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Summry After Gaara is beaten by Naruto during the Chunin Exams, she starts to fall in love with our favorite blond jinchuriku. Having not felt love since the death of Yashamaru, she has no idea how to deal with being in love or how to act. Confused about these new feelings, she decides to just keep quiet. Unfortunately or fortunatly (depending how you look at it) all these new feeling come to bear after she helps out during the Sasuke retrieval mission. Also no one knows that Gaara is a girl. NarutoXFem. Gaara.


Flashback pov Garra

'why is he coming twords me why is he coming closer to snuff me out?' Where some of the thoughts running threw Garra's mind 'or did he see past my henge and is going to do unspeakable things?' "Why are you still coming after me?" "he" asked.

"To protect those who are precious to me." Naruto responded My eyes widened considerably at this phrase 'how could he protect them when they were almost out of chakra it was impossible and yet he still kept coming after me with a kunie knife drawn ready to do the fatal blow. As he got closer, I started to relax more and more feeling death as a welcome start once and for all. This was my end and yet the strike did not come. He was just looking at me with a hint of sadness in his eyes almost like he could sympathise with me. 'What is this asking in my heart I feel. Is this love.' "he" thought. So many thoughts about that day are still running threw my mind like 'Can I trust him' or 'will he love me back and show me a love that I never knew.' 'What will he think of me when my henge does disperse will he think of me as a freak?' I hope he will love me no mater what.

End Flashback

'Today I will be at your bedside in the hospital or at your home.' Thought "garra" as "he" lifted Naruto out of the lake and returned home.

Sorry this chapter was so short but its just the prologue and next chapter the story line will take place