Chapter 59: Cabana


I was curled up against Edward watching the sun rise against the crystal blue waters and white sand of the Atlantic. Edward was sleeping soundly, his warm breath making the skin of my neck tingle. I hadn't slept too much, but I honestly didn't mind. Edward and I had spent the night making love.

I looked at my left hand studying the two rings that now adorned it. The fact that I was a married woman was overwhelming in a good way. I was happy, and felt like singing. I had everything I had ever dreamed off, and hoped to add one more missing piece. I wanted a baby of my very own.

Abby was my daughter, but I felt that Edward and I had missed out on so much. We weren't there when she was born, or when she took her first step. We weren't even there to hear her first word. I wanted to give Edward that. I wanted to give him a son or another daughter.

I touched my stomach softly wondering if we had conceived. I knew there was no way to tell, at least not yet. I had been off the pill for a little over a month, but we had made sure to always use condoms. We wanted our child to be conceived after we had become husband and wife.

"You're awake early." Edward purred kissing the soft skin behind my ear, his fingers working down my sides.

"I'm too happy to sleep." I answered, turning around to face him.

"You're happy?" He questioned as I laughed kissing his jaw.

"Incredibly so, I don't think there are words that could explain it." I explained as he moved a strand of my hair.

"I agree." He added kissing my lips a few times before hugging me.

"So, what's on the agenda for today?" I inquired my fingers dancing across his chest.

"Well, I was hoping to stay in this very comfortable and expansive bed with my beautiful wife." He stated kissing and nipping my neck softly.

"And waste all the beautiful sunshine?" I questioned in a shocked and a hurt tone, as I tried my best to stifle the giggle that was forming.

"So the sunshine is more important than me?" He asked as I shrugged playfully. "You know, I can make it worth your while."

I smiled at his suggestive remark. I knew exactly what he was capable, and the idea of staying in bed with my husband was very alluring. I had quite the number of activities we could do from the comfort of the bed.

"I don't doubt you can. But don't you want to see me in a bikini?" I added whispering the last part in his ear. "You know Alice believes that less is more."

"Less of what?" He questioned with a wink.

"Less fabric." I replied my hand trailing down his abdomen to his hard member. It seemed that our little conversation was having quite the effect on him.

"I have quite a good view from here." He answered removing our covers and attacking my mouth with his.

The sun and the sand would have to wait.


It had been a good morning. Actually, it had been a great morning. Bella and I had made love at least three times that morning alone, and now we were getting ready to head to the pool and beach.

My phone began to ring as I waited for Bella to exit the bathroom. I smiled instantly when I noticed it was my father's cell phone, it would most likely be Abby. I was amazed that she had abstained from calling us this long.

"Hi, Princess," I said picking up the call immediately hearing giggles on the other side of the line.

"How did you know it was me, Daddy?" Abby questioned as I laughed.

"I know everything, my sweet angel. Are you having fun with grandma and grandpa?" I asked going out to the balcony and taking a seat.

"I am, daddy. I'm helping grandma take care of Sophia. I'm practicing for when Mommy has a baby like Sophia." She explained as I laughed.

"What are you doing to help?" I inquired smiling at the idea. Abby loved children dearly, and I knew she was going to be a great big sister, when the time came.

"I helped throw away the diaper. It was stinky though." She added eagerly. "But grandma let me sing to her, and she went to sleep."

"Sounds like you have your hands full." I commented turning to see Bella preparing a small bag with sun screen and towels.

"What are you doing, Daddy? Where's Mommy?" She questioned.

"We're getting ready to go to the beach." I replied as I heard silence on the line.

"Daddy, I miss you and Mommy." She said in a sad voice.

"I miss you too, Princess." I added feeling incredibly guilty. I knew Bella and I needed our honeymoon, but that didn't stop the guilt. I didn't like leaving Abby behind."We'll all be together soon."

"When?" She asked as Bella came outside in a black cover up. Her hair was slightly picked up in a black clip.

"In two days, sweetie. It's not too long." I assured her as she sighed in defeat. "Go have fun with Grandma and Grandpa."

"I love you, Daddy." She stated as I smiled.

"I love you too, my Princess." I answered before hanging up.

"Is she alright?" Bella asked joining me on the chair.

"She's helping Esme with Sophia." I explained as she smiled.

"She's going to be a great sister." She commented as I stood up carrying Bella with me.

"That she is, my love." I added as she squealed in delight. "But now I believe it's time for some fun in the sun."

We made it down to the pool where I had reserved one of the cabanas. I wanted us to have some privacy, but still get the chance to enjoy the hotel's amenities.

"Mr. Cullen, Mrs. Cullen. I'm John, and I will be your concierge for the day." A man with a white dress shirt and khaki pants greeted us by the entrance to the pool area. "Your bungalow is all set, please feel free to buzz me if you'd like anything. There's a drink and food menu inside, but we'd be happy to get you anything not on the menu. Can I interest you in anything now?"

"A virgin Pina Colada for me." Bella answered as I looked at her with a curious expression. Was she not telling me something?

"I'll have a Captain and Cola." I ordered as he took down our orders and we made our way to the bungalow.

"Is this ours?" Bella asked as I nodded.

The bungalow was settled not far from the expansive pool and looked like a small house. It had a television, it's own bathroom, and just about everything you'll need.

"It is for the day, or even the rest of our stay if you'd prefer." I added as she laughed settling our bag on the chair.

"Well, Mr. Cullen," She said with her sexy grin. "I want to get a tan."

"Do you?" I inquired as she nodded slipping off her black cover up. I had to grip the door frame to keep from falling. She looked almost sinful, in her small bikini.

Bella was standing before me in a midnight blue bikini that was held together by strings rather than straps. They were far too thin to be considered a strap. I felt as if I could rip them if I had to. The temptation was definitely there.

"Do you not like?" Bella asked twirling slowly as I held back a groan.

"I love it." I whispered going to her and kissing her softly.

"You have to get rid of this," Bella added removing my shirt and smiling appreciatively.

I wrapped my arms around my wife kissing her. We were shielded from prying eyes since we were inside the bungalow, and I wanted to make use of our privacy. I kissed her lovingly at first, steadily increasing our rhythm. Bella made no move to stop me, and I was going to take full advantage of that.

Our privacy was short lived as our concierge returned with our drinks. "A virgin Pina Colada for the lady and Captain and Cola for the gentleman." He said handing us our drinks. "Will you be needing anything else?'

"Not at the moment, thank you." I replied as Bella moved away from me outside where our lounges were.


I took my place on the lounge taking my book with me. It was a very beautiful day to lay out in the sun with a good book and a tropical drink. But the company made it even better.

"Is there a reason why your drink has no alcohol?" Edward asked joining me on the adjacent lounge.

"I don't want to risk it. If there's the slightest chance something may have happened last night, I want to be safe. Besides I'm not too big of a fan of strong liquor." I explained as he kissed my hand.

"You're too much, Bella." Edward sighed with a smile. "I love you."

"I love you too, Edward, my husband." I replied taking his hand and scooting our lounges until they were touching.

"You have no idea, Bella." He replied leaning over to kiss me.

As I settled into the lounge chair, I couldn't stop myself from thinking of how wonderful everything had turned out. Sure we had our bumps in the road. Abby had been an unexpected surprise, but I couldn't imagine my life without her. She was my daughter in my heart and legally. And I knew that Edward and I were going to have additions to our family. I wanted to show him how much I loved him. I wanted us to complete our family.

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