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X-x-Flashback of Chapter 20-x-X

"Why?" I muttered. "Why did it turn out this way?"

"Why? I think you already know the answer to that. My son." I flinched away from her answer.

"I'd always thought how nice you were. How thoughtful and caring. A loving mother," I began.

"Shut up!" she screamed. I kept on going.

"Keiichiro would say that he couldn't get a better mother. What happened to that person?" I wondered out loud. She kept on screaming, 'shut up' but I won't listen to her.

"Even me," I said louder this time. "From his description, you…were incredible. A perfect role model," I smiled at her. She just kept on shouting.

"But now…you're a cold-hearted bitch who hurts the people close to me," My tone turning into a sad one.

"SHUT UP!!" she cried. She pointed her gun at me.


Where is her knight in shining armor?

X-x-End of Flashback-x-X



Ikuto's POV

Utau called me on the phone.


"Do you know where Amu is?" she asked flat out.

"No, why what happened?" my tone rising.

"Ran said that Amu had to go somewhere but she didn't say where. Her exact words were, 'I…have something to do'. It's almost been an hour and we're worried about her. Adding to that, I can't reach her! She must have turned off her cell phone or something. What should we do?!" she asked panicking.

"Utau, calm down. Have you looked for her?"

"Everywhere! And we still can't find her. Ran, Miki, Su, and I thought that when she said 'I have something to do.', we thought she meant…!"


"Anyways, look for her, Ikuto! There must be someplace you know that she likes to go to."


"Utau!" I shouted but she already hung up. "Damn…" I snapped my phone shut and got car keys.



The fountain? That could be a place. She always goes there. I drove to that area and quickly got out of my car. I reached the fountain only to found no one. I cursed mentally and ran towards my car.

The lake is another option. I checked and again, no luck. What other place could she be at?! And then it clicked. The amusement park. I drove hastily to the said place. I searched around the whole theme park but found nothing. I then went to the teacup Amu and I sat on once upon a time. It seems so long ago. I was about to dash back to my car until I caught a glimpse of something. A cell phone. Amu's cell phone to be specific.

I picked it up and saw like 10 missed calls. All of them were from Utau. I sweatdropped. I called Utau's number using Amu's phone.

"Thank god you called, Amu! I was so worried! Where were you?"

"It's Ikuto," I stated. "I found Amu's cell phone."

"Ikuto, meet me at the entrance of our college ASAP. Hurry."


I sighed. So many questions yet zip answers. I drove away with the phone still in my hand.

Utau was waiting for me at the entrance of our school. As soon as I got out of the car, Utau bolted towards me.

"Give me the phone," she demanded. I quickly obeyed not wanting to get on her bad side since she had a dark aura. I peered over her shoulder. She was scanning through Amu's most recent calls. She clicked on the anonymous person's call. I saw her tremble.

"I…can't believe she did that."

"What?! Tell me!" I nagged. She ignored me. She began scanning through Amu's text messages. It was the same phone number. It said 'Don't forget' and the other one said 'Come now'. What's that supposed to mean?!

"Oh….shit. What the hell?!" she suddenly cursed causing me to jump. She went into cursing mode. After she calmed down somewhat, she took out her cell phone and called someone.

"Miki?" Why Miki?

"Any luck?" I heard Miki ask.

"Ikuto found her cell phone and I checked her text messages and recent phone calls. It's true. She went without us."

"What the—" Miki said.

"Meet me at the entrance of the college."


"Ikuto, I have to go," she said walking towards her car.

"Wait!" I hollered. I seized her arm making her yelp quietly.

"I know you're hiding something. From the start, I knew Amu was keeping something from me. Plus, all those scars and bruises….spill it out!" I commanded. She wrenched her arm away.

"Fine. Remember Fukushima?" she asked in a dark tone. I looked away glaring into open space. She took that as a yes.

"She's back." That alerted my attention extremely. My head whirled towards Utau's mad facial expression.

"Amu got pulled into an alley by the robber that killed her fiancé," she started. I merely gawked at her. "He got away causing Amu to chase after him. He probably wanted that. He led her to a big house in the middle of nowhere. When she went to the backyard, she found Fukushima and her family tied up," she gulped. What. The. Hell. Why didn't she tell me?!

"Fukushima started threatening her. She said that either her family or…you die." Time seemed to freeze. Me? Why would she want me?

"Me?" I whispered. She nodded.

"Probably revenge. If she can't kill Amu, she at least wants to kill the one she loves," she smiled grimly at me. My eyes widened. I ducked my head down.

"What did she say?"

"She picked neither. You know Amu. Amu would never let someone getting hurt in her place if she couldn't help it…she's too n-nice." I looked up and saw Utau crying. I wiped the tears away.

"It's going to be okay. So, what did Amu say?"

"S-She said that Fukushima could kill her if she wouldn't hurt us anymore," she cried and broke into more sobs. My arms fell to my side. She did that for me? For the people she cared for? My fists clenched.

"Fukushima agreed. But someone stumbled upon the house and so Fukushima and Amu's family left. Amu left and walked home until I found her on the outskirts of town," she quietly said. "I couldn't do anything worth mentioning."

"Hush," I soothed. "I'm sure you did your best. But how did Amu get all those wounds." Utau looked up with sad yet flaming eyes.

"Remember at our summer vacation and our little incident with Fukushima? That's what happened." I froze in place. I wish I could punch someone…anything! But all I could do was clamp and unclamp my fists.

"When Amu refused to let her kill you or her family, she…paid the consequences," she confided. "She got whipped a myriad of times." Tears streamed down her face. I clutched her arms and shook her back and forth.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?!" I asked enraged. She struggled to be free of my grasp.

"What could you have done?!" she yelled as she yanked out of my clutch. "The reason why Amu didn't tell you or anyone is for your own safety. I forced her to tell me because I would be mad if she didn't. She doesn't want you to get hurt and though that keeping a safe distance from you would be the best. Don't you get it?! She broke up with because she loves you more than anyone else in the whole world!!!"

Speechless, my arms fell to my side. My head hung low as one single tear fell down and onto the cement. And then another.

"Utau! Ah, Ikuto." I heard Miki call. Miki was running towards Utau and me. "Does Ikuto know?" she inquired.

"Yes, I told him everything. Let's go," she urged. "You too, Ikuto." She took my hand and dragged me into the car.



"As far as I remember, I found Amu right here," Utau said as she stopped at outskirts of two. 10-15 yards away was the border line between this town and just nothing. The place beyond that line is deserted. I've only been past the border line once because I was bored and had nothing to do.

"Amu-chan said that it took her about 5-10 minutes to run to the house. Well, her house probably isn't hard to find since it's the only house around," Miki explained sitting behind Utau. Utau was driving while I sat next to her.

A house soon came into view. It was pretty modern and looks abandoned but there's more than meets the eye. Utau parked the car on the road in front of the house.

"Utau, should we call our friends?" Miki asked. Utau nodded.

"Ask as many people you can and tell them to come here ASAP," Utau instructed. Miki nodded.

"Let's go, Ikuto!" Utau urged as she glided towards the back of the house slyly. I quickly followed her quietly with my cat-like features. Since nobody was in the backyard, we went into the forest and found a clearing up ahead.

What I saw filled me with awe and wonder and shock. The guards were on the ground unconscious. How many were there? 8? 10? I then distinguished Amu's family tied up in the dark. I ran towards them. It was pretty dark out. What time is it? 6 or 7 o'clock?

"Ikuto-kun?" Midori-san asked as she saw me. "Ikuto-kun! What are you doing here?"

"To save you," I replied tugging at the ropes.

"Ma'am, I'm Tsukiyomi. Friend of Amu and brother of Ikuto. Do you know what happened to Amu?" Utau asked from behind.

"Amu chased after that woman and into the woods. She fought all those guards by herself but I know she got hurt. Please help my daughter!" she pleaded.

"I can't believe Amu left without telling us. Then why did I even take karate lessons?!" she scolded to herself.

"What?" I asked.

"I took karate lessons along with Amu for self-defense," she clarified. I kept on tugging at the ropes.

"They…won't…come…loose!" I grunted. Midori-san nudged Tsumugu-san for him to wake up. Tsumugu-san groaned a little and then full awoke.

"Ikuto-kun?" I nodded towards his inquiry. I tugged at the ropes again. I sighed frustrated.

"Wait! Amu-chan left us a pocketknife on the ground next to Ami-chan," Tsumugu-san recalled. I found the said item and flicked the sharp blade out. I began sawing at Midori-san's ropes when we heard noises coming from the guards.

"Where are they?" I heard a voice shout. I inwardly cursed for not cutting the ropes earlier. I stood up as Utau got ready.

"They're up ahead!" the guard shouted. We saw them appear one by one. Were there at least 20? How many guards did she have?! The unconscious guards began to stir. Oh, damn it. That makes almost 30.

They all charged up to us at once. We all braced ourselves until a group of people knocked them off their tracks. Our friends.

"Yo, Tsukiyomi, Utau! You guys just go off without telling us?" Kukai joked.

"Kukai!" Utau cried jumping on top of him. I smirked. The whole group was here—Daichi, Yoru, Ran, Su, Yaya, Rima, Kukai, Kairi, Nagihiko, Sachio, and Tadase.

"I was able to get the whole group," Miki explained in front of me. I smiled.

"Good work," I complimented. The guards got up and bolted towards us. Our strong group of friends got into positions when we heard a gunshot…


All of us froze for a fraction of a second except for the guards. Shit! I forgot about Amu! A guard sprinted towards me. When he was 2 yards away, he suddenly fell to the ground. Utau stood before him.

"Go find Amu and save her. Hurry!" she directed.

"Thanks!" I called out running into the forest area. I kept on tripping but that didn't matter. All I cared about was finding Amu. I soon saw Fukushima 10 yards away holding a gun. I stopped and went to the nearest tree to hide. I couldn't see what's in front of her and I began to grow worried, angry, and frightened. I couldn't just jump out or she might kill Amu…if Amu was alive or not. I shook my head. I shouldn't be thinking that. Amu has to be alive. I soon heard Fukushima speak.

"How did you dodge it?! There is no way you can dodge a bullet!!" she screeched.

"Maybe it's because you missed on purpose?" I heard Amu suggest. Thank god…but wait, did Fukushima really miss? I turned around and glided quietly to the next tree without making a noise. I then hurried to the right tree. I'm going to surprise Fukushima and Amu.

Amu's POV

"But now…you're a cold-hearted bitch who hurts the people close to me," My tone turning into a sad one.

"SHUT UP!!" she cried. She pointed her gun at me. There's no escape…


My eyes were shut tight. Where was my scream? I opened my eyes. Where was the blood? The only blood I see was on my right arm from the cut I got from one of the guards and it was stinging like hell. I looked down. I was sprawled on the ground. I guess I have quick reflexes after all. I guess I didn't need my hero after all. But….will my knight in shining armor come to save me? Will Ikuto come? But, how did I? Last thing I remembered was diving towards the ground trying to escape the bullet's path and I guess it worked. I looked behind me and saw a hole in the tree. I was right next to the tree though. Even if I didn't move out of the way, the bullet wouldn't have hit me.

"How did you dodge it?! There is no way you can dodge a bullet!!" she screeched.

"Maybe it's because you missed on purpose?" I theorized. She took a step back and scowled.

"Why would I miss?" I pointed behind at the tree.

"Then why did you shoot at the tree?"

"Because you dodge it! You got lucky this time, but you won't be so fortunate again!" she yelled as she raised the gun in both of her hands. Her hands were shaking visibly.

"I was standing right next to the tree. You missed on purpose," I said. Is that possible? Does she still have a kind heart?

"Impossible," she scoffed.

"Then how come you aimed at the tree?" I asked taking a step towards her. And another. She backed up one.

"Don't come any closer or I'll shoot you!" I walked a few steps more. She just pointed the gun at me. I just want to see if she has the heart to. This may seem dangerous and stupid by walking up to a person who almost murdered you but…I think it's okay. I was 5 feet away from her.

"Stop coming near me or I really will shoot you!" I just smiled. I saw her trigger the gun. I simply moved my body to the right.


Missed again. Does she really want to kill me?

"Why?!" she brought the gun back to her side and dropped it onto the grass.

"I don't think you want to kill me. I think you are the same kind person when I first met you." She kept on shaking her head.

"This isn't happening…this can't be!" I took another step towards her.


"Oomph…Amu! Are you alright?!" What the—? Am I dreaming?

"Ikuto?!" I can't believe what I just saw. Ikuto pounced out of the tree and onto Fukushima. Ikuto wrapped his right arm around Fukushima's neck while his left arm wrapped her waist to her. But how—?

"How Ikuto?!"

"Get off of me!" Fukushima bellowed. She kept on struggling while Ikuto kept his grip on her.

"I came to save you, Amu. I know everything. Why didn't you tell me?!" Ikuto was mad. How are you supposed to blame me?

"I…" I never got to continue the sentence. Fukushima somehow managed to elbow Ikuto in the stomach making him fall to the ground groaning.

"Ikuto!" I shrilled. Fukushima pointed her gun to Ikuto.

"That's what you get!" She was about to trigger the gun. No! She can't! I looked around and saw a log that is about two feet long. I picked it up and threw it at Fukushima's arm causing the bullet to miss Ikuto. The gun also slipped out of her hand and landed a few feet to her left. (A/N: In case you readers don't know the position, Ikuto is on the ground groaning while Fukushima is standing in front of him and Amu is on her right side. So, when Amu threw the log, it hit her right hand and the gun flew to Fukushima's left side of the forest.)

She rotated her head slowly to her right, towards me. Her eyes flamed of betrayal, anger, sadness, and…happy.

"I didn't think you would sacrifice your chance to escape to save this man's life…"

"Why wouldn't I? I can't let Ikuto die." I smiled at her.

"I guess that's why you sacrificed yourself for him…" she trailed off. Ikuto stared at me while I stared back but only for a second. I turned my gaze towards Fukushima again.

"Why don't you stop? I know there's still good in you." A smile graced my features. She hung her low. She suddenly darted towards the gun. I gasped. I first ran towards Ikuto making sure he's alright.

"Leave, Amu!" he commanded. I shook my head fiercely. There is no way I'm just going to leave Ikuto here.

"Ah!" I yelped.

"Amu!" Ikuto yelled. I was being dragged behind from Ikuto.

"Ikuto!" I cried. Something touched my forehead. Something cold and feels circular. A gun. Fukushima's left arm was around my shoulders and her right hand held the gun on my right temple. My breathing hitched. We soon heard rustling from the trees. 5 seconds later, out popped the police and my friends. Miyuki was also there standing in horror. Our friends yelled Ikuto's and my name. I saw Ikuto stand up swaying a little and took a step forward. He was in front of the group by 2 feet or so.

"Don't come any closer or I'll shoot her!!" Fukushima screeched making Ikuto stop in his tracks. The police stopped what they were doing too. I inwardly yelped. Her hand is right on type of my wound. She squeezed it accidentally or purposely, I don't know, but I let out a yelp. Damn. The police dropped something causing Fukushima to press my wound on my right arm even more. My eyes closed shut and I screamed.

"Stop it!" I heard Ikuto plead.

"Amu-chi has cut on her right shoulder!" I was breathing heavily. She finally took her hand off. I looked at Fukushima's palm. The middle of her palm had a thick covering of blood. My blood. There must be something I can do to escape….I'm not going to die!

"Make a sound, or I'll shoot her!" She pressed the gun harder onto my temple. I gasped. There has to be something I can do. I said she could take my life if she left the people close to me alone but how could I be so dumb as to believe that?! If she won't keep up her end of the promise, neither will I.

"All of you….treat me differently than this girl right here who killed my son!" Ikuto was about to say something when Rima pinched his arm. I bet Ikuto would have said, 'She didn't kill him. The burglar working for you did! And we treat you differently is because you are a bitch who is a killer.' enough said. I suddenly had an idea. I reached for my pocket without anyone noticing. Fukushima was still talking while everyone's gazes were at Fukushima's face.

"This girl is vile, sly," I find what I was looking for in my pocket. "who would want her?" I took it out ever so slowly without anyone seeing. "She should have died instead of my son…my son did so many good deeds." I flicked the blade out. "Keiichiro was such a good person….why did he have to die?! Why?! And this girl lived in his pl—ah!—ace…" She fell to the ground while I stood holding a knife stained with blood. Is this wrong? I used my spare pocketknife to cut her on her left side. I was planning to stab her chest but she would notice before I even got a chance to so her left side was my best chance.

"I'm sorry," I muttered knowing she could hear me.

"Amu..." I whirled around to found her sprawled on the ground clutching her left side.

"Do you remember what I told you almost two years ago? 'You'll kill ever man you'll know', remember?" My eyes just widened at her sentence. What was she trying to imply?

"I'm afraid that it's true…" She raised her gun in her hand and pointed at Ikuto. My jaw dropped.

"NO!" I kicked the gun out of her hand and it landed a right next to her. However, she triggered the bullet. It missed me by merely an inch. Wait, if it missed me, then who did it shoot?! I spun around and found a hole in the tree next to Ikuto who just stood there with open eyes. Thank god…I breathed a sigh of relief. I swaggered towards Ikuto but tripped in the process. Luckily and expectedly, Ikuto caught me from falling. He pulled into his chest making sure not to touch my wounds.

"I'm so glad you're alright," he murmured. I then heard someone scream. Miyuki to be exact. My attention adverted to Miyuki.

"Mom!" she shrieked. I looked at Fukushima who was holding her gun.

"No!" I gasped. She brought the gun up and unexpectedly, she pointed at her chest. What is she doing? She can't be trying to commit suicide right?!

"There's no point for me in living, is there? My son and my husband are gone…there's nothing left for me!!"

"Yes there is!" I protested. "You still have Miyuki. Look at her!" Fukushima looked into Miyuki's wide, red eyes. "You didn't even think twice that you still had a loving daughter! She still loves you and will be there for you. But, you didn't even acknowledge her!" Miyuki's arm stretched in front of me causing me to stop.

"Thank you, Amu-chan. Mom, I do love you. I just wish that you could turn back to your old self and look at me as a daughter." Fukushima's eyes widened.

Unexpectedly, she smiled kindly at me and Miyuki.

"I'm sorry, Amu-chan, Miyuki." Oh my god, she's back to her old self! "I'm so sorry for everything." Why is she saying this now?! "I love you Miyuki. I'm sorry for all the hell I put you through. Farewell, Miyuki…" She glanced at me. "…Amu. I can now see my son in heaven." She was about to pull the trigger.

"No!" Miyuki and I shouted. I yanked myself free from Ikuto's hug but Ikuto held me back.

"Don't!" he harshly whispered in my ear.

"No!" I objected. Miyuki ran towards her mother. The police behind us started to move too.


Bye, Fukushima-san. Why did she say all that now?! She could have had a chance! It still wasn't over for her!!

"Mom! Mom! MOM!" Miyuki shouted. Miyuki was kneeling next to Fukushima-san who looked peaceful. Miyuki mourned on Fukushima-san's stomach. She just lost her mother…her only family member left… (A/N: Did I say anything about her father? I don't remember but I'm just going to say that he died a while back. If I did say something about him, please tell me in my review. And Amu is calling her 'Fukushima-san' because Fukushima's back to her old self. Just some information for people who are curious.)

"Miyuki…" Ikuto released me as I wobbled towards her and Fukushima-san's corpse. I slowly knelt down next to her. I looked behind me and saw the police standing there not knowing what to do. What kind of policemen are they?! Well, at least some of them started paging some people.

"Your mom really did love you," I softly said. "I'm sorry this had to happen…" I looked over at Miyuki's face filled with tears, but that's to be expected right? I rubbed her back using my left hand.

She shook her head. "I'm sorry what my mother put you through. I'm also glad that before she died, she told me she loves me. Just that makes me so happy…" More tears trailed down her cheek. She wiped them away but new ones kept on forming.

"Miyuki, I'm happy that she said that. But I wished there was some other way she could have taken…" I trailed off and swayed a little. Miyuki gave me a confused look.

"Amu-chan?" I started going backwards. I was falling. (A/N: Remember, Amu was kneeling down so she's falling down on her knees.)

"Amu-chan?!" I fell down and started blacking out. I heard screams of my name and the last thing I saw were sapphire eyes.



My eyes opened and all I could see was a white ceiling. Where am I? What about Miyuki?! I sat up quickly realizing I was in the hospital.

"You're awake!" I turned to my left to find Ikuto smiling.

I started bombarding a million questions at Ikuto. "What happened to Fukushima-san and Miyuki? Why am I in the hospital? How long have I been out? Is everyone alright? What happened?"

"Slow down, Amu. They're going to hold a funeral for Fukushima. Miyuki is going to live with Sachio's family. And you're in the hospital because you're hurt." He caressed my cheek. I was melting from his warmth. This feels so nice. "You've been out for a few hours. It's midnight right now."


"And everyone is fine. I told them to go home since they were all tired."

"Aren't you tired?" I asked. He stood up and sat down on the bed right next to me and pulled me into a hug.

"All I want is for you to be ok and up again."

I blushed at his remark. "Ikuto, there's something I want to tell you." He pulled me away.

"What is it?" he asked curiously. I placed both of my hands on either side of his handsome face and I smiled before I brought my lips to his. It was a gentle kiss and it didn't last long. I pulled away.

"I love you, Ikuto-koi." I smiled sweetly at him.

His eyes widened. Relief washed through his features. He suddenly pulled me into another kiss. This kiss was more passionate. I closed my eyes missing this feeling. He demanded entrance and I gladly let him explore my mouth. After a minute or so, I broke the kiss gasping for air. Ikuto pulled me into another hug.

"I love you too…Amu-koi." I smiled. We kissed again sharing this bliss moment.


'You'll kill every man that you'll know!'

That didn't happen this time around.


Done! I decided to end the story here. Sorry if the part with Fukushima was rushed and the ending was cheesy or whatever. Personally, I think that was a bad ending but I suck at endings. I hope you readers enjoyed this story. Also, should I make a sequel? I'm beginning to reconsider…. I have the plot line and everything but should I end it here?

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