Chapter 45: Dead Moon Circus Defeated

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Ichigo was glad when Crystal returned with Mew Erika alive but sleeping. The Mew Mew Princess was glad that the Inner Scorpion was able to free her friend from a death fate. Thanks to Masha they knew that Erika would be out of the picture. They even saw the Dead Moon Circus watching the fight and they knew attacks would happen now without Mew Erika there to help them out. For now the Mew Mews watched as Ami ran some tests on the Mew Mew's second in command.

"She's fine Ryou" Ami told him "Just like before she's sleeping for quite a while. This time I'm guessing she'll be out for two weeks straight."

"And the spell that Itachi put on her?" Ryou asked Ami and even Pie.

The smartest alien answered for the blue haired girl "All medical test detect no traces of that spell Itachi placed her in earlier. The Inner Scorpion has completely erased it."

"That Inner Scorpion has saved Erika's life more than once" Princess Crystal admitted to Ichigo "She acts like she's a truly a mother looking after her daughter."

"Too bad when this mother gets upset" Haruka spoke up "She blows up part of the planet when angered like that and a previous time."

"At least mommy's alive" Kylie said "Had us for a while."

Ichigo patted her future niece's head "You're not the only one worried, I was as well, this Akatsuki new what they were doing."

They turned to Pie and Ryou.

"What?" Pie asked.

"Is there anything in the databases on the Akatsuki?" Princess Crystal asked.

"As soon as we heard whom they worked for we started looking" Pie said and Ryou nodded "None of our computers know much about them...Except that it's an organization of S-class missing ninja."

"Any clue on how many members it might have?" Zakuro asked.

"That is the only other thing we've found out there has been at least ten of these S-Class Missing Ninja."

"And we-well Erika fought two and this information that whole organization with eight more members...That's too much" Mint said she turned to Ichigo "Erika's our best bet against them."

"I just hope it's not the calm before the storm, they purposely targetted her and most likely for her Inner Scorpion...But why, no human can remove her Inner Demon." Ichigo said thoughtfully.

"Well, they won't be going anywhere, whatever Itachi and Kisume were up too" Ryou said to Ichigo "They met an end which really isn't suited for anyone to die at."

Ichigo felt a bit better because of this as whatever the Akatsuki was after it was pretty much over. Nothing to worry about it. Besides now that the Dead Moon Circus saw that Mew Erika was out of comission for a while, they knew the villains would make their move and try to defeat both allied forces before Erika recovered.

Boy were the Mew Mews right. While Mew Erika slept the Dead Moon Circus pressed on attacks day by day, hour by hour trying to make best of Mew Erika's absence. One of which happened to be the Amazon Trio's last encounter. They had finally captured Usagi and while Tiger-Eye tried to look at her Dream Mirror, Fish-Eye appears with Chibi-Usa and explains that the younger girl had Pegasus. When this was the end the Zirconia the Ring Mistress had sent her own Remless to dispose the Amazon Trio. This partly succeeded but the Amazon Trio were able to team up with the girls and Mew Mews to defeat Zirconia's monster. Afterwards the trio were guarded by the Pegasus in the world of dreams and were never heard from again.

After the Amazon Trio failed Zirconia summoned the Amazon Quartet. Now these girls were a bit stronger but not even smarter than the Trio. They didn't even discover Sailor Chibi-Moon was the one Pegasus was in. They were stronger due to actually hitting their victim with their cue balls. Just like the Amazon Trio their efforts were no use against the Mew Mews, Sailor Senshi and Tokyo Mew Mew.

Seeing these girls failing Zirconia had turned to her mistress Queen Nehelnia.

"I can't believe it" Queen Nehelnia said to her comrade "We have plenty of time to attack and find Pegasus and Mew Erika still isn't around!"

"She is technically" Zirconia said "Only she's sleeping."

"We don't have much time" Queen Nehelnia said still angry at her failures "First they kill my daughter-"

"That was the ninja Kitana that did that" Zirconia told her.

Queen Nehelnia stood up as another failure happened this time the Amazon Quartet was so close in finding Pegasus "Why is it that we fail against them?"

Zirconia shrugged "How should I know?"

"Those half breeds" Queen Nehelnia said "I should've dealt with them first and finish off that Mew Mew Queen Millenia...If only I caught onto her plot, this would've never had happened."

"My Queen it's not your fault none of us were to forsee it, listen those Mew Mews will come as we have actually managed to capture Pegasus's horn."

"The allied forces would be coming to save him" Queen Nehelnia said.

"And let them" Zirconia suggested, "Mew Erika is still out of the picture, without her they won't stand a chance."

"Don't underestimate those half breeds" Queen Nehelnia said "They are stronger than the Sailor Senshi but let's prepare for their attack."

The Dead Moon Circus was preparing to defend themselves.

"Alrights girls" Super Sailor Moon said "This is our final battle, the Mew Mews, and our alien allies will assist us."

She turned to her cousin Mew Ichigo Angel Mode the other Mew Mews were already in their super forms knowing that this was a final battle and they needed each other to be at the strongest forms. The Mew Mew Princess turned to her Guardians as she spoke out her speech for them, and their two allies, the Sailor Senshi and the Aliens "We all wish that Mew Erika would be here with us...Sadly she's still recovering from her fight with Kisume and Itachi. Let's make this one thing she won't regret."

The Mew Mews, Sailor Senshi and Aliens nodded at her remark Mew Ichigo Angel Mode turned towards the circus tent "And let's save this world!"

With this prep talk the allied forces continued towards the big huge tent. They were being watched by the Amazon Quarttet. Then the quadruple attacked the Mew Mews, Sailor Senshi and their Alien allies.

"It's them again" Mew Pudding said.

"We can already beat you four" Mew Zakuro warned them "If you were smart you'd let us pass."

"I'm afraid we can't back down" Ves-Ves told them.

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It was then Princess Crystal stood up and Mew Ichigo turned to her "Princess Crystal?"

"My aliens and I will take them on" Crystal told the Mew Mew Princess "After all you're combined strength is needed to take down that evil Queen and that ring master Zirconia."

"Alright" Mew Ichigo said "Be careful Princess Crystal."

She ran pass the Amazon Quartet with the last one the blue one Para Para turned to attack the lat Mew Mew which was Mew Berry but Kish intercepted her pole with his twin dagger "Now, now," he told her "Didn't you hear OUR Princess, you're fight is-"

"With us" Tart said as he and Pie appeared next to Kish and his Princess.

"Very well" the green member of the Amazon Quartet Jun-Jun said as she and the rest of her friends got ready to fight "Then you four shall die."

"Don't count your chances short" Pie told them "You're people have crime to serve."

"And you'll answer to them" Princess Crystal said drawing her weapon.

The normal peaceful Alien Princess's eyes narrowed as she watched her opponents. The Princess let out a silent sigh she hated to fight and war but, it had to be done.

The Alien Princess just looked at the Amazon Quartet. They glared at the aliens back and then the four charged.

Princess Crystal took on Ves-Ves the somewhat leader of the Quartet, Tart took on Para-Para, Pie took on Jun-Jun, leaving Kish to take on the last member of the group Cere-Cere. It was an even four against four and this time Pie was determined as ever to protect Crystal and save the planet, not like years ago when he along with Kish and Tart threatened to destroy it.

Ves-Ves tried to sway out of the way of the Alien Princess's staff. She ducked then tried to kick the Alien Princess. Princess Crystal ducked then stabbed out at Ves-Ves. The stab connected to her shoulder and Ves-Ves fell but not before Crystal whipped out her hand unleashing her light energy at her. Ves-Ves took the energy blast and was forced backwards.

Para-Para and Tart were definitely going at it. Insulting each other and clashing weapons. Now Tart had the advantage due to being able to fly Tart easily dodged two balls that were sent at him then flew into the air "Was that the best you got old hag?"

"Old hag?" Para-Para demanded "Who are you calling an old hang you midget!"

Tart gathered up two blasts in his hand then threw them at Para-Para "Who are you calling a midget? I'm no midget, you the old hag!"

The blast hit the ground beneath Para-Para's feet then the grass grew "What the?" she asked as Tart grabbed onto her and prevented her from moving.

"That got most of the Mew Mews all the time" he told her then he whirled his click-clack weapon and threw it at her. The weapon then burst into an electric net which dropped on her and shocked the poor Amazon Quartet member until she fell onto the ground stunned.

Jun-Jun the Green Amazon Quartet Member was fighting against Kish. Just like his friends and Princess his flying abilities gave him a slight advantage on the situation! Jun-Jun saw him coming and blocked both Dragon Swords which were basically daggers. She lashed out at him but he floated out of the way seemingly vanishing. He then appeared right behind her and gave her wicked slash to the back. Had she nod moved when she did the alien's weapon would've given her a death blow instead he got her in the left flank. She gave out painful moan as she stepped backwards kicking out at Kish. Once again he dodged then came at her back again only to get her right flank. Jun-Jun was bleeding as the Alien brought himself down forcefully onto her tackling her. Despite this she was able to land him a kick. Making them back up.

"Too bad" Kish told her "You're nothing compared to Mew Ichigo or Princess Crystal."

Jun-Jun got up "This isn't over!"

"I'm sorry but it is" Kish told her gathering in energy in his twin Dragon Swords. Jun-Jun's eyes were the size of nearly her whole head as he shot her with the attack. The attack connects blowing her towards the other two downed members.

"Three-down" Kish told his Princess "One more to go."

Cere-Cere was up against Pie. The two were serious opponents. Still just like the other aliens Cere-Cere was at a disadvantage when it came to the alien's usage of flying. Despite her own knowledge of plants Cere-Cere still couldn't reach the Alien Pie.

"Rei-Shen!" Pie shouted blowing wind at the Amazon Quartet member with his fan.

The gust of wind blew Cere-Cere over off her feet which was odd as she was a perfect balancer in the Dead Moon Circus. While she tried to get back onto her feet, Pie came in then slashed her with his fan. The two seemed to have went threw each other with Pie scoring the hit and Cere-Cere missing. There was a long silence as Cere-Cere collapsed.

"Not bad Pie" Tart said to the older alien.

"Not over" Cere-Cere said trying to stand up but Pie aimed his fan "Wrong answer "Rei-Shen-Po!"

This time when Pie completed his attack his fan sent a lighting bolt at her! It strikes her right in the chest and blows her over towards the other downed members of her group.

"Give up" Princess Crystal told them as she ordered her surviving members to stop fighting and join her at her side "We don't want to kill you."

"We must not fail Queen Nehelnia" Ves-Ves said.

"Why is it that you fight for evil so bad?" Pie asked them.

"What?" Cere-Cere asked "Why? So we can live."

"You think it's fair that a group of murderers that exterminated the Mew Mews get to live?" Princess Crystal asked them "The Mew Mews were peaceful loving back in the day. Your Dark Moon Kingdom eliminated them all just for being a bit different than theirs."

"Look at us" Pie told the Amazon Quartet "And look what this Master Zirconia did against the Amazon Trio..."

This got the Amazon Quartet as Pie turned "I myself used to be just like you obeying every order from our God Deep Blue at that time but" he turned as if viewing Mew Lettuce "The Mew Mews have that power to make you realize what you're doing was wrong."

"You for aren't completely evil" Princess Crystal said and Ves-Ves asked her "How do you know?"

"Simple" Princess Crystal said "By studying my light magic and under going some lessons in it, I can use that light to see the darkness and evil within everyone. Had you been purly evil we wouldn't be having this conversation with you."

"Our Princess is right" Kish admitted to the Amazon Quartet.

"And to make matters worse,you're no match to us" Tart reminded the "Our princess doesn't like killing those that aren't pure evil."

"So what are you going to decide?" Princess Crystal asked.

Meanwhile the Mew Mews and Sailor Senshi were making progress. Chibi-Moon was deeply saddened that Pegasus lost his horn and was determined to get it back.

She turned to Sailor Moon and Mew Ichigo "I wish Mew Erika were here."

"Let her rest" Mew Ichigo told Chibi-Moon "We all wish she was here to help but her battle between Itachi and Kisume took a lot out of her."

It was then they came face-to-face with Master Zirconia.

"We meet again Half Breeds" Zirconia said looking at the Mew Mew Princess whom bared her fangs "What is it with you guys calling us that? Just because we have half animal parts doesn't make us Half Breeds!"

Zirconia smiled "Oh it does Mew Ichigo, or shall I put it Princess Mew Ichigo."

The Mew Mew Princess held out her weapon "I'll admit it, I am a Princess, but I will not bow to you."

"Even with Mew Erika out of the way?" Zirconia asked.

"We can win this without her!" Mew Ichigo told him "We have to do this!"

"That's right" Mew Mint Eagle Mode told him "We'll take you and Queen Nehelnia on!"

"That's good to hear" Queen Nehelnia said she eyed Mew Ichigo Angel Mode "For I shall be the one that will kill you Half Breed Princess. Then once I do, I'll burn your body so far you'll won't be recognized."

She and Zirconia charged the Mew Mews and Sailor Senshi. Zirconia sent out shadows at the allied forces. Mew Ichigo held out her weapon and just like her bell weapon a barrier protected them.

"Now Mew Mint!" Mew Ichigo shouted.

"Don't have to count me down!" Mew Mint announced "Ribbon...Eagle Force!"

Mew Mint completed her attack and the forceful winds blew Zirconia and the Dark Queen backwards but Zirconia's magic protected the two from the attack.

"Not bad" Zirconia said aiming a dark blast at Mew Ichigo. The Mew Mew Princess took the blast and it sent her flying into Sailor Moon.

Queen Nehelnia came over towards the Mew Mew Princess as she was starting to stand up. Mew Ichigo Angel Mode was then kicked in the back and she was sent to another room. The Queen then grabbed Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibimoon and brought them with the Mew Mew Princess.

"Zirconia hold the others off, while I perform some executions."

"Got it my Queen" Zirconia said he turned to the Guardian Sailor Senshi and the Guardian Mew Mews "You want to save your Princesses then you'll have to get passed me."

"Then we'll defeat you no matter what the cost" Mew Zakuro Werewolf Mode and Sailor Jupiter said.

"Our Princess will win!" Mew Pudding Flying Chimpanzee Mode and Sailor Mars said.

"Taking our Princesses on like that" Mew Lettuce and Sailor Mercury told Zirconia.

"Is your biggest mistake" Mew Berry Celestial Mode and Sailor Venus said.

"Bring it on!" Zirconia said "I can take on all of you!"

The Mew Mews and their Sailor Senshi allies began to fight against the villian.

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Mew Ichigo Angel Mode, Super Sailor Moon, Mew Blueberry, and Super Sailor Chibi-Moon had landed in the other room with Queen Nehelnia staring at the four.

"Mew Ichigo, I plan to kill you right here and right now" She told the Mew Mew Princess.

"Why?" Super Sailor Moon asked the evil Queen.

"Why what?" Queen Nehelnia asked.

"Why are you so wanting to kill all the Mew Mews?" Super Sailor Moon asked "For one thing Mew Ichigo is my cousin...One that I treasure dearly in my heart. The Mew Mews are friends!"

"Says you" the evil Queen replied "The Mew Mews are nothing but half breeds that need to be extinct, listen Sailor Moon help me eliminate your cousin and I'll let you live."

"Never!" Super Sailor Moon warned her.

"Yeah" Super Chibi-Moon told the evil Queen "Plus Mew Blueberry is a friend as well."

"Rubbish!" The evil Queen told the two Sailor Senshi "Look what they are doing their manipulating you two!"

"Manipulating?" Mew Ichigo Angel Mode asked in a hiss "We'd never do that to an ally!"

The evil queen then shot out a metallic blast at Mew Ichigo. The blast strikes her and sends the Mew Mew onto her knees as the Queen advances Mew Ichigo looked up as the evil queen withdraws her nails "Mew Mew Princess, you're about to die a second time in your life and hopefully ends it all together, now how do you want to die, a stab to your heart, or just like your mother a beheading?"

"You sure you can kill me with one blow?" Mew Ichigo asked her a grin on her face.

"Mommy?" Mew Blueberry asked "What are you planning?"

The Mew Mew Princess looked at the evil queen "Are you sure stabbing me threw the hearts going to kill me? I've taken Queen Berryl's nails threw it and survived."

"Heck she's been bitten by a shark right in her stomach and didn't die" Super Sailor Moon said.

"Fine" Queen Nehelnia said aiming her nails at Mew Ichigo's neck "Then I'll impale her brain before beheading her, that'll work."

Mew Ichigo Angel Mode then saw her chance as soon as Queen Nehelnia came closer the Mew Mew Princess reached out pinned the evil Queen's arms to the side then gave the Queen a kick to her face. The Queen stumbled as Mew Ichigo took aim "Ribbon..."

But the Mew Mew Princess wouldn't get time to complete her attack as the Queen slashes the Mew Mew. The Mew Mew takes the slash and is sent flying over towards Super Sailor Moon landing on all fours but the slash caused some bleeding to the Mew Mew Princess.

"Cousin!" Super Sailor Moon shouted.

"I'm fine" Mew Ichigo said "Luckily it wasn't a deep slash other wise I would've been cleaved in two."

Back at the fight with Zirconia, the Mew Mews were actually helping the Sailor Senshi win.

"Mew Pudding" Mew Mint commanded "Try to see if you can cancel out that weird villains ability!"

"You got it!" Mew Pudding announced "Ribbon...Fiery Star Shower!"

Mew Pudding Flying Chimpanzee Mode attacked Zirconia and was able to negate the villians ability.

"Now we need to take care of that weapon!" Mew Mint said.

"I'll stun him!" Mew Lettuce Mermaid Mode announced she took aim "Ribbon...Electric Shockwave!"

Mew Lettuce Mermaid Mode finished her attack stunning the villian.

"Now my turn" Mew Zakuro Werewolf Mode shouted "Ribbon...Werewolf Shadow Strike!"

Mew Zakuro Werewolf Mode attacked and destroyed Zirconia's weapon leaving him defenseless.

"I'll hold him back" Mew Mint Eagle Mode said she turned to her allies "You all can finish him off."

The Sailor Senshi nodded at this as Mew Mint aimed her sword "Ribbon...Eagle Force!"

Mew Mint Eagle Mode's attack is completed trapping the Ring Master of the Dead Moon Circus.

Mew Mint turned to the Sailor Senshi and the last member of the Tokyo Mew Mew giving them a nod.

"For our Princess" Mew Berry Celestial Mode shouted "Ribbon...Lovely Rainbow Burst!"

"Jupiter...Oak Evolution!" Sailor Jupiter announced.

"Mercury...Aqua Rhapsody!" Sailor Mercury shouted.

"Venus...Love and Beauty Shock!" Sailor Venus shouted.

"Mars...Flame Sniper!" Sailor Mars shouted.

The five attacks are sent to the trapped and pinned Zirconia "Oh no!"

The five attacks strike home and give the villain a fatal blow. The villain then collapses onto the ground looking at the Mew Mews "You win...Hard to believe that Sailor Senshi are winning and enjoying company of those half breeds. However you both win."

Now with one last villian down, the Mew Mews and Sailor Senshi turn to join Mew Ichigo and the other three princesses when Pie, Tart, Kish, Princess Crystal and the Amazon Quartet on their side.

It was then the Mew Mews told their newest allies of the situation.

"Then let's make the haste up quickly" Pie told them.

He lead them to an opening where they saw well at least Mew Ichigo and Blueberry fighting with Sailor Moon pleading with Queen Nehelnia to change her ways. The evil queen was trying to kill Mew Ichigo Angel Mode but the Mew Mew Princess was too fast and smart to be easily killed. The two clashed weapons.

"Why don't you die?" Queen Nehelnia asked.

"I can't die" Mew Ichigo Angel Mode told the evil Queen "If my mother Millenia was at full health and you weren't chasing her this would be the out come!"

With this the Mew Mew Princess then easily broke the lock and aimed her sceptor "Ribbon...Purification Burst!"

The attack rushes over the evil Queen and forces her onto the ledge.

"Impossible" Queen Nehelnia said "So far I'm losing to her."

"My mother wouldn't have lost the fight" Mew Ichigo Angel Mode told Queen Nehelnia "Had she been at full power like I was and not chased around, she would've defeated you."

The evil queen had one nasty idea and after grabbing Super Sailor Chibi-Moon tossed the girl over the edge, Super Sailor Moon had soon followed saving the young girl. Mew Ichigo turned to the evil queen "You're crimes are about over."

Queen Nehelnia turned as Mew Ichigo aimed her weapon then she eyed the Mew Mews "Mew Mews, please give me all you got."

But unknown to her Super Sailor Moon's words hit home and the evil Queen was beginning to vanish. Once gone the Mew Mews turned their attention to the Dead Moon Circus tent and with the help of the Sailor Senshi and aliens were able to destroy it. Once it was free Tokyo was saved and lots of cheering was heard.

"We did it" Mew Ichigo found herself saying to her guardians and allies.

"We certainly did" Super Sailor Moon said.

"Feels good to be on the good side now" Princess Crystal said with a smile.

"Tokyo is back to normal" Pie said.

The Mew Mews, Sailor Senshi and aliens went to Cafe Mew Mew to celebrate.

Meanwhile Itachi was recovering in the Akatsuki base. He was right Sasori had the anti-venom.

A strange person said. He seemed to be an old man with a scorpion like tail. "Your one lucky ninja Itachi" the person said "Had you not mixed in your Chakra by now you'd be dead, you took the venom of the Death Stalker Scorpion...Not your best move."

"Lecture me later Sasori" Itachi warned "Kisume and I have to make our announcement to Pain."

Itachi and Kisume were now seen with a shadow of the leader of the Akatsuki organization.

"Itachi...Kisume why are you here" the shadow asked.

"My Lord," Kisume said "We have found her."

"Her?" the dark figure asked.

"The Inner Scorpion" Itachi answered.

The figure's eyes wided "You found the Inner Scorpion's host?"

"We have" Itachi admitted "It's inside Erika Aoyoma aka Mew Erika a hero of Tokyo Japan."

"Interesting" the shadow said.

"What do you want us to do now?" Kisume asked.

The shadow stood up "Leave this Mew Erika to me. I'll take her on."

Itachi and Kisume were breathless the leader of the Akatsuki rarely left unless it was for a purpose, was no other Akatsuki member could take her on.

"Yes" the shadow said showing them his weird eye "It is time that I take action as I'm the only one that can handle the Inner Scorpion's power."

With this the shadow began to plot it's attack.

End of chapter.

And Tokyo Mew Moon II ends like this. It'll quickly move onto Tokyo Mew Moon III where the shadow figure is announced. Who is this shadow figure and what is going to happen against him and the Scorpion Mew Mew? Find out in Tokyo Mew Moon III: Sailor Stars