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"Hey look at that girl." The orange-haired sixteen-year old boy pointed across the crowded street at a group of girls around the same age. "She's cute."

"Huh?" Sixteen-year old Rock Yori turned in the direction his new friend had indicated.

"Yo, Kenji." The orange-haired boy called out to his white-eyed friend. "You know her?"

Kenji turned to see who the teen was talking about. "Which one?" Unsure of who the boy was indicating.

"The cute girl standing next to your sister." The orange-haired boy clarified.

Kenji cocked his head to the side; hoping he was mistaken about who the boy was referring to. "You mean my cousin, Mai-chan?" He asked the boy.

"She's your cousin?" The orange-haired boy excitedly repeated.

"Yeah." Kenji nodded.

Although her eyes were also those containing colorless pupils like all Hyuga eyes, the color of her iris was a much darker shade of violet, due to their Yochigan abilities; it was not surprising that the boy had not realized Mayuki was also a Hyuga.

"So…" The orange-haired boy smirked before gently elbowing his new friend. "Introduce us."

"Really?" Kenji stared disbelievingly at the new boy. "Okay." He shrugged before starting to walk to where the girls were standing. "Your funeral."

"Thank… wait, what?" The orange-haired boy stopped, dead in his tracks; turning to face the three other boys standing with them. "What did he mean by that?" He asked his other new friends.

"Oh my." Yori turned to face Aburame Hisoka and Uzumaki Sasuke. "He doesn't know."

"Well, he did just move to Konoha." Sasuke pointed out.

"He cannot be blamed for not knowing." Hisoka nodded his agreement.

"What are you guy's talking about?" The now nervous boy worriedly asked.

"Take our advice, friend," Yori cautioned; placing a sympathetic hand on his new friend's shoulder. "If you know what is good for you, you should forget about Mayuki-san." He warned; partly out of concern for his new friend's safety, but also in part because he knew his older brother Nao was also interested in Mayuki.

"Huh? Why?" The boy asked anxiously. "She is beautiful."

"And deadly." Hisoka added.

"Huh?" The boy's eyes grew half the size of his face. "How?" He wearily asked; not sure he really wanted to know.

"Well for one" Yori began. "Her father is the head of ANBU. The Hyuga Neji."

"…" If he had not been worried before, hearing the name of the girl's father, had the boy quivering in his sandals.

"But Hyuga-sama would be the least of your worries." Sasuke warned, knowing that the Head ANBU was a very busy man.

"What do you mean?" The orange-haired boy worriedly asked.

"Mayuki-san's older brothers…" Sasuke trailed off as he watched the boy visibly shiver. "I am certain even you have heard of them."

"…" The boy wearily waited for his friends to continue.

"Hyuga Ryuuken and Hyuga Hitori…" Hisoka offered. "The Inferno Terror Twins."

"…" The boy stared at his friends; very much near the verge of wetting himself out of sheer fright. "Why…" he began; wondering why the cute girl's brother's were called by that title.

"Because the Dragon and Firebird bring a flaming inferno of terror to any who dare to look at their beloved baby sister." Sasuke replied with a smirk; emphasizing the significance of how much the boy should fear the two older shinobi. Both were truly deserving of their given names. (1)

"They are very overprotective." Hisoka concurred.

"I once heard they filled a whole ward of the hospital in one day with all the guys who approached Mayuki-san that morning." Yori offered as proof of what they said.

"And the Hokage did nothing about it either." Hisoka nodded in agreement.

"That is because my two older brothers are also infatuated with Mayuki-san." Sasuke explained. "My father could not punish Ryuuken-san and Hitori-san for something that Minato and Jiraiya have done themselves many times before."

"Wha-" The orange-haired boy stared bug-eyed at the three boy's comments.

"Oi!" Kenji called back to the terrified boy. "You coming or not?"

"…Ah…" The boy nervously twitched. "Never mind." He exclaimed, before running off in the opposite direction; leaving behind four teenage boys smirking as he fled.

"Hn." A grunt behind Kenji caught the Inuzuka-Hyuga by surprise.

"Ryuu-san, Hi-san" Kenji stepped back; surprised to see his two older cousins standing behind him, though he was even more surprised to see his usually well-composed cousin Ryuuken disheveled and exhausted.

"New guy?" Hitori smirked as he watched the orange-haired boy run.

"Hai." Kenji nodded; still stunned to see the appearance of his oldest cousin.

"He was much smarter than most." Ryuuken remarked; ignoring his younger cousin's stare.

"ah…" Kenji shook his eyes away from the older man. Cousin or not, he didn't want to get Ryuuken upset with him. "Hai." He nodded again. "You look tired." He commented.

"Haha." Hitori chuckled. "That's because Matsumi-chan is out of town for the week." He informed the younger shinobi.

"…?" Kenji stared questioningly back and forth between his two cousins, noting that Ryuuken looked pissed, while Hitori just appeared utterly amused at his older twin-brother's discomfort. Kenji wasn't sure what to make of it.

"No one to chase the fangirl's away." Hitori explained upon noticing his younger cousin's confusion.

"Hn." Ryuuken glared at his snickering younger brother.

"It's your own fault." Hitori smirked at his brother's reaction. "If you were more approachable, girls would not be so intrigued and they would not bother you as much."

"Shut up." Ryuuken sneered before looking over at the girls standing behind him; primarily, his little sister. There was a sour look on his face.

"…" Kenji observed his older cousin; surprised by the intense show of emotion on his face. "You must really miss her."

"Hn." Ryuuken turned his glare from his brother, over to his younger cousin.

"Haha." Hitori chuckled. "He's just angry because he thinks Matsumi-chan did it on purpose." He laughed at both his brother and cousin's opposite reactions. Ryuuken, for his part, was not happy his younger brother had disclosed his childish fear, while Kenji appeared simply confused.

"I wouldn't put it past her." A lazy voice from behind the twins dully remarked.

"Hey Shinemuri." Hitori greeted his best friend. "You didn't go to Suna with your mother and sister?"

"Nah." Shinemuri shook his head. "It doesn't take three people to deliver some papers to my uncle." He noted. "Plus, it seemed like such a drag to cross the hot desert this time of year." He added.

"heh." Hitori smirked at his younger friend's comment. "So like you." He mumbled amusedly.

"Oi." Shinemuri addressed the fuming Ryuuken. "She'll get a lot of pleasure knowing you're suffering." He remarked; ignoring his best friend's tease.

"…" Ryuuken's eyebrow shot up angrily as he glared at his girlfriend's younger brother; daring him to repeat himself.

"Tch." Shinemuri scoffed; ignoring the silent threat. "She just wants you to admit you need her around."

"Bet she'd stop bullying you if you just proposed already." Hitori teased.

"Hn." Ryuuken gave the pair one last angry glare before heading over to stand toweringly over his younger sister.

"Ryuu." Mayuki smiled up at her brother as he approached her side.

"Oi." Hitori turned away from his siblings to face the three other boys who were standing behind Kenji. "Sasuke-kun."

"Yeah?" Sasuke stepped forward, respectfully observing the older shinobi.

"Ryuu's going to be venting a lot of frustration this week." Hitori turned back to watch his irritable brother glaring at the passing boys. "You might want to give your mother a heads up at her hospital."

"Understood." Sasuke nodded.

"You might also want to tell your brothers to steer clear of Mai-chan this week too." Hitori added.

"Yeah..." Sasuke nodded; watching as Ryuuken grabbed a civilian boy by the collar, after said boy had gone over to say hello to Mayuki.

Poor kid, he had no idea what he had just walked into...


(1) Just a reminder, Ryuuken means Dragon Strength, and Hitori means Firebird

In case anyone forgot...

Kenji -- Kiba and Hinata's son
Sasuke-- Naruto and Sakura's son (Minato and Jiraiya mentioned; also their sons)
Hisoka -- Shino's son
Yori-- Lee's son
Ryuuken, Hitori, and Mayuki-- Neji and Tenten's kids
Shinemuri and Matsumi-- Shika and Temari's kids

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