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What Happens in Vegas…

Chapter 1: Stumble


I sat behind my oak desk flipping through the pages of my agenda. It was just after seven, and I was nowhere near finished with my day. I loved my job. I worked as a host at the Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino. I had no real job description. My only task was to make sure that the hotel guests were happy. I didn't deal with many guests, just important guests. I had worked myself up the ladder, and I now answered directly to the owner, and ran a staff of ten.

Most days I was able to escape by six, but today was different. I had to wait and make sure our new honored guest was settled. Edward Cullen was coming in today, and I had to make sure everything met his standards.

He was in Las Vegas on business, and would probably be staying with us for a few months. He had designed two of the buildings that were going to be part of City Center Las Vegas. The other buildings had been designed by his father and brother. The project was expected to bring in millions of dollars in tourism.

The Cullen men were world renowned architects, and had designed buildings all over the world. They kept a close watch on their work, and Edward had been assigned to oversee their newest project. What did all of this mean? It meant that I had a high profile guest to look after. I needed to make sure everything exceeded his expectation, and that he got everything he asked for.

"This is Bella." I said answering my ringing cell phone. I had totally lost track of time, and it was just about time for him to arrive.

"Hey, Bells!" I heard Jacob's voice greet me. Jacob was my ex-boyfriend and the limousine driver for our elite guests. We had broken up on good terms, we saw each other more like siblings than lovers. And I now considered him one of my best friends.

"Hi Jacob, please tell me you're not here yet." I pleaded getting up and grabbing my suit jacket. I needed to look presentable.

"Not yet, but I'm about five minutes away. I just wanted to give you the heads up." He answered as I laughed. Jacob knew just how absent minded I could be.

"Thanks, Jake. I owe you one." I replied before hanging up.

I hurried down the stairs and into the lobby, making sure I didn't trip. I wasn't very graceful, and had a tendency of ending up on the floor. I couldn't make a fool out of myself by falling. What would Mr. Cullen think?

I walked outside just as I spotted Jake's black limo turning into the hotel. I checked my phone relieved to find that Alice had texted me.

The room is perfect. You have nothing to worry about.


Alice was my best friend, roommate, and now my assistant. I had been in my new position for only a month, and I knew I couldn't have survived without her. She was my right hand, and she always seemed to know what I would be worried about. She knew I would be worrying about whether Edward's suite was prepared to the specifications we were faxed.

I had just enough time to send her home, there was no use in both of us being here until late.

Thanks. Head on home, it's been a long day.


With one more deep breath I walked towards the limo. Edward Cullen was my first big time guest, and I hoped and prayed that everything would work out.


I sat in the limo looking out the window. The lights flew by, and it was hard to really pinpoint where I was. I knew I was in Vegas, there was no doubt about that. But I was sick of living in different places every few months. I was twenty-six and I had lived in twenty different cities, and none of them had ever been home. Home to me was Chicago, and even that had very little hold on me.

Now I was in Vegas, Sin City, for at least six months. I was overseeing our largest project to date. I worked with my father and brother on creating an ultra modern environmentally friendly compound. It was our more ambitious project to date, and I wanted to oversee every aspect in it's entirety. It was my baby. But that meant that I will be stuck in a hotel suite for months.

I felt the limo stop as my eyes drifted to the girl standing on the curb. She had long brown hair and big beautiful eyes. It seemed that every inch of her called me. I was definitely in awe of her beauty. I had never met a girl that beautiful. I would definitely make it a point to meet her.

"Welcome to the Venetian, Mr. Cullen." My driver who I knew as Jacob said as he opened my door.

"Thank you." I said slipping out of the limo my eyes never leaving the goddess on the curb. I was afraid to look away, afraid that I would somehow loose her.

"Mr. Cullen, I'm Bella Swan, your host. And on behalf of the entire staff it's a great honor to have you staying with us." She said with a smile extending her hand while taking a few steps towards me.

Everything seemed to freeze the moment she started talking. I knew what was happening the moment she shifted to her right, her shoe catching on a slightly raised tile. I saw her begin to tumble, and I quickly reached for her dropping my laptop bag on the floor and catching her against me. The spark of electricity was almost instant.

"Are you alright?" I asked. She seemed weightless in my arms, as if that was where she belonged.

"I'm sorry." She whispered trying to catch her balance. She was obviously embarrassed.

"There's nothing to be sorry for." I assured her as our eyes met for the first time. I noticed a beautiful blush creep on her cheeks, and I couldn't help but smile. I didn't use my pleasant work smile, I used my real smile. A smile I was not accustomed to using. There was definitely something about Bella, Bella Swan.

She seemed to effortlessly bring down my walls. Walls that I thought were solid and impenetrable. Walls that I had put in place years ago, and never wanted to bring down. I hadn't even spoken to her, and I knew. The attraction was easy to notice, and impossible to deny.

She looked at me with a shy smile as she tried to compose herself. I was thrilled at the fact that she worked in the hotel, and even more so that she was to be the host. I had plenty of time to get to know her. Maybe my trip wouldn't be so bad.

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