Tokyo Mew Moon II: Dead Moon Circus.

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Chapter 1: Mew Berri.

It had been two long months of peace between to heroine groups. The Tokyo Mew Mew and Sailor Senshi were allies forever. The peaceful days passed by and both sides were chilling out. Well besides Momomyia Ichigo and her cousin Tsukino Usagi whom were running about in a pink shop. A young security guard walked up. This was Erika Aoyoma, the second-in-command of the Tokyo Mew Mew and sister to Ichigo's boyfriend Masaya Aoyoma.

"Erika...This is so busy" Usagi panted out.

"You need me to help?" Erika asked willingly.

"No, we need a security guard" Erika's boyfriend Ryou said walking up.

Erika looked at him and smiled "I suppose that's the case. But for some odd reason we have been busy lately."

Ichigo nodded as she sat down as the last customer walked out of the door "She's right..."

Usagi sat down "So are there going to me new Mew Mew in time of crises or is it just going to be you two?"

"I'm working on it to create Mew Mews that will be permanent." Ryou said.

Just then a blond girl walked into the shop. Erika turned to her.

"Hello, miss" she said.

"Oh, is the shop closed?" the girl asked.

"No" Usagi said smiling at the girl as Ryou walked into the basement.

"Take a seat" Ichigo said to the girl.

The girl did as Erika walked into her security room. She glanced at the cameras nothing going on. But why was she having the strangest feeling that something bad was going to happen more likely the peace was going to be shattered?

She shook her head as a formiluar voice sounded within her head. She knew what it was. It was her Inner Demon.

Hmm...So you since it too dear

Yes, I have this uneasy feeling...I just can't put my foot on it.

Then in time we will be ready to fight again

Won't we have too MOM?!

Erika stepped outside just in time to see the young girl run right into a machine. The machine sent out a needle. The needle struck the girl.

"Oh, are you okay miss?" Erika asked running to her.

"What happened?" Ryou asked as he and along with the two cousins dashed into the room.

"She ran into this room and then accidentally slammed into the machine" Erika answered.

"Anything else happened dear?" Ryou asked her.

"I was just in time to see it, I couldn't have prevented it, but after slamming into the machine a needle injected her with something" Erika said.

"It's okay" Ryou said holding Erika whom was shaken up from the experience.

Soon a white light erupted from the girl. This caused the two Mew Mew girls and Usagi to cover their eyes.

"ARRGH MY EYES!" Usagi complained.

When the light faded the blond hair girl was standing up confused. The two Mew Mew looked at the girl sure enough she was one of them! The girl had the ears of a bunny rabbit and a tail of a cat. She also had a bright yellow dress similar to Mew Ichigo's dress.

"Uh what just happened to me?" the girl asked looking at herself in a mirror.

"You have become one of us" Ichigo said.

"What do you mean?" the girl asked.

Ichigo and Erika looked at each other and nodded.

"Just watch us" Ichigo said as she and Erika brought out their pendents.

"Mew Mew Strawberry Metamorphis!" Ichigo shouted.

"Mew Mew Erika...Metamorphis!" Erika shouted.

Ichigo and Erika transformed to their Mew Mew forms. Mew Ichigo wore a pink dress, red boots, red gloves, her hair was pink and so were her eyes. She grew a cat tail and cat ears appeared over her head. Erika was now Mew Erika, she wore a gold shirt and gold fuku. She also wore sandals, her arms were now scorpion claws and like Mew Ichigo grew a scorpion tail. The two Tokyo Mew Mew stopped and stared at the newest Mew Mew.

The girl was still shocked by relaxed knowing the others had the same thing she had then she smiled "You're both Tokyo Mew Mew!"

The two Mew Mew nodded.

"Then who is she?" the girl asked pointing to Usagi.

"You'll fine out!" Usagi shouted she raised her hand "Moon Cosmic Power...Make Up!"

Soon Usagi transformed. She wore a white shirt, a blue fuku, red boots and had a tiara on her head.

"You're Sailor Moon!" the girl said.

Sailor Moon nodded "Yes, we are allies to each other"

"So who are you?" Mew Erika asked.

"Oh, my name is Shirayuki, Berry!" the girl said.

"Then you're Mew name is Mew Berry!" Mew Ichigo said.

Ami walked into the room. Ever since she had known about the Mew Mew, she had become the second assistant to Ryou on making more Mew Mew.

"Um who is she?" Mew Berry asked.

Ami pointed to herself "Me?"

Mew Berry nodded.

Ami brought out her transformation pin "Mercury...Crystle Power...Make Up!"

Soon Ami transformed to Sailor Mercury. She was like Sailor Moon but was blue all over except for her white shirt "I'm Sailor Mercury, another ally to the Tokyo Mew Mew."

Ryou looked at Erika as he was quite surprised that another girl had genes compatible in merging with Animal DNA.

"Not bad"

Sailor Mercury brought out her mini-computer and analyzed Mew Berry.

"Mew Ichigo, Mew Erika, she is you're third permanent Tokyo Mew Mew."

Mew Ichigo and Mew Erika glanced at each other and nodded. Mew Ichigo walked up to Mew Berry "Mew Berry, will you help us Tokyo Mew Mew out?"

Mew Berry nodded "Yes, of course!"

Mew Ichigo cast a glance at Mew Erika "Is it okay with you?"

"You're the leader Mew Ichigo. But you're asking me so here is my answer... Yes! The more Tokyo Mew Mew the better the outcome in future battles."

"Point taken" Sailor Moon and Mew Ichigo agreed.

The Mew Mew leader reached out for Mew Berry's hand "Welcome to the team"

Mew Berry shook Mew Ichigo's hand then shook Mew Erika's hand.

"Nice to meet you all...So where are the other Mew Mew?" Mew Berry asked.

Sailor Mercury looked at Mew Ichigo "The others powers had returned one day...Ryou and I don't know what caused it. However Ryou has a theory"

Ryou nodded "The others were called"

Sailor Moon called the Inner Scouts on her cell phone. Soon a meeting was called. Ryou had told the transformed Mew Mew to stay transformed through out the meeting.

"It's been awhile since we've been together" Minako said she glanced over to the seventh Mew Mew.

"Who's this Mew Ichigo?" Rei asked.

"Our third permanent member Mew Berry" Mew Ichigo said.

"So why did you call us?" Mint demanded.

Demanding as always Mint.

Oh dear not this girl again.

Ryou looked at Ami and with a nod, he turned to address the Tokyo Mew Mew.

"I'm sure you're all aware of this, but somehow you're Mew Powers have returned"

"What?" Mint asked "That's not true!"

Mew Erika spoke for Ryou's defense "Not exactly true yourself Mint. Look on Pudding's forehead"

Mint, Lettuce and Zakuro did and they gasped together "It's their...The Mew Mew mark!"

"It is?" the youngest Tokyo Mew Mew pipped up exactly.

Immediately she grabbed her pendent "Mew Mew Pudding Metamorphis!"

Pudding was now Mew Pudding. She wore a yellow and black striped dress. She had yellow long socks on followed by orange shoes. She also then had her monkey ears and monkey tail pop out.

"YEAH! It's real!" Mew Pudding shouted "I'm back!"

Chibi-Usa walked in and smiled "I'm happy for you Mew Pudding! You and I are bound to fight together now!"

Mew Pudding spun around "That's right!"

"Um why is it back?" Lettuce asked.

Ryou opened his eyes "I can only come up with one theory at the moment...and that is this, when the Mew Aqua poured over you all, it had temporarily undid your transformations."

Ami nodded "True, I along with Keiichiro have been helping Ryou work on getting new Mew Mew for the team. However since the Mew Aqua hit you girls, it might not have temporarily took the powers away but now that the DNA has been exposed to the Mew might be all permanent now."

The other Mew Mew sighed sadly. But Mew Ichigo, and Mew Erika liked the idea of having the team fully permanent. It would make the Mew Mew and Sailor Senshi work even more effectively as two allied teams could be.

"Well, I guess we better start working" Mint said.

"What do you mean we Mint?" Lettuce asked "You're always sitting doing nothing."

"She has a point" Rei said as Mint took fought with the innocent Mew Mew.

"I'm sorry, I brought that up" Lettuce said.

"It was the truth" Mew Erika mumbled.

Ryou nodded at this "Okay, Mew Mew you're duties will resume tomorrow! Go and have some fun with our allies."

The Mew Mew transformed but Mew Berry and Mew Erika stood back only because Ryou had asked them too.

"What is it?" Mew Erika asked Ryou.

Ryou looked at Mew Berry "You just became a Mew Mew, it is hard to be a heroine so would you like Mew Erika to train you?"

Mew Berry nodded "Sure! Only not too hard"

Ryou turned to Mew Erika "Please train our newest member as a normal second-in-command would...Not so easy but not so hard"

Mew Erika bowed "Sure, count on me to do it!"

Ryou watched her go "Oh Erika, after this how about a date?"

"Sure, I'd love to, it has been awhile since we had dated! How about at three?"

Ryou nodded "Sounds good to me, meet me at the cafe's entrance"

"Okay, come on Mew Berry!" Mew Erika said.

"Alright!" Mew Berry said.

The two Tokyo Mew Mew ran off for Mew Erika to begin Mew Berry's training. Back with the other Mew Mew. They looked up at the beautiful blue sky watching the clouds.

"So how does it feel that your powers are back?" Luna asked as she walked by.

Mint turned to Luna "Okay...I guess"

"You don't like being the hero?" Luna asked.

"No it's not that!" Mint said then she added on "I was just getting used to being normal."

"What can go wrong?" Minako asked.

This caused Usagi to fall down from her chair as Ichigo turned to Minako smiling "Better not let Erika hear you say that friend. She'd correct you instantly saying that you should never let your guard down."

The girls left walking. Usagi could resist a look at a shadow that covered the sky. She glanced up and saw a circus tent floating.

Strange she thought as she followed her friends.

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Chapter 2: Dead Moon Circus