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--Start! --

Tôshiô wasn't sure what possessed him to do it, but here he was leaning against the rail waiting for Kurosaki Karin to come along so he could say his farewells. He was also unsure why he wanted to say goodbye to the human, but he had a feeling it had to do something with the odd feeling he had every time he was around her.

He looked at the time on his cell phone.

'Only five more minutes till she comes,' he thought.



Looking at his phone he saw a surge of hollows gathering just south of where he was now.

'Damn, I'm the only one near them..'

He quickly pulled out his Soul Candy. He dismissed its irregular appearance and popped a candy into his mouth. He informed his Gigai to tell Karin goodbye for him and sped off to destroy the hollows.

-- A couple minutes later--

"OHAYO KARIN-CHANNNNNN!" Gigai-Tôshirô said bouncing up to Karin and hugging her tightly as she arrived.

"NANI??" Karin exclaimed in shock. "Tôshirô why are you acting like my DAD?"

"I have terrible news! I must return to Soul Society!! But I have come to tell you goodbye!" The gigai exclaimed.

"Oh.." Karin said trying to overcome her shock at the sight of the normally stoic captain having dramatic waterfall-like tears coming from his eyes. "Tch.. Well it's not like I really care? So long as you come back to play soccer again." Karin said trying to hide her blush with her tom-boyish façade.

"Oh Karin-chan! Don't be like that! I love you!!" The Gigai exclaimed, misinterpreting the relationship between Karin and Tôshirô.

"WHAT!" Karin screamed.

The moment became even more awkward for Karin when Tôshirô kissed her straight on the lips.

--Later at the Kurosaki house—

"Karin-chan! Why are you so red!" Yuzu asked as her sister rushed in the door.

"He-he kissed me!" Karin stuttered.

"WHAT?" Ichigo asked, 'why would someone kiss my ten year old sister?' he thought.

"I didn't think Tôshirô liked me that much…" she muttered to herself.

Ichigo, having heard what his sister said, rushed out the door- out for the blood of a certain midget-taichou.

--With Tôshirô--

The tired captain went back to the rail where his Gigai was waiting for him.

"How did it go?" Hitsugaya asked.

"Perfectly!" His gigai replied.

Hitsugaya went back into his gigai and began to leave when he heard an angry cry from behind.


Hitsugaya, looking at the form of Ichigo charging at him, wondered what he did to get the part-time shinigami so mad at him. But seeing the look on his face, decided it would be better to think later and run now.


"Oi, Renji!" Rukia called out to the fukutaichou.

"What is it, Rukia?"

"Have you seen my Chappy Soul Candy anywhere? It's the favourite amongst female Shinigami."

"Hmm no…" Renji said before thinking 'Uh oh…' "But now that I think about it, I remember Hitsugaya-taichou asking to borrow some soul candy for some reason…"

The two looked at each other, before bursting out into hysterical laughter at the image of a Chappy-Hitsugaya.

--The End--