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by Breadthless
Post 2

Sakura stared blankly for a moment at the blinking screen. My god, this was her dream come true! She could not believe the words across the page.

Zai Meng (Dream Again) All-Japan Tour
Performance in Tokyo!

Tickets on Sale 8.3.2008

The girl almost screamed in happiness, though she doubted the neighbors in the apartment complex would appreciate that. Instead, she was able to suppress the scream to a squeal of happiness. How could a 19 year old girl possibly be so ridiculous over a boy…from a boy band no less…?

Never mind that there would probably be exams to study for at that time. She was GOING. She was going to miss her studying hours to see this band, and that was the end of it! At this moment, flunking out of college was not that big a deal. She could buy the tickets online, and that would mean only two days would be spent going to and from Tokyo to see the band!

Blog #38

I just found out Zai Meng is going to Tokyo! I am getting my butt to that concert no matter what! Finally, the band, the lights, seeing them in their full light…I really can't wait. I'm practically falling out of my seat to skate on over to Tokyo right this moment, even if it'll take me 3 days and 3 nights; I would do it. But again, I can't become too excited over this. Once more I have to remind him that he is the one in the spotlight, while I'm just the background in the shadows around him. Besides, what could possibly change me from an ordinary fan girl to him? It's upsetting that I know about his stardom. My fan status already rejects me from ever being acquaintances with him. Friendship is further. And anything after that is too ludicrous to even imagine. By not knowing him, there's a chance for normalcy. By knowing him only after his stardom, I've already fallen into the category of people to avoid. Damn. In some ways, it would have been better to run into him once in eternity on the street and exchange a simple apology then to see him in the limelight.


Sakura Kinomoto

Sakura posted the blog. My god, the 38th private blog in a little over one month period. Quickly calculating, this meant she blogged about him nearly every day. She hardly even had time to maintain her normal blog anymore. Her life consisted only of Li Syaoran these days, there wasn't much else to write about, and she could not deal with that fact…ever.


Syaoran wiped the sweat from his eyes. This was impossible. He was exhausted. If there hadn't been the wall right here, he probably would've passed out already. Their manager, Trina, was crazy. Could she not tell apart humans from robots?

"Tired already?" Bai asked jokingly. He took a few gulps of water from his water bottle. "I don't even feel phased."

Syaoran glared at his friend and fellow band member.

"It's probably because you sleep all day." He half-joked.

"Not to mention you're the youngest, meaning you're filled with youthful energy!" Yamazaki added helpfully. Bai was the youngest out of the group by 3 years. He was only 19, not to mention he had been one of the top athletes in his school before he was recruited to join the group.

Bai laughed. "That's true…Eriol's already out. Too much heat. What a girl! Or maybe he's just catching up to grandpa…"

"I heard that!" came an annoyed voice from the other room.

"I was just kidding!"

"Come on guys, we have to get the music video finished before we go off on a tangent…again." Syaoran said, feeling a little more uplifted by his friends' joking. Except that his body just did not want to get up again. "Who's idea was it for us to dance anyways? Too much jumping…" He groaned.

Bai waggled his finger, "That's what all the boy bands do! We dance and look cool! Especially in are upbeat videos!" He did a turn and pulled his arm to the side.

Yamazaki rolled his eyes. "It's not like we can film now anyways. Eriol's already down for today. I say we head back to the room, get cleaned up, and get out of this HOTEL!"

"Good idea. We haven't been out in too long."

"Clubbing tonight? After we just practiced these moves for the last…16 hours?!"

"Yeah, why not…it feels like I haven't spoken to anyone but you guys and Trina since months ago. A man gets lonely…" Eriol strolled up to the conversation, looking perfectly fine.

"Don't you mean you haven't spoken to a girl other than Trina since months ago." Syaoran laughed.

"Same difference. Who's coming with me?"

"What's the point? We're only allowed in VIP clubs; all the people there are rude and brutish." Syaoran scowled in distaste.

"Come on Syaoran, it'll be fun. We haven't had any real fun since before this tour started! Please don't tell me you're going to go back to our room and read some more?"



Days and days passed, and the day of the concert drew closer and closer. Just 3 more days! Sakura had practically spent all her money that she'd earned at her job to buy this ticket. It had been quite expensive due to the band's popularity, and because she had a front row seat. On top of that, there was a rumor going around that they were going to sing a few tracks in Japanese!

She had gone to school for an entire month and a half almost. She had blogged every day, counting down the days until the concert. Many a time she bashed herself for giving in to the groupies.



"Sakura!! I can't believe you're not out there! Haven't you heard on the radio?! Zai Meng is here to promote their tour before heading to Tokyo! Their private jet just came in and a bunch of reporters and fans are out there right now!"


How could this be? How could Sakura have missed this? She was so caught up in her research on the internet, that she completely ignored entertainment news on the TV and radio talk shows. The girl felt like a complete idiot.

"Sakura, I'm coming over right now to pick you up, okay? So sit tight!"

"Thanks so much Tomoyo! Where would I be without you?"

"Probably moping." Her best friend joked before she hung up.

Tomoyo arrived, just as promised, and the two raced down the free way to get to the airport. They parked quickly and rushed to the lobby to find an indescribably huge crowd already there, many reporters in the front by the way the cameras flashed every few seconds.

There were those standing around gathering luggage who had heard of the group and just began acknowledging the fact that they were there. These were the ones that weren't crazy enough about the group to attempt to join the group. There were also the ones who hadn't heard the news and ran to join the growing circle. And lastly, there were the adults who not only didn't know them, but also didn't understand what the huff was all about.

Sakura sighed in disappointment. There was no way in hell she was going to make it through that crowd.

However, the poor girl wasn't fortunate enough to avoid the crowd moving closer and closer to her while Tomoyo had gone the other direction looking for an opening. A fierce reporter trying to make her way back into the center of the crowd as well as a few other rabid fans shoved the Sakura aside to make way for themselves.

The girl hit the linoleum floor with a large slapping sound, though no one heard it with the amount of crazed havoc buzzing through the airport. Sakura glared at the feet of the large circle, unable to see even a single glimpse of one of the band members. Sakura recognized she wasn't the only one who admired the group, but really, did there have to be so many fan girls screaming obnoxiously? The entire airport rang with their voices.

By the time she looked up, the airport was once again silent, except for the occasional announcement or murmur. The sounds of the crowd were far in the distance, and Tomoyo was already glancing worriedly at Sakura.

"Sakura! Are you okay? What happened?!"

"Some stupid idiots shoved me. The least they could do is develop a slight awareness for the people around them!" Sakura muttered angrily. "Young people these days!"

Tomoyo laughed. "Yep…we're not young people at all!"

"You know what I mean…"

"Yes, I do. Come on, let's get you home. We should probably get some ice on that arm of yours…"

For the first time, Sakura noticed the stinging pain in the general vicinity of her left shoulder. Ouch. The part of her arm she saw under her t-shirt sleeve was already turning an ugly red-purple, and she could tell it wasn't just the 3 inches where her sleeve started that was bruising. "The things I do for this band…" she half joked while making a completely displeased face as Tomoyo helped her up and led her to the car.


"Eriol! Are you prepared for the upcoming—"


"Syaoran, is it true that while practice you—"


"Is the group coming out with a new si—"

-flash flash-

"Bai, how do you feel to be the only one wh—"


"Yamazaki, Tomoeda is where you grew up, so was it you that suggeste—"

-flash flash flash-

"Eriolll!! You're so hot!!" Squealing in the background.

"Baiiii!! You're sooo adorablee!!"

"I love you Syaorannn!!"

"Yamazaki!! You're the besttt!"

More squealing in the background…or, it would be the background if the fans weren't all screaming so god damn loud and into their ears. There was praise for each of the fans favorites, some for the entire group, and questions questions questions drilled repeatedly by the reporters.

As soon as the group had exited the jet, there were already reporters there. And because Tomoeda airport was so small, they hadn't been able to bring make any arrangements for a private car through the back, only through the front, meaning they had to deal with, well, this.

Even their bodyguards were getting a little pummeled, and it was definitely not a pleasant experience having microphones and cameras shoved in their face ten at a time. They had hardly made it to the baggage claim area when the crowd seemed bigger than before.

The trick was to not say anything.

Just as Syaoran spotted the revolving door, he heard a loud snap. He managed to peer back through the teeming crowd to see a girl lying on the floor, either looking too stunned or too annoyed to say anything or get up. He gave a tiny shake of his head. One day, fame would kill some poor innocent soul.


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