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FYI: Bella's power enables her to raise a force field or "shield" around herself and others when other vampire powers both mental and physical are threatening them. In addition, due to the strong bond with her vampire family that Bella had while she was human (remember the hallucinations she had in New Moon of Edward), that bond was strengthened when she was changed and she can now have mini video conferences in her mind with them.

Disclaimer: Highest praises to SM for sharing Edward and Bella with the rest of the world! Of course, all of the characters from the Twilight series belong to her! I only get the credit for the new characters, Tally and Vanessa.


I understood now, that I had been set up. All of this was Tanya's doing. She had deceived us both, trying to steal Edward away from me.

Irina had drugged me to help Tanya in a last attempt for revenge of Laurent's death.

I looked up at Edward. I watched as his eyes grew dark from anger.

I thought about Tally. She was supposed to be my enemy, but she had turned out to be, if nothing else, someone I felt I could trust. Maybe we would become friends, as Aro had hoped.

I shook my head, not wanting to let my memories take me back to that castle.

Edward tightened his hold, and softly asked, "Are you okay, love?"

"My life has to be the most confusing, mixed-up, existence of all human and vampire alike."

I looked at Edward. His expression showed love, understanding, and concern. But deep in his eyes, I could still see the fury.

I sighed.

This was far from over.

Chapter 1

My throat burned. I tried swallowing, big mistake. I closed my eyes tight as I grimaced from the fiery sensation.

"Bella?" His voice was like music to my ears.

I thought, "I'm fine…just need to rest. I…feel…so…tired…Ed…" My eyes were so heavy, I couldn't keep them open any longer.

"Just sleep now, my love. I'll watch over you."

I felt myself become limp in his arms. A blanket of calm spread throughout my body, and I was asleep. Well, as much as a vampire can sleep. I could still hear faint voices and sounds in the background, and my muscles would tense automatically in response to them.

I could also feel his arms around me as he cradled my body on his lap.

My perfect husband, my Adonis, was holding me. I was drifting in and out, as I allowed my memories to play back through my head.

Then one memory began to fill my mind with that awful first day of high-school in Forks. I had just moved there, to live with my Dad. I had walked into the classroom, ready to suffer through an hour of biology lessons that, no doubt, I had already been taught back in my advanced placement course in Phoenix. The teacher had directed me to sit in the only unoccupied seat, next to…

That was when I saw those eyes, his eyes, dark pitch black orbs staring at me like I was causing him insufferable pain.

I opened my eyes a slit, and saw those same eyes looking down on me now.

Wait, where am I?

My back bristled at his expression. My body stiffened, as I gasped.

Immediately, by instinct, a field began to rise up around me for protection.

His hold on me tightened. His lips grew tight against his face as he winced in pain.


My eyes closed. I didn't want to hurt him. I forced my muscles to relax, lowering the field.

No matter what, he was always there.

We were both so lonely before, then we found what we were looking for, in each other.

Ours was truly a story filled with tragedy, but also romance and undeniable love.

So, why was I always causing him pain? It hurt me to see him hurting.

My body started trembling as invisible tears filled my eyes and ran down my cheeks.

"Bella, it's okay. It's over. Please, love, stay with me. Don't leave me!"

Leave? What?

I could hear his tormented cries, calling out to me, but I didn't understand.

I felt another presence, Carlisle.

"Edward, let me take her. You need a break. You need to go hunt, son!"

Edward's hold tightened once again. "No. I told you I'm not leaving. I will never let go of her again!"

"She's very weak, Edward, but she'll pull through. You need to be strong for her as well. I can see how drained you are."

A low growl of frustration rumbled in his chest.

I wanted to tell him I was fine. I didn't want him fighting with his father.

I used all of my strength to open my eyes again and look up at him.

"Edward…OW!" It felt like someone just ran a razor blade up my throat.

"Bella, what's wrong?"


I couldn't believe what Tanya and Irina had done to Bella. Tally had clued us all in as soon as she had figured it out.

It was all Rose and I could do, to keep Emmett and Jasper from tearing them both limb from limb.

When we had confronted Tanya and Irina on their actions, they both just smirked at us saying, "Apparently, no harm was done. He is still holding on to her, isn't he?"

Emmett and Jasper let out twin roars and crouched ready to spring on them.

Esme and Kate both yelled for everyone to calm down, while Rose and I grabbed our mates and attempted to restrain them.

Kate took Tanya and Irina upstairs for a discussion. Esme tried to diffuse the tension in the front room, by asking us all to sit down and relax.

No sooner had I sat down next to my ferociously angry Jasper, than my own eyes clouded over. Not in anger, however, but with a very tender scene from the future.

Jasper noticed I was having a vision, and took my hands into his, waiting patiently for me to come back to the present.

"What did you see?"

I smiled, took his hand, and stood up. "Come with me."

We headed for the back door, only stopping briefly in the kitchen for two small containers.

Then we were running, into the forest.


"Bella, what's wrong?"

I tried to answer, but grimaced in pain instead. I guess talking, was not going to be an option for awhile.

I took a deep breath. I focused on Edward, opening a channel, linking our minds.

"I love you, Edward. Please, don't hurt yourself for me."

I felt his lips brush the top of my head, and his breath caress my hair.

I heard his velvety voice in my thoughts, "My beautiful Bella, the only thing that hurts me is not having you in my arms. Please, don't worry about me. Save your energy. Let your body heal. When you are able, we will go hunt together."

I began to protest, when I felt another warning instinct begin to arouse in my body. I turned my gaze to the doorway, just in time to see two familiar faces.

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