Summary: Amu promised herself that she would never fall in love ever again. But happens when a certain cat comes along? –AMUTO-

Love Is Painful

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Chapter 1: Never Falling In Love Ever Again


Amu's POV

"H-H-Hinamori-san! Please go out with me!"

"I'm sorry, but I can't." I said walking away. I sighed. This was the 5th time I rejected someone this month. It's tiring and I don't even like them let alone know them! But they're better off without me…

X-x-Flashback-x-X (sorry if it is long )

Amu's POV



"Can you go out with me?" I gasped.

"Yes…Keiichiro." I smiled.

X-x-1 year later-x-X

"Amu-chan! Hurry up! Keiichiro-kun is already here!"

"Coming, Mom!! Miki, how do I look?" I asked. Miki, Ran, and Su are my best friends and they live with us because their parents passed away.

"Hmm…you look great! Now go!" Miki exclaimed.

"Bye, Amu-chan!" Ran and Su chorused.

"See you later!" I went downstairs to find Mom, Keiichiro, and my crying Dad.

"No!! My sparrow is flying away out of my reach!" My dad started crying again. I rolled my eyes. "Bye! I'll be back later in the night." And I took off with Keiichiro. We are going to a fancy restaurant to eat dinner.

"Amu, you look beautiful." I blushed. "Thanks." I was wearing navy blue dress that went just below my knees with black pumps and a silver cross necklace. I tied my bangs up with my signature X clips, except the clip was navy colored, and then I noticed something.



"What's in the bag your holding?"

"You'll see…" and he smirked.

X-x-2 hours later in the restaurant-x-X

"Mm…that was delicious!" I exclaimed.

"Yes, it was. Oh! I almost forgot…here." He reached into his bag and pulled out a box and gave it to me.

"What is it?" I asked. He just smiled. I opened the box and gasped.

"Oh my goodness!! This bracelet is beautiful!" I breathed as he smiled. "Let me put it on your wrist." He put the silver bracelet on my left wrist.

"Thank you so much." He smiled. "I'm glad you like it. But that's not all." He snapped his fingers. A waitress came to our table with a bouquet of flowers and gave it to Keiichiro. "Here you go."

"Thank you." I smiled. "But what's this?" I was pulled out a small box from the flowers and gasped. He took it from my hands and kneeled down on one foot. My eyes widened.

"Amu Hinamori? I will love you forever. Will you marry me?"

"…Yes." I breathed and he was about to kiss me when we heard a…

BANG! Andthere was smoke in the air. "Nobody move!"

'Robbers.' I thought. 'They're holding guns!' Fear swept through me.

"Hey! I found a cute one over here!" He grabbed my arm and I snapped out of my thoughts. "Don't touch me you disgusting bastard!" I yelled as I slapped him right across the face.

"You bitch!" I squeezed my eyes shut preparing for the punch but I didn't feel anything. I opened up and found Keiichiro with his fist in the air and blood on the robber's face. "Don't you dare touch her!" The robber growled, "You'll pay." He took out the gun from inside his jacket and I screamed. "KEIICHIRO!!" Blood splattered everywhere and some went on my legs. Keiichiro tried to dodge it but the bullet managed to shoot through him on his left side of his chest.

"Keiichiro?! Are you alright?! Say something!!" I cried my eyes out and I heard him cough. I looked down with a blurred vision. He looked horrible. There was blood on his face with scratches and he was in pain. He held my hand and I gasped because he was so cold. I tried to warm his hands but my hands were shaking and cold as well. "A-Amu…I…l-love…" his hand fell down. "Keiichiro?! Hang in there! Don't die on me!!"

WHEE-OO! WHEE-OO! Siren sounds.

"Amu-chan!" I looked up to see 2 of Keiichiro's friends running towards me. "Hiro! Sachio! What are you doing here?!"

"We were passing by when we heard an explosion. Hiro and I called the police and ambulance. Oh! Here they are." Six people came towards us with a stretcher. "Please move aside! This boy's heart is faint, so hurry and carry him to the hospital!" They carried Keiichiro with the stretcher and into the ambulance. Suddenly, we heard a growl.

"You!! So it was YOU!!" I turned around to find a robber holding a gun pointed towards Hiro. Just when he was about to shoot, he glanced at me for a split second and pointed the gun towards me and shot. "Amu-chan! Move out of the way!" Hiro pushed me out of the way and he took the bullet instead of me. I shrieked, "HIRO!!"

"Over here! There's still one more robber!" A policeman charged at the remaining robber and knocked him down to the ground.

"Hiro?! Are you alright?!"

"Uhn…" his face was pained. "Sachio! Tell the doctors in the ambulance to come back out here!" Sachio ran off. Five seconds later, doctors came running with another stretcher towards us and hauled Hiro on the stretcher. Sachio and I went into the ambulance and the last thing I saw of the scene was the robbers getting into the police cab.

X-x-At the Hospital-x-X

"Amu-chan!" I turned around to see my family and my best friends running towards me. "Are you alright?!"

"Yea, I'm fine. I just have some scratches and bruises but nothing worse than that."

"How are Hiro, Sachio, and Keiichiro?" Miki asked.

"Sachio is just like me with scratches and bruises. Hiro and Keiichiro…" My voice went up an octave on the last word. "I'm sure they'll be alright…" my Mom said reassuring me.

"Hinamori-san! How is Keiichiro, Sachio, and Hiro?!" We turned around to find Keiichiro's, Hiro's, and Sachio's family running towards us with panic visible on their faces.

"Sachio is fine but…" I looked up at the operation light above the door. The light was still on. After 10 more minutes, the light turned off on the operation sign above the door. A doctor came out.

"Doctor! How are Keiichiro and Hiro?!"

"I'm sorry…we did everything we could." My knees buckled and I broke down crying. "KEIICHIRO! HIRO!" I stood up and headed towards the door to the room where their bodies laid but the doctors stopped me. "You can't go in there, Miss!" I shouted, "Let me go!" Now it was Keiichiro's mom and Hiro's mom to stop me. My eyes widened.

"Go away!" I just stood there like an idiot. "I entrusted my son to you and you killed him! You killed Keiichiro!!"

"No…NO!! I never wanted this to happen!" I yelled back.

"GO AWAY! You're not welcome here you monster! You killed my son and Hiro!! You'll kill every man that you'll know!! LEAVE!"

"Hinamori-san…" I turned to Hiro's mom. "Please…go." I didn't know what to say. "My son, Hiro, had always loved you since he first met you…and now you made him hurt…GO!" My eyes became blank and I swayed and held onto the wall. "Amu-chan!" Ran helped me to stand but I was deep within my thoughts. 'How many times have I called Hiro one of my "best friends"? How many times have I caused him pain and talked about Keiichiro and I together? HOW MANY TIMES?!'

X-x-End of Flashback-x-X

After that incident, my parents got a new job and we moved to Tokyo, Japan from Osaka, Japan. It's been half a year since that accident and I am now 21 years old. I was going to one of the best colleges in this city, Seiyo College.

As I made my way home, I bumped into one of my classmates.

"Ah! Hinamori-san! C-Could I talk to you tomorrow?"

"Sure." When I was well out of ear-shot, I sighed. It's probably another confession.

"I'm home!"

"Welcome home, Amu-chan! How was your day?

"Fine." I went upstairs to my room and fell down on my bed. To my left was my desk. I went up to my desk and opened the drawer. In the back of the drawer, I pulled out a small blue box. In the box, there laid my ring. Tears started falling from my eyes. I heard footsteps and quickly wiped them away.


"What's up, Miki?'

"We're going to go shopping! Come on!"

"Ok. I'll be down in a minute." I laid the box down and put it back into my drawer.


End of chapter 1

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