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After Gaara is beaten by Naruto during the Chunin Exams, she starts to fall in love with our favorite blond jinchuriku. Having not felt love since the death of Yashamaru, she has no idea how to deal with being in love or how to act. Confused about these new feelings, she decides to just keep quiet. Unfortanatly or fortunatly (depending how you look at it) all these new feeling come to bear after she helps out during the Sasuke retrieval mission. Also no one knows that Gaara is a girl. NarutoXFem. Gaara.

Naruto knew as they departed from each other from that warm enbrace they both knew they were in love with each other. That warm feeling prelevated threw the both of them the feeling of love. Shakaku was a little confused at the moment he couldn't protect her and she did not want to kill him. He was at a lose. (who wouldn't be in this situation). Naruto asked his dearly beloved Rose "Rose-chan will you go out with me?"

The following statement was a loud fan girl shreek that prelevated threw out the elemental nations. The sound wanted that jutsu, and Iwa was getting ready to battle. "Rose-chan never do that again or I'll use your own sand against you."

Rose looked at him smugly and just asked "how in the world will you do that one Naruto-kun?" Naruto looked at her and his eyes were saying my little secret that you should know. "Becides Naruto-kun it looks as if you are fully healed so me and you should go on a mission together."

"That would be nice Rose-chan as long as you don't bring any toys." Rose blushed a little bit just about saying that she had some of those toys. Rose was first embarrassed that he would even get it right on her dirty little secret then she made an anti-pervert jutsu with her sand making a fist. Naruto was the first of many victims of this infamous jutsu. The feeling of anger was short lived when she realized she punched her boyfriend. Following a thin line of sand she quickly found him in a ditch with a near broken jaw that was quickly being repaired to perfection. Needless to say that some jutsu scrolls were reported missing later that day only to be found the next day. "Now was that nice Rose-chan but it did not feel to good. Nice anti-pervert jutsu anyways. I think I'll use it. Besides, I needed a secluded place for this question."

"Nuruto-kun just tell me now what does it partake to anyways."

A serious look came onto Naruto's normally happy face. "Abuse," A look of shock went threw Rose's face "When I was in the academy I noticed a red mark on Hinat's face every day in the shape of a hand. Skipping ahead to the chuunin exams, I know you have this to so don't lie to me. Did you see Neji hit Hinata's arms with his chakra at any point?"

Rose looked threw her memories and did not see any clear indication of this and was shocked beyond belief that someone would do that to such a kind girl. First a look sympathy went threw her face then nothing but pure rage went threw her face. Righteous furry pure rage with intent to kill whoever that bastard was. Rose was then absolutely confused at that point of what to do to whoever he or she was. Was there a way to get her out of that situation or will that person keep following her. Both Naruto and Rose, had the same thoughts. They both hoped that it was not her own father.

"Naruto-kun I understand your concern but how can we help her it is clearly obvious it is a member of her clan they could just say that it was apart of there clan training." Naruto just smiled at her clueless look and just responded with only two words "Sand eye."

Rose looked at him then blinked sharer genius as long as it was in their blind spot and could see and hear what was going on. Seting up with a recording system to the Hokage's office they could stop this abuse no matter who it was.

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