went to parties every night! And then you and Syaoran would get SO drunk. Bai and I pretty much had to drag you two out every time before the reporters got to you…or before you took advantage of some drunk bitch." Yamazaki laughed loudly.

"Please, there isn't even time for sex now." Eriol muttered.

"How many fans did you take advantage of?" Bai shook his head in disappointment.

Eriol waved his hand. "Doesn't matter anymore…the point is, we've delegated ourselves to sit on couches all day in our spare time. Besides, it's not like you three haven't had your fair share of 'fun'." He grinned.

Everyone rolled his eyes.

"Well, no one's having fun now. Syaoran's over there in the corner reading about some random person's life. Yamazaki just plays guitar hero all day. Eriol reads the paper about 20 times daily. And I…"

"Bai just sleeps?" Everyone chuckled at the same time.

A knock on the door. In came their manager. "Time to practice guys."

The four boys groaned.


Sakura sat in front of her computer. God, this one youtube video she actually understood…or at least understood in the sense that she could read subtitles. The girl wanted to bang her head against the table. How could she be this fickle?!

The figure in the video began to talk and she felt her heart beat quicken.

Laughing. "My ideal girl? Why would a show even ask that?!" There was joking and laughter in the video's background, "I don't think I can have a girlfriend right now since I just broke up with someone I was in a relationship with for the last 2 years."

The interviewer became serious, "So it ended pretty badly."

Syaoran wasn't phased, "Yeah, like in my new drama Eyes of Mist, there was a choice between two guys. I was in that type of relationship. I found out a few months after that she loved me, but by then I already couldn't accept the fact that she had cheated on me."

There were fangirl "awws" throughout the room.

This was new to Sakura; she'd never seen anyone so open before. But she supposed all stars were supposed to be like that. All the stars were open to all questions, even if you could obviously tell they were uncomfortable. And the entire band was so friendly and playful. She sighed. In all honesty, after watching so many videos, she was smitten with the entire band, but still, Li Syaoran was still the center that made her heart beat slow and speed at the same time.

When would they meet? She had to meet him. Maybe only then would she be able to get over this obsession that was growing. But if she did…what would she say to him? The only Chinese she knew was the little she'd learned during those 3 years of high school. And the lack of use had the language at the edge of memory…


AN: Hope that wasn't too boring for everyone, considering that Sakura and Syaoran don't even meet…