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"And I'm in so deep; you know I'm such a fool for you. You've got me wrapped around your finger, do you have to let it linger?" I was effortlessly singing along to the song when Alice interrupted.

"Bella, will you please stop fidgeting?" Alice asked impatiently. It was the 57th time she'd had to ask in the last 10 minutes (Five of which were spent on waiting for the curling iron to heat up). I bit my lip consciously. The feeling of excitement was overwhelming – just the thought of Edward getting ready in the room right below me got me all excited.

As Rose finished curling the last one-inch section of my hair, Alice begun taking out her makeup. I tapped the armrest of the chair with my engagement ring anxiously. Tap, tap, tap. It was all I could do to keep my hands from shoving Alice and Rose into a closet and running for the altar to say "I Do".

Seeing Alice take out newly bought cosmetics made me freak out all over again. I bit my lip, more like chewed it. It was a very good thing I was indestructible otherwise, my lip wouldn't look very pretty at the moment. Nervously, I shifted in my seat. I didn't want to say anything, but I was worried Alice would go over the top with my makeup. Never, in all my 19 years of life, had I ever used makeup. Lip gloss, tops – and that was when I was five. Surprisingly, Alice quickly applied my makeup. No harm done. She only applied some faint blush, mascara and eyeliner.

They both began to strip me – this would've been awkward if they hadn't done it before, but of course, they had. I felt the familiar soft satin of my wedding gown brush against my skin as they slipped it on. This was it. As the tied the corset on the back and placed the veil on top of my head, I began to realize that this was all happening. It wasn't the best dream I'd ever had, it was my life. I was getting married. Without my consent, a goofy grin appeared on my face. I knew I could catch my reflection on just about anything in the room, but I waited to see myself in the full length mirror that was turned around so I wouldn't see. Typical.

I looked at it and then at Alice and Rose – my maid of honor and my bridesmaid. I wasn't one to get sentimental, but I knew without a doubt that if I could, I'd be crying.

"Go ahead and take a look, Bella." Alice grinned as she skipped to the mirror and turned it on me. "Well?" She bit her lip anxiously, a habit she picked up from me.

I stepped tentatively towards the mirror. I knew that no matter what, I was going to look plain next to Edward.

I closed my eyes as I walked to stand in front of the mirror. The only sound in the room was me taking deep breaths.

"It's the Emilie by Sophia Tolli. She's so talented! It's satin, as you can tell, and it's a side gathered bodice accentuated with beaded lace motifs. Seriously, if you weren't wearing it, I would." Alice and Rosalie kept talking but somehow, I wasn't listening. I was gawking at the girl who took my place in my reflection. She was beautiful. Not because of her perfect pale white skin or her perfect features. She was beautiful because of the smile that seemed to be glued on her face with Krazy Glue. She was stunning because she was glowing.

The dress was absolutely gorgeous. I hadn't seen it until that moment – absolutely trusting Alice and Rose and their sense of style. I was sure Edward would love it. It was strapless and fit around my torso and draping at the hip was a crisscross that flowed into a chapel length train. The corset on the back added just the right amount of elegance.

"I love it." I whispered.

Rose screamed with joy and soon Alice followed.

Only the sound of Jasper clearing his throat all the way downstairs brought them out of their hysteria – yet it was only replaced by panic. Their screaming turned from exciting to overwhelming. In less than a second, they both ran out of the room – each going their separate ways to their own closets. I felt like I was in the middle of a tornado – their fast inhuman pace was for once unnerving. They walked from one closet to another looking for either shoes or hair products. Before I had a chance to stop them from destroying the house, they came to a sudden stop – all ready. They were both in their bridesmaid dresses – strapless, pale pink dresses that came up to the knee. They were gorgeous, of course, and my self esteem bumped down a notch just then.

"Don't even think about it, Isabella. Look at yourself!" She pointed to the beautiful woman staring back at me in the mirror. "You are gorgeous. No one's going to be looking at us today. Trust me." Alice winked.

"Thanks" I whispered as I pulled them into a group hug. The dryness of it was the only thing that allowed us to cry. "You two are the best friends anyone could ever ask for." I sniffed.

Footsteps made their way up the long staircase from downstairs and I knew it was time. A millisecond later, Carlisle knocked on the door and then opened it lightly to peek in his head. "You ready?" He smiled a sincerely.

"I think so," Alice answered for me.

I took a deep breath.

"I know so." I grinned – thinking of Edward, my Edward, waiting for me downstairs. He was the one thing that would keep me grounded – my rock. He was my everything and I was his. This would only make it more official than it already was. "Edward. Okay."

The music flowed around us. It was familiar, Wagner's traditional March.

Alice and Rose stood in a line – Alice first and then Rose, both of them stunning in the bridesmaid dresses. We'd already gone through this – I was supposed to count to five and then follow after Rosalie. It was hard to stop myself from running downstairs – it was all I could think about. Alice took her first steps down the long half hidden staircase – when she was halfway down, Rosalie went after her.

Okay. One Mississippi.

Carlisle – so much like a father to me in so many ways – pulled my hand through his arm and held it.

Two Mississippi.

"You okay?" Carlisle asked, not sounding like a doctor at all, but more like a concerned parent.

Three Mississippi.

I took a deep breath. "I'm wonderful." I was in my happy place.

Four Mississippi.

I thought about Edward and him only.

Five Mississippi.

And that was my cue to start walking.

Each step I took down the familiar steps of our house got me closer to my future with Edward. Everyone turned to stare at us and I was glad I didn't see any crimson eyes staring back at me. I think I was about to skip a step because Carlisle gripped my hand tighter and watched my steps.

For a second, I took it all in. The strong werewolf scent mixed with the smell of the Denali clan and the freesias that decorate the living room. Then I ignored the staring audience and the pulsing blood that belonged to the wolves. My eyes skimmed over our "minister" Eleazar – a good friend of ours from Denali - who was standing next to the altar and Edward. We'd thought about getting Emmett to get a clerical license off the Internet (which wouldn't be all that hard to do) but it wouldn't feel very official if Emmett read our vows.

That's when I saw him. He was breath taking as always – yet there was something more to him. He was all I could see- I was blinded by him. Blinded by the way he stood, so tall and firm as always, the way his love was arranged into its usual disarray, the way his pale complexion contrasted beautifully against the blackness of his tux, the way his lighter-than-ever butterscotch eyes were warm and welcoming while at the same time lustful and loving, and of course, the way my favorite crooked grin spread across his face.

It seemed to take ages for me to walk down the aisle. Each step took at least a quarter of a second and that was slow, even for a human. I just wanted to run into Edward's welcoming arms. Even though it took forever to reach him, I did. I was next to my fiancée-soon-to-be-husband/soul mate. Carlisle hand me to Edward, holding our hands before going over to sit next to Esme. For a moment, I looked at them – they were so happy together. I hoped earnestly that Edward and I would always stay like that and the second I met his eyes, I knew we would. He took my hands in his – where they belonged – and gave them a gentle squeeze as he smiled radiantly. His eyes stayed on mine as he removed the veil from my face – never breaking eye contact.

We exchanged the traditional wedding vows – only having Eleazar exchanged the traditional "till death do us apart" for the more appropriate for us: "as long as we both shall live". The moment was unbelievable. This was real, we were real. We slipped our rings on – where they would stay undoubtedly for forever. And I knew the next words that were supposed to come out of Eleazar's mouth and in that moment, I knew I'd become Isabella Cullen. Mrs. Cullen.

It was time to say the two words that would make us both the happiest wedded couple to ever walk this earth.

"I do." I choked out. I had never meant to get this emotional. Edward reached up and caressed my cheek lovingly.

Soon enough, it was his turn. His response was sweet and triumphant.

"I do." He vowed.

"You may now kiss the bride." Eleazar declared us husband and wife as the crowd erupted into squeals of joy and claps.

Edward cradled my face in his hands as he slowly bent down to meet my lips with his. I wrapped my arms around his neck – enjoying the sweet tender kiss. Too soon, I threw myself too much into the kiss and Emmett started to clear his throat and pretending to choke as Jacob made gagging sounds. Smiling, Edward pulled away, wrapping his arms around me.

I turned around and tossed my bouquet over my head and turned around to see Leah Clearwater looking very shocked with the bouquet in her hands.


When the music filled the room, courtesy of Jasper, Edward led me to the dance floor. Our first dance as husband and wife.

"I can't dance, Edward." I laughed. I knew there was no getting out of this but you couldn't blame me for trying.

"Silly Bella, of course you can."

I smiled at him as the dance began. It was a customary slow song. My hand rested lightly on his chest as he began to effortlessly twirl us around.

"Isabella Marie Cullen." He whispered absentmindedly. "It has a nice ring to it." He said as he stared into my eyes.

"I know." I laughed. "You know, I've always dreamed to be finally part of the family."

"You've always been part of the family." He whispered before capturing my lips in a passionate kiss before pulling away. Tease. "You've always been a Cullen, love. This" he pointed to our rings, "Just makes it more official." He winked.

The danced continued and I just let him lead. It was amazing the way everything was better with Edward.

"See, I told you dancing wasn't that bad." He smirked as he led us across the dance floor.

"As long as you're with me it's not." He bent down to meet my lips in a passionate kiss. Cameras flashed around us and the crowd cheered around us.

"Mrs. Cullen." He whispered when he pulled away – only to kiss me again after his breathing evened out.

"Cause it's you and me and all of the people, and I don't know why I can't keep my eyes off of you." I shivered as he sang in my ear. I leaned on his chest, enjoying our moment, sighing contently. I was married to the most wonderful man on earth. I couldn't believe my luck. Edward was mine.




"Bella, hurry up!" Alice called. Unwillingly, I had been dragged upstairs to change from my wedding dress into the blue knee length dress Alice had bought me and the matching flats.

My mind was racing. I had no idea how Alice could just put everything in a drawer and shut it away. I couldn't. A present had come arrived. It was a silver box. Inside it was a beautiful gold necklace with a big diamond hanging from it. Expensive, without a doubt. Emmett had even offered to sell it on eBay, but I had a feeling the Volturi wouldn't like that very much. Most importantly, there was a note.

Looking forward to meet you again. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Cullen.

-Marcus & Caius.

P.S. Thank you for the note.

It's not like I wasn't happy about the note. It was just the thought about meeting them once again.

Alice called again and I tried to put this issue away from my mind.

"Coming!" I said while slipping on the flats. I ran downstairs to find our bags (yes, all fourteen of them) at the bottom of the staircase waiting for us. Edward was standing by the door saying his goodbyes to the family.

"Remember what we talked about, bro!" Emmett raised his eyebrows twice suggestively. I waited for the blush to give me away, but thankful it didn't come. All week, we had to endure Emmett and his jokes about my sexual life. I was this close to…

"You ready, Mrs. Cullen?" Edward asked, interrupting my thoughts. He looked so victorious. No, he was incandescently happy. It was extremely easy to tell that he liked calling me his – even though it was obvious and I would never want to be anyone else's.

"As long as I'm with you." I grabbed his hand and he kissed me tenderly. "Mrs. Cullen." I repeated, my lips automatically curving upward. "That'll take some time to get used to." I teased.

"We have time." He said seriously. His golden eyes smoldering and he bent down one more time to meet my lips. It was a bad moment to do that, considering I had just been thinking about the possible destinations of our honeymoon (Edward hadn't let me read anyone's mind and had everyone sing Britney Spears songs in their head to keep me from figuring it out). So I had just been thinking about the location of our honeymoon, which made me think about the honeymoon, which made me think about something else entirely.

With a moan escaping my mouth, I knotted my hands in his hair and kissed him back passionately.

"Ew!" Emmett squealed like a little girl. "Get a room you two!" He laughed loudly.

Reluctantly I let Edward pull away. I tried to calm myself, thinking we'd have enough time during the honeymoon…

"Oh, we will." Edward winked at me. My breathing became erratic again – great, I had just calmed down.

"Okay, if you two don't leave soon I will be force to carry Alice upstairs and…" Jasper gritted his teeth. Right, we had to keep our lustful emotions away from Jasper. .. and since I wasn't sure if I could do that for very long, we had to get out of there soon.

"Jeez Jasper, chill." Rose laughed. "Take care…and be safe!" She added at the end. I was pretty sure she meant more than what it seemed.

"Oh, Rose. You've been hanging around Emmett for too long!" I joked.

"You two take care of yourselves, alright?" Esme asked while giving us both a kiss on the cheek and a hug.

"And don't do anything I would…" Emmett muttered under his breath.

"Take care, son; and welcome to the family officially, Bella." Carlisle smiled kindly. They made a big deal of letting me know that I had been part of their family from the moment they met me.

We were about to step outside when Alice called me.

"Bella, wait!" She had her arms stretched out even though I'd already said goodbye to Alice upstairs. Saying goodbye was hard for me. Her bottom lip was quivering as I pulled her into a tight hug.

"Thanks so much for the wedding, Ally." I sniffed.

She laughed. "Just remember the black suitcase." She pulled away with a grin on her face and winked.

"What's in the bla-" I started to ask.

"Just open it at night and ta-da" She winked and laughed, throwing her head back. "Have fun, Eddie!"

Edward almost growled but decided against it. It was our wedding day; they could get away with it. And plus, I'm sure he had other things to think about…

"Yeah, Eddie." Emmett and Jasper yelled at the same time.

"Remember to call him Eddie every day, Bells!" She teased.

I squeezed Edward's hand and stifled a giggle. Surprisingly, he laughed at this. He took my hand and led me to the Aston Martin parked at the curb.

As always, he opened the door like the gentleman that he is. He got into the car and grabbed my hand again- refusing to let go. I smiled.

"I love you." He whispered tenderly, resting his forehead on mine while caressing my cheek with his thumb. "So much more than you could ever imagine."

"As I love you," I said. Sincerity rang in every one of those four words. I kissed him sweetly again. "For forever."


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