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A village hidden among tree leaves.

That was the proposal made by Senju Hashirama, leader of the Senju Clan of the Forest. (1) War and chaos reined in the shinobi world. For some generations, blood and anguished cries were all many of them knew. It was beginning to seem as if there would never be an end to the bloodshed.

The world was ending.

Villages were tainted in crimson rain; piercing screams of the dieing echoing through the forests. A darkness was rapidly consuming the world, leaving nothing but destruction and chaos in its wake.

Everyone was tired of fighting.

It was then, when all hope seemed close to fading from the world, that the legend in the making himself, Hashirama of the Senju Clan, approached the others. He had chosen among the strongest of the clans; believing only their power and influence could curtain the end of generations' worth of strife.

Four of the clans readily agreed to join him in helping make his vision of a new world a reality. The Uchiha clan was the only one to resist; but even they eventually agreed to join the others in supporting Hashirama.

And thus, with the Senju Clan as head, Uchiha, Hyuga, Nara, Furi-iki, and Raiden helped bring in a new era to the shinobi world; and Konoha, the village hidden in the leaves, was founded.

30 Years later (

"Ryoku!" A loud, commanding voice called out to the six year old genin. (3)

"Yes father?" The boy immediately responded; standing to attention as his father approached him in the garden.

"The Raiden twins have arrived for your mission." His father informed him; looking down at the boy as he finished strapping the bandages around his arm.

"Thank you." Ryoku politely bowed in appreciation, before he commenced walking toward the main gates of his clan's compound, to meet his two teammates.

"Son." His father called out as the boy was leaving.

"Yes father?" Ryoku looked back, waiting for his father to continue.

"Make us proud." The man dryly commanded; his parting words, before disappearing in the opposite direction.

His father wasn't very expressive, having been raised during the second great shinobi war; but even at such a tender age, Ryoku understood the subtext of his father's words.

"Hai." Ryoku replied, before he too continued on his way.

"Be safe." A whispered voice called out as he rounded the last corner before reaching the main gates.

"I will mother." Ryoku quietly replied to the voice; knowing she spoke, not only for herself, but his father as well.

"Oi." The six year old voice of one, Raiden Tekinai, called out as Ryoku approached the front gates of his clan's compound. "Took you long enough."

The six year old irately ran his fingers through his pure white hair; a mannerism much too grown up for someone of his age. Ryoku suspected the boy was just trying to act mature in front of his impressionable younger sister.

"Good morning Ryoku-san." Raiden Tereya timidly greeted the boy.

Ryoku nodded at the girl; smirking as he saw her hid behind Tekinai. She was always so shy; the complete opposite of her twin brother. Where Tekinai was cocky and demandingly bossy, Tereya was timid and meek. Even in appearance, they were of stark difference. The boy was lean and tall, even for his age; though not as tall as Ryoku, who inherited the impressive height and build of the Furi-iki clan. The girl, on the other hand, was petite, with jet-blue hair, that almost appeared black; her eyes were a shimmering violet, having inherited the Raiden clan's Kekkei Genkai, the Yochigan, or foresight eye; while Tekinai's Yochigan-less eyes were a piercing deep-midnight blue.

"We should have been there ten minutes ago." Tekinai reminded the boy. "What took you so long anyway?"

"Hn." Ryoku scoffed toward his other teammate; completely uninterested in his friend's incessant need to complain; it was what Tekinai always did, and Ryoku was beginning to get fed up with it. "We are still on time." He coldly replied.

"Whatever." Tekinai rolled his eyes. "Come on, sensei's waiting for us." Pulling his younger sister along with him, Tekinai and Tereya began walking toward their squads training grounds; leaving Ryoku to follow the two.


"What do you mean, they've disappeared?" The Hokage demanded.

"It's just as the report says." The ANBU information officer replied. "Except for those two, who were on a mission, the entire Raiden clan has vanished. And there are no clues as to why."

The Hokage intently reread the file in his hands; trying to find something he may have missed the first eight times he read it. The Raiden clan was a strong and noble clan; one of the founding families in the village. Their abilities were unrivaled in any other gifted family throughout the nations. How could they disappear without a trace? It just didn't make any sense.

"An entire clan does not just disappear." The Leaf Leader mused aloud.

"Yes, but there is no other explanation. That is what has occurred." The ANBU officer replied.

"This makes no sense." The Hokage voiced his opinion. "How can an entire clan disappear, and no one notice it? Could anyone possibly have such an ability?" He began considering it, but then dismissed the thought; shaking his head. "It's not possible. Much less to do so with a clan that possesses an ability like that of the Raiden clan."

"Perhaps it was for that very ability that they were targeted." The ANBU suggested. "In this time of impending war, there are many powerful clans, especially those with advanced bloodlines, that are being targeted throughout the nations for elimination."

"Yes, I am aware of this. And it would seem likely." The Hokage agreed. "But the Raiden clan's Kekkei Genkai gives them the ability to catch glimpses of what is to come; it is unlikely that the entire clan should all be caught off guard as to be taken out so easily."

"…" The ANBU remained silent, observing as the Hokage once more picked up the file to read again.

"We shall continue monitoring for information." The Hokage instructed. "If there is anything; anything at all, report it immediately."

"Hai." The ANBU quickly departed; leaving the Hokage alone to his thoughts.

"Something doesn't add up…"


(1) For any who don't know, the Senju Clan of the Forest, or rather more precisely it's leader Senju Hashirama, was the first Hokage. It's the clan Tsunade descends from.
(2) I actually had to map this out to get the timing right… agh… I hate math. XP
I'm not going to bore you with the details, but if anyone's interested, I'll be making a timeline for this story that I'll post on dA…
(3) Remember, NINJA WARS… kids become high ranked faster; by 6, Kakashi was already chunnin.

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