To my adorable, kind, surprisingly STILL loyal readers:

Thank you ALL for still supporting me and staying loyal to my stories. From the bottom of my heart, I truly am sorry that I haven't updated in too long of a time. What has it been, 3 years already? That's far too long and I seriously cannot express how sorry I am. However, I am proud to say I'm finally back and will proudly be editing and updating as much as I can with my in-progress stories. Maybe even posting a NEW story or two (I'll just keep it at oneshots for now so I don't put you guys in this kind of situation again with my extremely too-long-to-keep-its-meaning "hiatuses" haha.

Once again I'm completely and genuinely sorry. /: I will be posting this chapter in ALL of my in-progress stories so all the different followers/alerters I have for each story will know the same thing.

If you see this message on this story, that means I am in the progress of editing my past stories and chapters to make them more efficient and readable, updating them from my 12-year-old perspective on writing (which was pretty horrible if you ask me haha). So please, I know I shouldn't be asking this, but can I keep your patience for just a little while longer while I get everything up to date?

Thank you all so much! You guys truly give me hope. (: