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Title: Intense Veela Encounters (1/2)

Author: Faith Wood
Beta: o-glorianna
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3000
Status: Complete
Summary: Draco has an intense veela encounter.
Warning: Veela!Harry, Toppy!Harry, Winged!Harry, Midair sex (Well, otherwise, what are the wings for?) Winged!Veela!Harry makes this crack, yes?

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Intense Veela Encounters

Part 1

How Draco Malfoy Joined the Mile High Club

All things considered, Draco thought, he clearly shouldn't have done this. It was just a bit silly. Flying on your broomstick in the middle of a storm did sound like a bad idea. Therefore, Draco couldn't fathom what possessed him to go flying on a night like this. It served him right, really. Of course lightning had struck his broomstick, and of course Draco fell, and of course, in a couple of moments, he would literally have to say goodbye to his brain.

Draco braced himself — it would hurt just for a second, he told himself soothingly.

His body hit something solid and Draco wanted to cry out in pain, except ... there was no pain. He tried to open his eyes just as air made a whooshing sound and nearly rendered Draco deaf. Bewildered, he realized he was rising upwards instead of falling down.

Not sure whether to feel panicked or relieved, Draco opened his eyes and decided that panicking would be a reasonable course of action. He had been grabbed by a giant bird whose huge black wings flapped madly about while a pair of strong hands gripped Draco's waist almost painfully.

Oh, Merlin, it was a hippogriff!

Except, the hippogriff looked very human-like — with black hair, pale skin and green eyes.

Draco screamed in alarm.

It wasn't a hippogriff — it was something much, much worse. He had just been grabbed by Harry Potter!

Abruptly, all movement stopped and the ringing in Draco's ears went quiet. All he could hear was the rapid beating of his heart and feel the light swaying motion as they paused in midair. Draco gathered his, figuratively, scattered brain and tried to make sense out of this situation.

He had been flying, he fell, and now Harry Potter, who had randomly flown by, caught him. Right. Draco stared at amused green eyes in terror.

"Fancy meeting you here." Potter grinned, acting like he had just met Draco in a bloody bar. As if he wasn't some vicious beast who had snatched Draco from midair, surely planning to eat him for dinner. Well, a midnight snack. Because Potter, last Draco heard, was a veela and veelas ate people.

In fairytales.

That was what Draco's father had told him. Draco thought about it some more. It was possible that that was a lie.

Potter's hands were wrapped around Draco's back, pressing him so close that Draco could feel Potter's hot breath caressing his face. The night wasn't chilly any more. It was quite warm all of a sudden. Dizzyingly so.

"Put me down!" Draco ordered with all the authority that he could muster in this predicament. It wasn't much, judging by Potter's evil smirk. Draco replayed his words in his head. "No. I mean, land, put me down, and then let me go!" he corrected himself quickly, grabbing Potter's shoulders more firmly lest Potter preferred the first erroneous instruction instead.

Potter's smirk turned into a positively sinful smile. "I think you're the one that needs to let go."

Draco frowned but then blushed, realizing what Potter meant. Apparently, Draco's disobedient legs had wrapped themselves firmly around Potter's waist. That was just pure survival instinct!

"I mean it," Draco snapped. "Just put me back on the ground!"

"Back? Oh, I'm sorry, I found you in the air. Finders keepers." Potter emphasized his point by lowering one of his hands down Draco's back and cupping Draco's arse firmly. Draco gasped, just because the rain had started to drizzle, not because Potter's hand felt good or anything.

"I ..." Draco found it hard to concentrate. Potter was working some mad veela charms on him. He must have been, because otherwise Draco wouldn't have found himself staring at Potter's lips, wishing that they would kiss him.

"Yes?" Potter inquired politely. And calmly, as though he didn't look like an avenging angel — with wild hair, dark clothes and huge glossy wings that swayed gently around them. Potter's face almost glowed in the dark; that part of him looked pale and ethereal against the blackness. His green eyes burned with what Draco easily recognized as desire.

Oh, Draco had heard about this. Potter's sexual appetites were famous. Since it had been discovered he was a veela, the press had followed him even more closely than before, if possible. Not a day went by without the Prophet reporting yet another charmed individual left breathless and sated after being thoroughly fucked by Harry Potter, the Amazing Horny Veela. Admittedly, the Prophet's vocabulary was less crude. They had called it 'intense veela encounters.'

Draco was completely disgusted with that whole business. The way women and men just threw themselves into Potter's arms. Potter's warm, strong, possessive arms. Oh, Merlin no! Draco was falling for this — he could feel it. What a way to end the lovely, if nearly deadly, night — caught and buggered in midair by a bloody veela. How utterly humiliating.

One of Potter's hands grabbed Draco's hair and tugged, making him tip his head back a little. Green eyes were even closer now and Draco shivered at their intensity. Potter loomed over him, his wings blocking out the light and taking away precious air. Or maybe Draco just forgot to breathe.

Not taking his hot gaze from Draco's eyes, Potter stuck out his tongue and trailed it slowly over Draco's bottom lip. It was hard not to shiver at that, harder still when Potter caught the flesh between his teeth, nibbling and sucking, making Draco's whole body tingle.

Potter smiled as though he knew exactly what his ministrations did to Draco. He whispered, "Are you sure you want me to put you down?" Potter's eyes twinkled. He knew, the bastard, Draco thought with dismay. He knew that there was no denying him when he spoke in that deep, rumbling voice that promised pleasures beyond imagining. "If I put you down — I won't take you back up." Potter emphasized his point by licking Draco's lip again and squeezing his arse for good measure.

Draco bucked and squirmed, inadvertently rubbing his cock against the hardness in Potter's pants. Damn. Suddenly it felt silly to insist to be put down when Draco was doing just fine where he was. Potter's lips hovered over Draco's — a tantalising promise were Draco to say yes.

Stupid Potter. Couldn't he just kiss him already?

"Well? What will it be, Draco? Will you stay?" Potter pushed one hand past the waistband of Draco's pants, trailing a finger over the sensitive flesh of Draco's lower back and then dipping gently into the crevice, making Draco moan and clench his arse on instinct.

"Fine!" Draco snapped. "But drop me and I'll rip your feathers off!"

Draco meant to complain and threaten some more but Potter's lips lowered onto his neck and Draco gasped in pleasure as Potter bit his collarbone harshly. Potter soothed the bite with a swipe of his tongue and then moved on, nibbling and sucking the tender skin.

"Nnngh," Draco managed and Potter laughed against his skin, the resulting vibrations sending bolts of pleasure through Draco's body.

Taken though he was with Potter's dedicated mauling of his neck, Draco still felt a sudden rush of magic, and then the unexpected bite of the cold air. Perplexed and horrified, he realized that his clothes had vanished.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Draco gasped.

Potter didn't answer but instead brought his lips to press them gently on Draco's. "I plan to ram my cock inside you and fuck you until you think you can fly. How am I supposed to do that with your clothes on?" Potter murmured, his hot breath scorching Draco's mouth.

Draco forgot his complaints instantly, his mind coming to a screeching halt at the ram my cock inside you part. No recovery for his brain was forthcoming because all of Draco's blood rushed south when Potter plunged his tongue into Draco's mouth.

There was no other way to describe Potter's kiss than possessive. The dark veela kissed like he was trying to claim Draco for all eternity and Draco had to admit that he was succeeding. Potter's tongue wrapped itself around Draco's, licking and sucking until Draco's toes curled and his hips moved, making his cock rub against the harsh material of Potter's pants.

Fingers caressed Draco's cleft and then two slick digits slid inside Draco's hole. Draco would have cried out in pleasure if he wasn't busy with the very important task of sucking on Potter's tongue. Draco's legs clenched around Potter even harder as Potter tore his mouth away and pushed his fingers inside Draco more insistently. This time Draco did cry out, dismayed at the fact that Potter found that amusing, because he smiled at Draco wickedly and sped up the movement of his hand, thrusting his fingers upwards almost brutally.

Not that Draco was complaining. He gripped Potter's shoulders harder and pushed down with his hips taking the fingers deeper and just at the right angle. He shuddered and clenched in pleasure as the fingers hit his prostate. But Potter cruelly moved his hand away and for a second Draco panicked until he realized that Potter was still supporting some of his weight with one hand placed on his arse.

Potter kissed him again, with a series of wet, sloppy kisses that made Draco hum and moan as he tasted the sweet flavour of Potter's mouth. The kisses were intoxicating and Draco thought that he could never get enough.

Something hot and big pressed on Draco's opening and he gasped and almost whimpered in anticipation. He opened his eyes and met intense green irises nearly swallowed by dilated pupils.

"Go on," Potter whispered hoarsely.

Draco took a deep breath and gritted his teeth. He slowly pressed down and took Potter's length inside him, inch by slow inch, not because he was worried that it would hurt otherwise, but because he liked being filled slowly, feeling his body stretch to accommodate the hot hardness.

Potter closed his eyes and groaned, throwing his head back and exposing the tender skin of his neck. Draco was just about to lick the delectable offering when Potter jerked and pressed Draco's hips, pulling him firmly down, and sheathing himself fully in Draco's body.

Draco gasped and lost his grip on Potter's shoulders and, to his horror, found himself falling backwards. His bare back hit something solid and Draco realized that Potter had placed his hands beneath him, preventing his fall.

Draco's legs were still firmly wrapped around Potter's waist but with his hands flailing about he felt like he could fall any second. He grabbed Potter's biceps — oh! — hard biceps — and looked at the grinning veela looming over him.

Potter looked terrifying in his beauty. The silky black feathers of his huge wings shimmered in the dark while his face glowed and gaze devoured the sight before him, and Draco concluded that it wouldn't be such a bad thing to be the meal in this instance.

With a flap of his wings and a twitch of his hips, Potter suddenly moved and Draco screamed as the cock inside him was pulled away and then slammed back in with the force that shook the clouds above or maybe just made Draco dizzy.

A thousand sharp, cold needles pierced Draco's bare chest and Draco gasped in panic but then realized that rain had begun to fall in earnest. Cold drops of water were falling down on his unprotected skin, the chill almost welcome as it cooled the burning heat building steadily inside him, consuming his whole body.

Potter's rhythm was fast and brutal and Draco struggled to keep up. He dug his fingers into Potter's muscles and welcomed every stab of the hard cock that plundered his arse without mercy. With each thrust, Potter's wings fanned a rush of cold air against Draco's heated skin and a giddy part of Draco's mind realized that Potter was almost flying into him!

As Draco threw his head back and arched his body, moaning, he vaguely wondered how this must look, if anyone was in the position to see. Draco Malfoy, completely naked in the air in the middle of a downpour, letting an unearthly-looking dark man fuck him silly.

There was little time to worry about that as pleasure hummed lightly through Draco's body and then intensified, building within him, and finally burst out as Draco screamed and convulsed, clamping down on the cock inside him.

Draco moaned and shuddered with aftershocks that seemed to last forever. Potter was still pounding into him but Draco couldn't help him reach his completion because he was too dazed and overwhelmed with this unexpected experience. He stared at the sky, wondering why the clouds were so close.

Potter moaned loudly and feathers rustled as he shuddered violently and warm wetness filled Draco's arse.

Draco felt like he was falling. The whooshing sounds of air and rain assaulted his ears, and through his haze Draco noticed that the clouds were moving upwards. How very odd.

With a gasp and a panicked jerk of his body, Draco suddenly realized what was going on.

"Potter! You overgrown bat! We're falling! Fly, damn you!"

Green eyes snapped open and Draco had only a little time to panic further. After a flap of wings and rustle of feathers they landed on the ground with a loud thump.

After a dreadful moment, Draco dared to open his eyes and sighed in relief, realizing that he was alive if a little winded. Potter was beneath him, groaning and grimacing as he rubbed the back of his head with his hand. Draco would have aww-ed at the fact that Potter had flipped them so that Draco's fall would be cushioned by Harry's body, but he was too pissed that they had fallen in the first place. He reached for one glossy feather and stroked the silky thing for a fascinated moment before plucking it away. Potter winced and opened his eyes to glare.

"That's for making us fall," Draco declared, lifting up to straddle the fallen veela.

Potter frowned. "That never happened to me before."

"That's because you never had my arse before," Draco said smugly. "It was just too spectacular for you, obviously."

Potter grinned and shook his head, but didn't deny the statement.

Draco got up, wincing a little and trying to make the world stop spinning and his legs to support him. With some effort, he managed to stand upright, trying not to grumble at the sudden chill that passed through him. After all, he was naked and it was raining.

Potter was splayed on the ground, his wings spread beneath him and his hair wet and wild around his pale face.

He was wretchedly beautiful, even sprawled in the mud, and Draco thought he would very much like to keep him.

"Look at you. You look like a fallen angel." Draco grinned, licking his lips. Potter threw him an annoyed look while he struggled to get up. Apparently, it was difficult to do that with wings attached to you. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to ruffle your feathers." Draco smirked.

"Are you quite finished with the lame jokes?" Potter grumbled, finally standing up straight.

"For now." Draco nodded solemnly. "My clothes?" he asked in a polite tone, trying not to sound too worried.

It was Potter's turn to smirk. Slowly stretching his wings, he walked over to Draco and carefully, as though he wasn't sure if Draco would allow it, he leaned in and placed a soft kiss on Draco's lips.

Draco was having none of that so he grabbed the veela's hair and kissed him firmly, devouring the delicious mouth. Potter responded eagerly by sliding his tongue along Draco's, humming in contentment as he did so.

After they had separated, both breathing shallowly, Draco found himself fully dressed.

"Your kisses are magical," Draco murmured, a smile tugging on his lips.

Potter smiled brilliantly in return, lighting up the night as well as Draco's quivering insides.

"I have to go." Potter spread his wings, stepping away.

Draco tried not to pout but, judging by Potter's indulgent expression, he might have stuck out his bottom lip after all.

"I'll see you around," Potter said in a tingling voice, rising up in the air.

"I always fly here on Wednesdays!" Draco yelled out a little desperately.

Potter laughed, already high in the air now. "I know!" he shouted back and then swiftly flew away.

Draco sighed, hoping that his expression wasn't as soppy as he feared it was. Reluctantly, he tore his gaze form the sky and turned to walk back to his house, plotting his next move. This was one veela Draco would have liked to catch and keep around permanently. Hopefully, Potter's last declaration was a promise that he would be back next Wednesday. But then, Draco would be ready.

After all, if there was one thing that Draco knew — although he never needed it until now — it was how to catch birds.

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